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Best Hospitals in Istanbul
For Foreigner

Best 10 Hospitals in Istanbul for Foreigners


Hospitals in Istanbul rank among the best 10 Istanbul hospitals ara: Istinye Hospital, Kolan International Hospital, Emsey Hospital, Acibadem Hospitals Group. American Hospital, Medical Park Group, Estetik International Health Group, Memorial Hospitals Group, Hisar Hospital Intercontinental and Medicana International Istanbul. 

Istanbul hospitals and health care system is popular all around the world. There are 220 hospitals in Istanbul, 141 of which are private, 17 are university and 62 are affiliated to the Ministry of Health.


Istinye Hospital – The best hospital in Istanbul Bahcesehir District


Istinye University Hospital Liv Hospital in Bahcesehir is one of the great Istanbul Hospitals established in 2016 with a capacity of 390 beds. It brings together the academic approach of Istinye University and the perfect service understanding of Liv Hospital. It has the vision of "excellence in health care" with its patient-oriented approach, expert staff and advanced technology infrastructure

Although it accepts patients in all branches, offers services like Organ Transplant Center, Vascular Health Center, and Spine Health Center. Pain Center, Stroke Center, Speech and Language Therapy Polyclinic, Sleep Disorders Center, Psycho-Diet Polyclinic, Hair Transplantation Center, Medical Aesthetics Department and Medical Oncology. 

It brings together multidisciplinary branches such as Oncological Surgery, Obesity Surgery, Hand Surgery, IVF Center, Palliative Care Center, interventional radiology and advanced interventional radiology under one roof. Istinye University Hospital Liv Hospital in Bahcesehir is one of the few hospitals in the “Pediatric Intensive Care Unit”.




Kolan International Hospital – Istanbul Hospital treating more than 1,000,000 patients annually


The hospital provides services in pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, cardiology and vascular surgery. All of the services provided by the hospital meet high European service standards.

It is one of the top Istanbul hospitals that provides translation services in Arabic, English, Russian, Azerbaijani and many other languages.




Emsey Hospital – Top Hospital in the Asian side of Istanbul


It is a great hospital in Istanbul in 10 minutes distance from Istanbul Airport that offers perfect services with more than 50 medical units, 254-bed capacity and 9 operating theaters, 7 days and 24 hours specialist physician staff and high technology. The hospital is at the attraction point of foreigners due to its strategic location near the airport. 




Acibadem Hospitals Group - The World's Second-largest Healthcare Chain


Acibadem Healthcare Group is the second-largest healthcare chain in the world. It continues its activities in the field of health with a total of 22 hospitals, 15 clinics and expert staff in 4 countries.

Acibadem Healthcare Group is one of the top Istanbul hospitals that provides services in all fields of medicine. It also provides diagnosis and treatment services in the field of cancer with its radiotherapy device park.




American Hospital - Established in 1920 by a US Navy Admiral L. Bristol


American Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Istanbul with a capacity of 200 beds and treating 120,000 patients annually. It conducts 10.000 surgeries each year. The patient’s privacy and satisfaction are their priority. 




Medical Park Group – The Most Preferred Destinations for Medical Treatments


It is one of the most preferred Istanbul hospitals providing the best facilities and services with a capacity of 5600 beds. Medical Park Group is serving since 1993. 


Memorial Hospitals Group - Serves Domestic and International Patients 


Serves domestic and international patients with its extensive network of hospitals and clinics with a capacity of 292 beds since 2000. Memorials Hospital group is in your service in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Kayseri and Diyarbakir.




Estetik International Health Group - One of the Largest Hospitals for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey


Estetik International hospital is one of the aesthetic chain clinics that has been serving in Turkey and the world for 20 years. It serves in 5 branches such as aesthetic surgery, medical aesthetics and hair transplant treatments. It is one of the largest Private hospitals for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Turkey.



Hisar Hospital Intercontinental - the largest private hospitals in Turkey


Hisar Hospital Intercontinental established in 2006 offers world-class healthcare service in the Turkish healthcare sector. This hospital implements the most up-to-date treatment with the most reliable technology for its patients. It is a large hospital built on 35.000 square meters area with a capacity of 170 beds. 

It is among the unique Istanbul hospitals that offer services and facilities like airport pickup, translation services, medical travel insurance, car hire, free airport transfer, interpreter services, Rehabilitation, free WiFi, TV in the room, kindergarten services, pharmacy, laundry. Also, it offers indispensable facilities like Visa / Travel office, dry cleaning, hotel booking, flight booking, mobility accessible rooms, local tourism and lots of other services that are impossible to find anywhere else. 




Medicana International Istanbul – Offers Healthcare Services Meeting International Standards


Medicana Hospital is one of the top Istanbul hospitals established with a capacity of 1170 beds in 1992. It offers medical services in different departments, including Bone Marrow and Organ Transplantation, Oncology, Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology, IVF treatment, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery, and Neurology.