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Homes for Sale
in Turkey Creek

Homes for Sale in Turkey Creek


Human is a part of nature and can live in nature with full peace. In order to be intertwined with the nature you can buy homes for sale in Turkey creek. Imagine you are involved in nature as soon as you get out of your home. Think of waking up to the sounds of birds every day, strolling among the colorful flowers and being in touch with the ground. Just dreaming has brought a big smile on your face, right? Now there is a wide range of good reasons to change your life and accommodate in the heart of nature.

Spending time in your homes for sale in Turkey creek nested with nature has much more positive effects on your life than you expected. For instance, those who live in a garden house beside the creek feel more peace towards life. They become tranquil, delighted and, above all, healthier. In the searches manged to understand the effect on human psychology, an unchanging outcome was acquired; the adjacent you are to nature, the cheerful and happy you will feel.

Far from the rumble, chaos and traffic of the city. A place where you be in the silence in the middle of the green and beauties. Living in a place like this takes off the stress of your life. A study has revealed that people living near the creek and nature have lower blood pressure and cortisol density. In other words, while populous city life causes stress in nature, nature definitely removes this stress.

Nature is good not only for your psyche but also for your health and body. Proven information that chemicals spread from plants fortify people's immune system. And all over, studies indicate that living in green extends human life.

As you pass your time in nature increases, you will be more creative and innovative. Certain impacts on the evaluation of problem-solving skills and the avoiding of distractions also come from nature. Your mind and body will be calm and your energy will be refreshing each day.

It is proven that those who live in nature are happier. There are lots of luxurious homes for sale in Turkey creek designed with ultimate comfort. As soon as you get out of your home, renew yourself and enjoy breathing fresh air every day with your family.



Homes for Sale in Turkey Creek/ Istanbul


A legend housing project offers the best options for homes for sale in Turkey creek. This luxury housing project also provides a life-long magnificent living place, some who go and could not return back and some who went and do not want to leave. The project is rising with these innovations.

All these beauties are waiting for you in the heart of Istanbul. The project is implemented by one of the most important construction companies in Istanbul. It is consisting of 9 blocks on a land area of 10 thousand square meters in the Kagithane district of Istanbul on the European side. There are 559 housing units and 55 commercial units within the project.

It has a boutique lifestyle concept, housing units are designed with a unique taste for the happiness of you and your loved ones. Offering rich living options from studio apartment, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 3,5 bedroom and 4 bedroom type apartments with garden or terrace, offers the chance to make maximum use of daylight with its floor to ceiling wide windows.

Amazing social facilities of the project include social activity areas such as parking, children's playgrounds, basketball football and volleyball court, indoor swimming pool, fitness, sauna and steam room.

A very special life at the creek of Istanbul, approximate to Levent and Maslak, within walking distance of Havaray and metro, 2 minutes from TEM, 10 minutes from Mecidiyekoy and Nisantasi, on the shore of the water.


Creeks in Turkey


There are lots of wonderful creeks and homes for sale in Turkey creek for instance; Abdal Creek, Aksu Creek, Batlama Creek, Cehennemdere, Cag Cag Creek, İstanbuldere, Lahna Creek, Maden Creek, Ovacuma Creek, Pecenek Creek, Selinos ve Soldere Suyu.

Here are some of the details for creeks in Turkey;

Abdal Creek is born from Akkus Plateaus in Samsun city and flows in the northwest direction. The creek flowing from the east of Karabogaz Lake to the Black Sea in the west of Yesilirmak River which is extending to 137 kilometers. The place where it arises in the areas with a level of 1000 meters in the south of Asarcik region.

Aksu Creek is a stream that flows from the Eastern Black Sea Mountains and effusions into the Black Sea in Giresun city. It pouring out into the sea from the east of Giresun city center, against Giresun Island. The basin area is 917 per square kilometers, its length is 75 kilometers and its flow rate is 117 cubic meters per second.

