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Home Needs of Developing Turkey
Luxury Homes for Sale in Turkey

Home Needs of Developing Turkey/ Luxury Homes for Sale in Turkey


The increasingly differentiating Luxury homes for sale in Turkey has a high impact on the real estate market of the country compared to the past. These homes are more modern, more technological and industrial weight gained a new look. Buyers of luxury homes for sale in Turkey will look for more homes in 2023.

The real estate market has improved and grown rapidly because of the population growth and the migration of foreigners from all around the world to the country and the need for more luxury homes for sale in Turkey.

Many investors investing in the real estate market have joined to the improvement of this sector by establishing construction companies and providing luxury housing projects. World class and high quality luxury homes for sale in Turkey began to construct with many different alternatives and this production continues rapidly.

As the real estate sector, it also has the title of a sector that has received a quality award from the quality association. Taking possession of the momentum in the real estate sector abroad in Turkey has been the honor of Turkey. Turkish construction companies who are constructing luxury homes for sale in Turkey with wonderful facilities and high standards meet the housing demand of both local and foreign people.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Turkey

The construction companies which take place in the real estate sector have come to the standards to make the homes for sale for foreigners around the world home to live outside their countries within ultimate comfort. Foreign investments on the real estate of Turkey is growing with each passing day.

Dozens of apartments are waiting for you among the alternatives of luxury homes for sale in Turkey. You can search in detail with filtering the portfolio search engine of our website melares.com and take the first step for your dream home for sale in Istanbul Turkey.



Having a home of your own can make you feel economically safer. Buying a home or an apartment will help you at least relatively get rid of the problems and worries such as how much the rental prices will rise in the coming years or how many years can you live in the rented homes.

That is why many people accept that it is a logical investment to purchase a comfortable and advantageous home in terms of transportation. Also, you should take into consideration that you can be a homeowner with the money you pay for rents for many years and you should not ignore the long-term financial or investment return of purchasing a home.

Especially if you are planning to live in the city center and you are interested in purchasing an ideal and reasonable real estate investment for yourself or your family, you should attentively examine the advertisements of luxury homes for sale in Turkey, you can take a step by trying to discover the most financially and socially benefits for your life without rushing.


What Adds the Most Value to an Investment Property?


If you want to invest smartly and put your money in your pocket with its profit again, it is very important to invest in real estate correctly. The first aim of investing is to preserve your assets and assess them in order to make a profit. As may be required, it may finance your other investments or meet your unexpected needs.

Briefly, it purposes to both gain profit and protect its value and convert it into cash when necessary. The products to invest in, the first alternatives that come to mind are real estate, stock exchange and gold. But the most reliable investment type is to invest in real estate.

One of the biggest problems or complaints that tenants have about their rental properties is poor care. And protecting a property well-maintained is very crucial in increasing its overall investment value.

The smart way to do this is to work with any housing renovation company immediately or do it by asking someone who has experience in the amendment of houses. You or your real estate advisor should assess the home to ensure whether the property is in good condition and proactively seek ways to increase its appeal to tenants.

An approved path to preserve the value of your investment property is to choose a tenant that will protect your home as it belongs to themselves. In this way, you will not only get your rental income in full and on time, but also you will likely get less maintenance costs.

Working with a construction compay and spend some money on quality advertising and marketing is the best way to choose the best tenant for your property. It will also cause to get high returns from your investment or add value to your luxury homes for sale in Turkey.

Income growth can happen in a few years, and the value of your investment property can immediately gain value. Likewise, rental prices in your region may rise in the first 12 months of purchase. So you have the reason to ask for more in the first lease review, but the truth is that property investment is often a long-term offer. It may take a long time to see the rise and flow of the market and get the return on your investment. So it means you should be patient when you invest in luxury homes for sale in Turkey.


How to Invest in Luxury Homes for Sale in Turkey?


You can earn money by investing in real estate for sale in Turkey. Investing in housing, land and commercial unit in real estate investments, is the most given preference to investment by Turkish people and foreigners. These types of investments are the one that gains value when the smart and exact investment is made and has the lowest risk guarantee.

The housing may be a more logical investment alternative for someone who pays rent. It is good to purchase a real estate and to pay the installments in place of rent for a place that is used for housing, its own business place, or as an office.

When purchasing luxury homes for sale in Turkey, first of all, it should be determined whether to buy a home for housing or investment purposes. Before buying a house financing the home, how to buy it and assessing the purchase price and your payment plan are important issues.

If it is to be bought for investment purposes, it would be more beneficial to take it from the construction or housing projects who are under construction. The biggest advice for real estate buyers for investment purposes is to work with a reliable real estate company.

Buy the home under construction, pay half the desired amount of the home price and pay the rest by installment up to the title deed delivery. Thanks to prices of luxury homes for sale in Turkey which is rising day by day, by the delivery of the home you will also gain from your investment.

There are many issues affecting the housing price the most influencing elements such as its environment, location, condition of the building, social facilities, floor heating, elevator, close to public buildings, approximate to the public transportation networks and workplaces.

Inflation and interest expenses are deducted from the difference between the house purchase price and the sale price and pay taxes for the rest, but if you sell your house after 5 years, you do not pay taxes. It means that if you sell the luxury home that you had bought for investment purposes after 5 years you are not supposed to pay its income tax.


Why You Should Work with a Real Estate consultancy Company to buy Luxury Homes for Sale in Turkey?


In order to have a reliable real estate purchase process while buying luxury homes for sale in Turkey you are supposed to work with a real estate consultant company. Our company MELARES Turkey Properties works with various construction companies investing in real estate projects at different points of the city. Up to now, we have sales to various people from foreign countries.

When you want to take advantage of citizenship, you need to consider different regulations between countries and processes. The deficiency of investor’s legislation knowledge or language, the lack of competent staff knowing foreign languages on the government side makes the whole process difficult.

As an experienced real estate company we are working with over 350 luxury housing projects providing many alternatives both for housing and investment purposes.

With our experiences from thousands of customers and our team of competent consultants knowing many foreign languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese and Persian, we will assist you with all your purchasing steps for an easy and reliable process.