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Galata Tower:
History & Visiting Hours of the Tower

Galata Tower is one of the famous and important places that comes to mind when you come to Istanbul. This wonderful building is known as one of the oldest towers in the world. The Tower, which has been detecting the city for hundreds of years with its impressive structure and numerous stories are told about it, gives its visitors the privilege to discover more about Istanbul's history and to delight in its unique view.


Galata Tower was originally built by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius Oilosuz. When it was completed in 528, the wooden structure was used as a lighthouse tower. However, the fire disaster that occurred in the region has made the structure completely unusable.




When the calendars showed the year 1348, the Genoese built the tower again using stones. The iconic structure, which was used for a long time in defense, started to serve for various purposes after the Ottoman rule in 1453 in Istanbul.



Galata Tower was turned into a prison for people sentenced to work in shipyards in the 16th century, and in the 18th century, it was converted into a night observatory by the Mahtar band.



The Tower, which began to be used to inform the city of fires in 1874, was periodically repaired during the Ottoman period. The source of importance given to the tower is the possibility of monitoring the entire city due to its location.


The works that gained the most recent appearance of Galata Tower were performed during the II Mahmut period.


The building, which is always crowded, was introduced into the tourism sector in 1967. Every year thousands of visitors and tourists are visiting the Tower from all around the world.



In the area around the Galata tower, which is a popular destination for local and foreign travelers, many shopping stores, restaurants great venues have been opened since this date.





The historical building of Galata Tower



The historical building of Galata Tower, which is a must within the Istanbul landmarks list, has a height of 69, 90 meters. The walls have a thickness of 3.75 meters and the inner diameter of the tower is 8, 95 and the outer diameter is 16, 45 meters.



The weight of the body of the building, which was constructed using untreated rubble, is estimated to be about 10 thousand tons.


It is believed that the name of the tower, which was called the Megalos Pyrgos (Great Zodiac) by the Byzantines, and the (Tower of Jesus Christ) by the Genoese, was derived from the word gala, which means “milk" in Greek.


There are also opinions that the name of the building is derived from the word Thracian or can be Italian.

For Galata Tower, just like the Basilica Cistern and the Maiden's Tower, the people of Istanbul also created legends.


The first of these urban legends, which helped to increase the interest in this building by its spreading widely, was about marriage.


In the past among the people, there was a belief that if you went out for the first time to the Galata Tower with your love, you will inevitably marry that person.



Another legend tells the story of love between Galata and the Maiden's Tower. According to the legend, the graceful Girl Tower, which is bored with solitude in the middle of the sea, notices the handsome Galata when it looks at the city and becomes enamored of it.



Since then, Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi is the ambassador of the increasing love of the two towers.

When it was time to jump, Galata asked Hazarfin Ahmed Chili who had gone up to whisper in the name of his love from afar and to fly towards it after jumping and pass the poems he had written.



Visiting Hours of the Galata Tower - Entrance Fee of the  Tower


You can visit the Galata Tower every day of the week between 09:00 am and 19:00.

As for the entrance fee, Tower fees vary for local and foreign tourists. The local tourist entrance fee is 7.5 TL, a foreign tourist is 15 TL. Children over the age of 5 are also paid. Yellow press cards and museum cards are not mentioned here.




Galata Tower Address and Directions


Address: Bereketzade Mh. Galata Kulesi Beyoglu, Turkey


The easiest way to reach Galata Tower is the metro. If you get off at the Sishane stop with Yenikapi-Haciosman metro and exit the Sishane exit, you will reach the tower with a short walk of 300 400 meters from the side of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts building on Refik Saydam Street. Additionally, you can take very pleasant photos of the Tower on the way you pass here.


Those coming from Istiklal Street can reach Galata Tower if they walk 500 meters down the next street from the street where the subway is located while approaching the tunnel. Walking down this beautiful street is a great activity that everyone enjoys very much.


Those coming from Eminonu direction to Tower will have to climb a bit uphill from Banks Street.


Those who come by car, on the Tarlabasi Taksim road, can turn right when they see the Tower Sign and leave their cars in a nearby parking lot.



Those coming from outside of Istanbul

There are lots of transportation facilities for those coming from outside of Istanbul to visit the Tower and the magnificent and historical places to visit in Istanbul.