Batlama Creek is a stream that pouring out from the Eastern Black Sea Mountains and extends into the Black Sea in Giresun Region. It is born from the Bektas Plateau in the western part of Cal Mountain and effusions into the sea from the west of Giresun city center. The creek that gathers the waters of the 161.4 per square kilometers area is 33 kilometers lengthy. The average flow is 4.4 cubic meters per second and the total amount of water it carries annually is 139 hm³ per year.

Istanbuldere is a beautiful creek arising from Samanli Mountains, flowing into Sapanca Lake from the south coast. It routes through the region of Istanbuldere in the Sakarya province and Sapanca district and gives its name to the village. It is being nourished with rain and snow waters coming from Istanbuldere Samanli Mountains. It is one of the significant sources that feed Sapanca Lake. The alluviums they carry formed the flat in the center of the Sapanca region.

Pecenek creek is a creek that routes through Sereflikochisar and flows into Salt Lake. Pecenek creek is born 40 kilometers in the southeast of Sereflikochisar. Camisli Lake takes its source from springs that are born from several places side by side. It has an extent of about 60 kilometers from the source to the lake and a level difference of 350 meters.


Homes for Sale in Turkey Creek Forest

Turkey, as critical to ensure a sustainable ecological footprint of the World Wildlife Fund and the Ministry of Environment has nine environmental hot spots selected by forestry. Discover each of the 9 forest hotspots and their distinguishing features, and leave yourself in nature. have a great walk in the forest for all seasons of the year in Turkey.

There are very beautiful forests in Turkey on which 9 forest hot spots selected by the World Wildlife Fund. Such as; Kure Mountains, Yenice Forests, Istanbul's Forests, Firtina Valley, Karcal Mountains, Amanos Mountains, Ibradi-Akseki Forests, Mount Babadag and Datca Bozburun Peninsula.

You can find magnificent homes for sale in Turkey creek forest in Ormana village of the İbradi region, which is about 170 kilometers far from Antalya. It is a place where you will have plenty of fresh air and the traces and texture of history. The region has managed to preserve its beauty without any destruction until today.

Beautiful homes that must be seen in the region; although Akseki is situated in İbradi and Ormana in a scattered way and has not been discovered much, it opens its doors to many local and foreign tourists and real estate investors every year. It is inviting the visitors to see and experience Ottoman architecture into the accompaniment of the magical smell of tar and cedar trees.

İbradi/Akseki Forests in Turkey's southern coast has a great number of endemic plant species. The field is very valuable for the maturity of its trees. It also contains Altinbesik Cave, famous for its deep lake.

Forests of Istanbul also offers stunning options for homes for sale in Turkey creek forest. Belgrad Forest in the north of the European side of Istanbul, offering the main recreation areas of the city, and forests on both parts of Istanbul are the best oxygen spring of the city. There is a wide range of forest and creeks in Istanbul you can discover them while living in the city.

But to mention some of the most popular ones there are Belgrad Forest, Kemerburgaz City Forest, Kaymakdonduran Promenade Forest, Selale Trail, Aydos Forest, Fatih Forest and Cavusbasi Forest.

You can discover homes for sale in Turkey creek forest on the Belgrad Forest, Aydos Forest regions and as well as on some of the other forests. Istanbul is a magnificent city on which you can have anything you dreamed of.

An amazing housing project, realized by one of the most innovative construction companies in Istanbul, has a location right beside to the Belgrad Forests and a neighboring location to Ataturk Arboretum and Fatih Forest. The luxurious housing project is within very close to Kilyos beach, Sariyer Training and Research Hospital and Haciosman metro station.

Also, transportation from the housing project to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is very easy. In other words, while the region lives a peaceful life in the forest, it does not make it difficult to go to the city center.

The project is consisting of apartments, double duplexes, twin and detached villas. It is feasible to own these homes with flexiable payment plan and long tem instalment peroids. The project includes an open-air bazaar, which will contain shops, cafes, restaurants and cinema.

The social reinforcement areas of the housing project consisting of large sports areas, walking and running tracks, nursery and kindergarten, children's playgrounds, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness center.