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House for Sale
in Istanbul

House for Sale in Istanbul


Istanbul is a big city that hosts a wide range of housing projects, luxury villas, detached houses, residences and apartments. These house types have security guards at the entrance and are usually entered with special entrance cards. As well as, they have common living areas, swimming pools, fitness center, walking paths, etc. are living complexes with structures. You can find houses for sale in Istanbul with different architectural designs and housing styles. 

For instants; an amazing project with low-rise buildings intertwined with nature and the magnificent view of Belgrad forest, offering a luxury life in the heart of the city. It has 420 flats, 584 double duplexes, 74-row houses, 68 twin villas and 21 detached villas in different sizes from 1 bedroom to 6 bedrooms for different lifestyles.

 This luxury project is built on 467,000 square meters of land with housing units suitable for Turkish citizenship. You can easily obtain Turkish citizenship with your wife and for your children below 18 years within 90 up to 180 days. 

The project has wonderful property options on which some have the most important features such as a double-sided corner duplex 3 bedroom apartment with an awesome view of the Belgrade forest. It is ready to be delivered with title deed. The living room has a corner large balcony. Downstairs, there is a guest room and a large terrace having access from both bedrooms. Both of the bedrooms on the upstairs have master bathrooms.

The project provides comfort to human life with its rich social facilities and the material used both in exterior and interior designs. In addition to international brands used in the project, there are restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, veterinarians, organic markets and state-of-the-art movie theaters.

 The project is located in one of the most strategic areas of the European side of Istanbul. As a rising district, Sariyer is the right choice for investment in real estate with its location in the city center.

 It has easy access to all parts of the city with its transportation services, proximity to the Istanbul airport and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. The project has 5 minutes to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, 15 minutes to Haciosman Subway Station, 15 minutes to Sariyer İDO (sea buses), 30 minutes to the Istanbul airport, 15 minutes to Maslak and 15 minutes Istinye Park.



Architectural Design in Houses for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul has outstanding housing styles, not only the largest city in Turkey but also the best architectural trends and beautiful exterior design houses is a charming perception into how it can affect an urban perspective. Foreign visitors, investors and local residents who are interested in the real estate market over the last decade saw great changes and a modernized Turkey but the changes took place much earlier.

As modern cities have grown and developed, the apartment architectural design, which can be considered as the skeletons of modern cities, has begun to diversify and many different models and aesthetic apartments have started to be constructed.

The rapid growth of the construction industry and the fact that it plays a very significant role in the economy of Turkey also creates new and contemporary concepts and houses that are coherent with the new generation lifestyles in houses architecture and designs. 

Nowadays you can find house for sale in Istanbul with not just amazing architectural design for exteriors of the house but also offers elegant interior designs that are taken into consideration and will meet all your needs. The heartwarming and breathtaking interiors designs in housing projects continue to reflect stunning interior spaces.

There are very spacious and bright living rooms with floor to ceiling windows that are showing the amazing view of the city, sea, or forest in some projects. Interior design elements such as ceiling decoration and the high of the ceiling are designed above the standards in some projects. This is a very important factor which offers ultimate comfort to your life.

Of course, one of the most needed living spaces of modern city life is a handy and stylish kitchen. There are houses for sale with a highly inspiring modern kitchen model with L shaped kitchen units and other types of open and closed kitchen concepts. As Turkey has a rich culture with amazing foods and kitchen Turkish people like to spend time in the kitchen. That is why there are special architectural designs for kitchens.

Refreshment and rest in the bedroom are concentrated with a minimal architectural design. However, nowadays, we can see that the television unit is one of the essentials which has been added to the decoration. As well as the lighting systems made in a very professional way which will lighten every part of the house outstandingly.

It is possible to say that in most houses the bathroom has a magnificent appearance with a spacious bath area. Turkish people have a cultural bath as well. Nowadays almost all of the housing project with rich social facilities consists of a Turkish bath.

Detached Houses in Istanbul

Every person dreams to have a house of their own. Most of the people who want to have a detached lifestyle usually prefer to buy a detached house for sale in Istanbul. Although apartments have lots of advantages, you have to follow the rules of living with other people. Therefore, some people who are addicted in detach life may not want to live in an apartment.

The detached house also has its own comfort, house model in which you set all the rules according to your own lifestyle. When we say detached, it means a structure that has no connection with another building. However, there are also semi-detached houses.

Detached houses can consist of one or more floors. More than one family can live in such duplex houses. However, as long as the owner or members of the property are from the same family, that building is a detached house. All exterior field of the detached houses, such as the largest garden, terrace, pool, etc. are completely yours, you do not have to share them with neighbors or someone else. You can make every kind of change in the house if you get the necessary permissions.

As in other residential housing projects, detached houses are categorized into different types according to various criteria. These features vary depending on the number of floors, whether it has a garden or it differs according to the architectural structure.

As a summary, many substances can be used while building is a detached house. In addition, some detached houses have a classic gable roof, while some have a spacious terrace. All these characteristics assign the architectural structure of the house. The most important issues that determine the value of the detached house for sale in Istanbul is the number of floors and whether they have a garden or not.


Magnificent House for sale in Istanbul 

You can find every type of house for sale in Istanbul from our wide range of properties search engine on our website. For example a luxury housing project with amazing villas awaits for you on which you can enjoy a detached lifestyle in Buyukcekmece district of Istanbul on the European side. 

All houses in the project have a view of the magnificent Buyukcekmece Lake. Each house has its own gardens ranging from 800 square meters to 1.500 square meters area. You can enjoy all your activities such as swimming pool and hobby garden in your own garden. This project has the most special house for sale in Istanbul designed with Canadian standard isolation and all first-class materials. The most healthy and durable house style, shingle roof coverings, indoor garages, are natural details of the project.

It consists four bedrooms and six bedrooms duplex villas with perfect prices suitable for Turkish citizenship. 

These family houses offers a stunning spacious space, style and comfort at every detail which has an elegant floor plan with flexible living spaces. There is a spacious living room, dining area, laundry room, indoor garage, a large terrace with magnificent lake view and a warehouse in each villa. 

The house for sale in Istanbul has high investment value with proximity to Istanbul Airport and TEM highway as well as easy access to everywhere.

You can reach the region by land or sea transportation network. There are multiple sea ships coming from more than one port in Istanbul. There are lots of Public transportation alternatives near to the projects. This luxury housing project has 16 minutes distance to the E-5 highway, 2.5 km to the Metrobus, 9 minutes to the TEM highway, and 20 minutes to the Marmara Park shopping center and 38 minutes to Istanbul Airport. ü

This luxury house not just provides comfortable and modern life but also offers residence permit Turkey. For more details about residence permit Turkey click the link.


Purchasing a property in Turkey is the way to a profitable real estate investment as you purchase an apartment for sale in Istanbul, you will earn more than just apartment to live in it. We know the challenges international customers face before, during and after the purchase is complete. If you want to purchase Istanbul real estate with an experienced team MELARES Turkey Properties will be there with you in every step of your way.