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Hair transplant in Turkey:
Most Effective Methods & Affordable Prices

Hair transplant in Turkey is an operation implemented since the early 1990s. Although the first experimental applications in the world date back much earlier, professionally in the world and Turkey, it was introduced in the 1990s within the same period. The hair transplant fees are more reasonable in Turkey than in other countries in Europe and the world.
Turkey is considered the world's first country when hair transplant is mentioned.


Hair transplant in Turkey in the field of health tourism, the country has attracted lots of patients from all over the world. In recent years, Turkey's health tourism world was a place frequented by patients from many parts.


Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey



The most important feature of hair transplant is cost-effectiveness in Turkey. Turkey is among the most reasonable and most affordable priced countries in the world due to the average pricing policy within the state and cost regulation by the local Ministry of Health.

Turkey which is an attraction point with its historical and cultural values it’s also the most visited place for health tourism as well. The cost of hair transplant is significantly reasonable in Turkey than in the UK, USA or other countries.

The cost of hair transplant depends on the type of operation you will get, along with the number of grafts you add. In addition, the results in Turkey are among the best in the world because of the high competition in the Turkish medical tourism market and the intensity of qualified surgeons.



The Most Effective Methods for Hair Transplant in Turkey



The most effective and famous methods in hair transplant are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Both methods are effective and bring successful results.

Besides these techniques, there are also the most successful and famous hair transplant clinics in Turkey that implement more modern methods like DHI, Saphir hair transplantation and stem cell therapies. Though, only a surgeon can choose the best technique that is most effective in your particular situation.



The Path to Follow for those who want Hair Transplant in Turkey



If you are aiming to have a hair transplant,here are step by step description of what to do about it.

In this perspective, you can make a search on the internet then you can contact the clinics of hair transplant Turkey. Generally, a preliminary consideration is essential about hair transplant. The propensity of the patients in this regard is to send photos via WhatsApp and then the hair transplant specialist to form a preliminary opinion by observing at these photos.


Pre-assessment & Hair Transplant in Turkey


In the online consultation for hair transplant, clinics ask for a minimum of two photos from patients.
These photos should be taken clearly showing the back of the head with a photo taken from the front or slightly above. These two photos will clarify how many grafts are required in the hair transplant area and whether there is a hair follicle that meets this need.
Although the photos are required to be very clear, it is impossible to make a certain operation plan without real assessment for hair transplant.
After this pre-assessment, clinics can send you a form and a pre-evaluation document with this estimation.



How to Make an Appointment for Hair transplant in Turkey?


What to do before and after Hair transplant?

The other stage of the hair transplant process is to make an appointment with the clinic in which you agree to have a hair transplant in Turkey. When you get an appointment, the clinics themselves should send you some documents that will clarify the hair transplant process step by step.

Sure, this information can also be transferred via WhatsApp.
The steps you will be informed of before the hair transplantation are as follows:

•    Finalization of the flight ticket
•    Reaching Turkey
•    Airport Hotel / Clinic transfer
•    Actual consultation day
•    Hair transplant operation
•    What to do the day after the hair transplantation
•    Leaving at the Airport for Return
•    Clinical representatives will inform you about the days on which all these steps should take place.

Accommodation and Transfers

After the flight ticket is booked, hotel accommodation is usually finalized through some agencies. This adjustment is also made via agents.
There are some agencies that give special services as well. The airport transfer from the hotel you will accommodate is also done by VIP vehicles by the agency officers waiting for you when you land at the airport.

In some clinics, there is an agency member working on behalf of them that welcomes you at the airport and thus your transfer is made without any complete. If the clinic had any services like this so these services will be clarified or mentioned to you in your operation plan, directly to your hotel or clinic according to the flight arrival time.

Geographical Opportunities of Turkey and Istanbul | Hair Transplant in Turkey


Another feature that allows Turkey's hair transplant, tourism and health issues appeared as an important hub port is its geographic location in the World.
Istanbul's geographical advantages located between two continents, linking Europe and Asia, have enabled Turkey to become medical tourism in the country.
Over 100 million visitors each year come to Istanbul airlines, and these visitors are here to switch to Turkey's tourism zones.
World-well-known tourism zones such as Bodrum, Cesme, Kusadasi, and Fethiye increase their importance. The fact that Istanbul has been the central point of the world for thousands of years and


Essential Features for a Successful Hair Transplant in Turkey



Sure, the first thing that comes to mind between the issues that determine the success of the hair transplant implementation is experience. Here is the list of all the factors that affect success as follows:

•    Experience
•    Education
•    Prevalence of health services
•    Technical equipment



Experience in Hair Transplant | Hair Transplant Turkey



Hair transplant with the implementation of the common people in the world are going back to the same dates. This situation has resulted in the entry of Turkey into the list of the most experienced countries in this sector.
Experience first feature said to be the keyword hair transplant in Turkey. The consequence of this experience is naturally more successful in Turkey hair transplant practices in the field of application of the experimental plan to go that has brought so much more to do.

The number of operations carried out each year rapidly rising strengthens the success to this extent. Hair transplant is done in Turkey above 300 thousand people each year, according to unofficial data. In the field of hair transplantation, India, where the number of operations reaches 200 thousand per year, and the United States, although much less than this, stand out as important countries.

The number of operations in the field of hair transplant extents 200 thousand per year. India and the United States of America stand out as significant countries, although they are far less numerous.



Medical Education and Hair Transplant Field in Turkey



Hair transplantation in Turkey is carried out by expert physicians. Doctors are specialized in dermatology in terms of analyzing the scalp very well. Apart from that, it can be seen that plastic surgeons are also interested and active in the field of hair transplant in Turkey.



Technical proficiency and Hygiene | Hair Transplant Turkey



Turkey in Hair transplant stands out as a country where you can see the fastest application of many applications in the field of hair transplantation in the world. Again painless anesthesia is implemented in an important number of operations in Turkey.
Moreover, the use of special solutions on hair transplant during operation, fully equipped surgical facilities of hospitals in technical terms defining the quality of hair transplant in Turkey. Technical proficiency and hygiene are in the foreground as other elements in hair transplant.

Turkey has hosted many civilizations always keeps the interest of tourists and visitors to the city alive. This influx of visitors naturally generates awareness about health tourism especially hair transplant.