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Homes for Sale
Turkey Lake Road

Homes for Sale Turkey Lake Road


City life makes us all stressed, forgetful and hectic. The difficulties of reaching from one place to another, constant noise that our ears no longer hear but that pass through our brain, pollution hanging in the air we breathe.

We do not see the places we look at, we walk the roads we go by rote. As such, the overall impact of daily life transforms our personality and life over time. However, other comfortable lives are feasible even if we are in the city. When you come home, look not only for the family, but for the beauty and calm of nature and the shine of a deep blue lake, how they take on you to a completely different personality. There are lots of wonderful homes for sale Turkey lake road which offers a peaceful life with full comfort.

Homes for sale Turkey lake road offers many changes such as more sportive, more positive, more cheerful, makes you get up earlier to enjoy the fresh weather, ties and strengthens family and friendships relations.

People who have the chance to live in central areas of the city approximate to the lake start the day more energetically due to the great oxygen created by the lake and the surrounding nature. Whence, there is a wide range of people who are more prone to nature sports and always separates time to do sports during the day.



Living intertwined with nature increases the hormones of happiness in the human body. Witnessing the constantly renovated cycle of nature raises the hope for eternity and renewal. Being part of a nature-friendly life on the lakeshore decreases the stress of the city people and gives a more affirmative perspective.

Since sports and intertwining with nature increase the endorphins, which is called the hormone of happiness, people living by homes for sale Turkey lake road are more cheerful and peaceful than people living in the city center.

Sleeping in beautiful places where oxygen is intensive, such as being in the mountain air or near the waterfall, rests the brain and body more efficaciously. People living in homes for sale Turkey lake road and approximate to the lake are away from the crowd of the city wake up more fresh with less night sleep. In this way, they start the day early and more energetic.

Think that your home is on the shore of a deep blue lake. Would you like to go home late? Those who are living at homes that have a shore on the lake prefer to pass their time at home with their families and friends. In beautiful weather, family walks by the lake you can spend a more enjoyable time with their families and friends with pleasant dinners at home against the lake view.

You can feel the happiness into your soul with the dazzling landscape of the lake. The life offered by homes for sale Turkey lake road encompasses the cheerfulness for all members of a family. You can also have the pleasure of walking by the lake, running path curving between the greenery around your home, the areas surrounded by parks and social facilities where you can live your energy to the fullest.

Turkey's Largest Lakes/ Homes for Sale Turkey Lake Road


For those who are planning to buy homes for sale turkey lake road here are information about the best lakes in the country. The amazing lands of Turkey have a rugged structure with its natural beauties and numerous natural lakes it hosts, it evokes a sense of admiration in every person.

Some of the Turkey's Largest Lakes

  • Van Lake, Van - Bitlis (3713 kilometers)

Van Lake, which is situated within the borders of the city of Van, is also popular as the Van Sea by local people. The Lake of Van is undoubtedly the finest known and the most beautiful lakes in Turkey!

The waters gathered in the crater as a result of the explosion of Nemrut Mountian formed the volcanic Van Lake over time. The Van Lake extended over an area of 3,713 square kilometers, the lake has many bays. The pH value of the Lake Van, which consists of both sweet and saltwater ecosystems, is 9.8.

The water level in the lake can differs being attached to the air temperatures. While the deepest spot of Lake Van, which has an average height of 1646 meters greater than sea level, is 451 meters, its average deepness is 171 meters.

To the east of the lake, there are four beautiful islands, known as Adir, Akdamar, Kus and Carpanak. These wonderful islands with historical and touristic features were announced as archaeological sites in 1990.

Besides being the biggest soda lake in the world, Turkey is also considered the largest lake in the Van Soda Lake and salty waters, which is one of the factors that increase biodiversity.

103 kinds of phytoplankton, 36 kinds of zooplankton and a single type of fish live in this amazing lake.

  • Salt Lake, Konya - Aksaray - Ankara (covering an area of 1300 kilometers)

There is a wide range of homes for sale Turkey lake road in every part of the country. The Salt Lake is the second largest lake in Turkey.

