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Homes for Sale in
Turkey 2020

Homes for Sale in Turkey 2020


A home is where you make memories and live beyond your dreams. It holds the hopes and dreams of every person who has ever called it home.

 When the time comes to make new dreams happen and to put a new step for a new life there’s no better agency than MELARES Turkey Properties to help make your dreams come true.

 MELARES is a well-established real estate company, guiding foreign buyers successfully purchasing their Commercial units, investment properties as well as housing properties in Istanbul.

Since 2003, we have successfully matched their dream house property for sale in Istanbul to thousands of customers and provide the best guides and services.

In order to help them to meet the expectations, needs and desires of them to own their dreamed of a home in a safe way.

Our web site has updated daily to guarantee the exact prices suitable for everyone's budget. There is every type of property available on the website, melares.com has the most update homes for sale in Turkey 2020 of each type of property from a studio apartment to luxury villas and commercial units.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions and inquiries, we are more than happy to be of assistance.


Real Estate in Turkey 2020


Turkey is an unbounded country, with approximately 7,200km of coastline, bordered by the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Seas.

If you have decided to put a step to the road for investment in Turkey, then the best place to start is Istanbul, cause of its changes has proven a big hit with foreign investors, giving the city a huge real estate increase in 2020.

Istanbul’s ever increasing population and it being one of the top most visited cities in the world, and it is improving day by day so the prices of homes for sale in Turkey 2020 and the return on investment also increases by these growths.

Some Rules that Changed for Real Estate Turkey in 2020 


Up to now, it was very easy to get a Turkish residence permit by your touristic visa and rental property contract for one year or even for two years.

These rules are about to change in 2020. As of 1 January 2020, the Turkish government decided to put some new rules stop to giving residence permits for tourists, our other people visiting Turkey by touristic visa. 

However, those who are about to buy property in Turkey are still eligible for residency with any property purchase. And those who are going to buy property for about $250,000 which is suitable for Turkish citizenship gets the right to apply for citizenship.

Previously people could get a residence permit for one year by rental property contract, in this case, there were some people who were showing fake contracts also.

The government who wanted to restrict these types of cases provide some solution for it. Turkey has reasonable housing units in 2020 for those who want to own both a house and residence permit.

You can still stay in Turkey for 30 days with your visa if you have the aim to stay for more than 30 days or for 1 or 2 years you can buy a house with affordable prices to get residence permit.

Buying a House in Turkey for Investment in 2020 is a Very Smart Decision

Turkey had perfect economic growth in recent years and the real estate market in Turkey has been classified as one of the most advantageous markets with high gains.

Hence, Turkey is at the attraction point of investors seek to buy Houses in Turkey for a variety of purposes such as tourism, accommodation, and investment. Turkey becomes an attractive country for real estate investments compared to other countries.

Turkey is strategically located between Europe and the Middle East, you can find awesome homes for sale with sea views, forest and Bosphorus views, from both local and international architectures.

Today you can find for a home for sale in Turkey, with various payment and financing options, flexible installment as well as best discounts in cash deals.

The prices of houses in Turkey are relatively low now but within a few years, it will increase and will be brought lots of returns for you so you will know how smartly decision you gave with buying a house in 2020.

Real estate development projects of Turkey offer investors to achieve high risk-free income by investing in real estate. Turkish construction companies hold a large number of construction and real estate all around the Turkey to meet the needs of investors.

The government of Turkey, on the other hand, is a volunteer who wants to provide various facilities and tax exemptions in the real estate sector.

Supports the housing projects to a steady increase in housing and for the establishment of new real estate projects.

As MELARES, we provide you with a wide range of best housing projects for you to purchase a home in Turkey, whether for investment, for living with your family in a calm environment or for residence permit and Turkish citizenship.

Homes for Sale in Turkey 2020/ Who Can Buy a Real Estate in Turkey?

Anyone who wants to own a house can buy a real estate in Turkey there is no exemption for it. Foreigners also have the right to buy a home in Turkey or any type of property they want ranging from office, field, and land and so on.

Despite the fact that the only condition involved is some restriction for foreigners buying a property in Turkey, which is a part of the law. These restrictions are somehow as follow;

  • A foreigner can buy a maximum of 30 hectares of property in Turkey, you must not exceed it.

  • A foreigner cannot own or buy a property in military restricted zones.

  • It could be just allowed in case of a special permit to own or rent a property in these zones.

  • Up to 10% of the area containing a private real estate could be owned by foreign people who want to purchase from homes for sale in Turkey 2020.

But these restrictions will not be applied to companies with a legal entity and established according to the laws in their countries.

Facts about Real Estate Turkey

The most important changes made over the years in Turkey's market has a major impact on real estate. Apartments, villas, commercial units, etc. 

Diversification of housing projects has been developed consisting of every type of apartment, shopping and health centers and every kind of facility within it. You can find everything you are looking for when switching from all your needs.

About ten years ago there were very complicated processes while buying property from Turkey.

In recent years the Turkish government has simplified the process. It is now much easier to the extent that everything can be done in a week. 

The purchase of real estate in Turkey is not impossible and does not require a lot of effort and high budgets. 

Those who want to buy a home in Turkey especially for those wishing to own property for the first time they has a worry about its financial aspect.

The Turkish real estate market is changing rapidly and you should be aware of the market not to miss the best opportunities and offers of Homes for sale in Turkey and its future directions.

Foreign nationals can buy and sell their properties in turkey.

You can sell and transfer your ownership of the real estate carried out with the transfer of title deed in the land registry offices in Turkey.

As well as the other way to sell your property is with the “sales promise agreement” which is signed in the notary.

 Hence, it is impossible to acquire property ownership in such sales. The title deed transfer has to be realized for the official acquisition of the property.

For those who want to get Turkish citizenship the important condition here, is not to sell this property within 3 years.

While buying real estate the purchasing tax or title deed tax that needs to be paid to the government which is 4% for foreign investors on which 2% should be paid by buyer and 2% by seller. There is also value added tax (VAT) which should be also paid to the government at the delivery of the property. 

Only 1% value added tax will be asked for apartments with net area less than 150 square meters. When the square meter of the land of the residential Project is 500 Turkish Liras per square meter and less; a 1% value-added tax is requested as before.

If the square meter of the land of the residential project costs between 500 and 1000 Turkish Liras per square meter 8% value-added tax will be requested.

If the square meter of the land of the residential project costs 1000 Turkish Liras and more per square meter 18% value-added tax will be requested.

Also, if the net square meter of the house is bigger than 150 square meters, the value added tax will be 18%.

The value added tax and title deed tax in homes for sale in Turkey 2020 are very low in comparing to the other countries. That is why investor wants to invest more in Turkey specially Istanbul.