Salt Lake which is so known as Kochisar Lake in the Konya city of the country is situated at the bottom of a tectonic pit. There are active faults in the south-east and west aspects of this pit, which was come off as a result of tectonic ground movements.

Waters flowing underground melt the salt domes that come together at the depth of the lake and bring this salt over the surface of the lake through tectonic lines. While salt in Salt Lake created in this way, this salt is gathered and processed in order to use it in daily life. Treated salt also takes its place in our tables. Salt Lake is extended over an area of 1300 square kilometers, the water level in the Lake declines in the summer season and rises in the winter season.

  • Beysehir Lake Taking Place in the Isparta Region of Konya City by Covering an Area of 565 Kilometers

Beysehir Lake is one of the most popular and Turkey's largest freshwater lake. Beysehir Lake, which is encircled by Taurus Mountains, Anamas Mountain, Erenler Mountain and Sultan Mountains, is taking place in a tectonic precipitate.

The west coast of the lake, situated between Beysehir and Isparta, owns a steep and high view. In this region, Yenisar Plain is taking place where the steep shores interrupted. The altitude of Beysehir Lake, which extends more than 565 square kilometers, is 1121 meters above sea level.

  • Egirdir Lake Located in Isparta Covering 482 Kilometers Area

Turkey's fourth-largest and beautiful lake is Egirdir Lake. Egirdir Lake having the feature of being the fourth lake is taking place between the mountains of Sultan Karakus. The lake, which consists of a length of 50 kilometers in the north-south direction and 10 kilometers in the east-west direction, gathers the waters of a basin that layouts on an average of 3 thousand 309 square kilometers.

  • Iznik Lake in Bursa (308 kilometers)

Iznik Lake is the largest lake in the Marmara Region and as the title of being the fifth largest lake in city Bursa in Turkey, it is a tectonic freshwater lake.

There are small deltas and reeds at the connection point of the creeks nourishing the lake. There are picnic and sightseeing areas and tourist facilities on all sides of the lake, which has great tourism potential. The region, on one side of which is a lake and on the other side, has a rich flora. You can also find homes for sale Turkey lake road here.


Homes for Sale Turkey Lake Road/ Istanbul

Homes for sale Turkey lake road has been raised in accordance with the Master Plan of most popular Architects and Home Planners, which was chosen first in the competition held with the involvement of the most major international architecture and planning offices. The mega mixed housing project is being composed of home units, major entertainment area and commercial units.

This luxurious housing project is constructed on a total area of 1, 5 million square meters. The residential area of the project, where entertainment and shopping areas will be taking place, has been specified as 333 thousand square meters and the residences. It offer calm and peaceful living spaces, by providing you all modern and comfortable 3531 home units ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom homes with the amazing lake view in all.

This wonderful housing project invites you to live in the future of Istanbul from today right beside the calm of homes for sale Turkey Lake road.

The branded housing projects established in the Kucukcekmece district of Istanbul on the European side. The amazing location of this housing project right beside the Kucukcekmece Lake causes real estate investors to show more interest in the home for sale lake road. 

The project offers high returns on investment, Turkish citizenship with buying home in the worth of 250,000 US dollars, residence permit of Turkey with buying homes less than 250,000 US dollars, great social facilities and amazing view of lake. 

You can find Homes for sale Turkey lake road of the Buyukcekmece Lake of Istanbul on the European side as well. Luxurious villas, detached homes, duplexes houses are taking place right beside the Buykcekmece Lake. The Buyukcekmece Lake, situated on the 12 kilometers west of Kucukcekmece Lake in the south of Catalca, is smaller than Kucukmece Lake, with a surface area of 12 kilometers. The lake is shallow, marsh and at sea level in lots of places. In spite of the fact that its deepest place is 3.5 meters, its depth finds only 50 cm in most places.

Buyukcekmece Lake is an abalone lake in Marmara Region, in the southern part of the Catalca region. The lake is also consumed as the drinking water resource of Istanbul. The lake is dug deeper with structures built by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works. A dam was established on the sea limb of the lake.