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12 Turkish Citizenship Questions
Answered by Citizenship Lawyers

12 Most Frequently Asked Turkish Citizenship Questions with their Answers


1. What is the validity period of the Real Estate Appraisal Report?


The Real Estate Appraisal Report is valid for three months from the date of issue. If an application has been made, the appraisal report is valid until the application is completed.


2. Can a citizenship application be done in the purchase of mortgaged real estate?


It is possible to apply for citizenship if purchased by accepting the existing mortgage or foreclosure. In this case, however, the following conditions are taken into consideration;

 + In case the real estate is acquired through a sale-mortgage transaction (credit purchase); In determining the legal value sought, the credit amount is deducted from the sales price and the remaining price must be at least the amount specified in the regulation.

 + In legal mortgagee sales; Except for the mortgage, the prepaid portion must be at least the amount specified in the regulation.


3. Do I need a residence in Turkey to get Turkish citizenship?


There are different ways to get Turkish citizenship. To obtain Turkish citizenship in other ways except for investment, an uninterrupted 5-year residency is required.

However, if you will get your Turkish citizenship by investing (real estate, deposits, government securities, etc.) you do not need to reside in Turkey.


4. Is it easy to get Turkish citizenship? Is it difficult to get Turkish citizenship with real estate investment?


Getting Turkish citizenship is easier than in many countries in the world. It is necessary to carry the conditions required in the relevant Laws and complete the necessary documents completely and accurately.

Also, if you apply for Turkish citizenship by investing you do not need to speak Turkish, not reside in Turkey and have no wealth declaration requirements. It has been allowed by the Turkish government dual citizenship in Turkey.


No. There are some steps you need to follow for this.


> When you decide to buy a property in Turkey, by taking the tax number from the tax office you must open an account with a bank in Turkey.

> You should draw an expertise report from a company approved by the Capital Markets Authority for the real estate you will purchase.

> Then, by purchasing a property (signing a contract/transfer of title deeds on your behalf), you will receive a Certificate of Conformity from the Land Registry that all transactions are done in accordance with the Law.

> After obtaining a residence permit from the Provincial Immigration Administration, you conclude the procedure by applying for Turkish citizenship to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.


5. What rights do I enjoy if I get Turkish citizenship? What are the benefits?


A foreigner who gets Turkish citizenship enjoys all the rights like Turkish citizens. It benefits of rights such as education, health, establishing sound commercial relations, Turkish heritage law, voting.


6. What type of passport will I use if I am a Turkish citizen? Which countries can I go to without a visa when I get a Turkish passport?


There are 4 types of passports issued by the Turkish government. Diplomatic Passport, Private Passport, Service Passport and Public Passport.

Apart from the 3 special passports above, Turkish citizens use a Maroon-colored passport that is publicly available.


The Turkish passport is one of the strongest passports in the world.

When you receive your passport with your Turkish citizenship, you can travel to more than 100 countries without a visa or with the ease of getting a visa at the border gate.


7. Is it necessary to make a personal reference, if not, what stage also needs to be found in Turkey?


Citizenship application is applicant friendly procedure. If the applicant submits all necessary documents and power attorneys, he or she doesn't need to show up during the application.



8. Is there any advantage for applicants whose children are above the age of 18 regarding residence permit, trade or other similar subjects?


Yes, they have certain advantages when they apply for a residence permit and also for visa applications.


9. If the applicant has more than one citizenship, does the situation change or create a disadvantage?


There is no any extra requirement or any barrier for multiple citizenships.


10. What will be the law of inheritance if the owner of the property loses his / her life?


If a real estate in Turkey is subjected to inheritance Turkish law shall apply. The general rule of Turkish inheritance law is the property will be divided between the wife or husband and the kids.


11. Are there any benefits in obtaining a residence permit?


In case the real estate is below $400.000 or the applicant has not applied for Turkish citizenship the real estate can still be used for a residence permit, but with the condition of has a cost of a minimum amount of 75,000$. In such a case, the husband or the wife and the children below 18 years old can apply for a residence permit.


12. What are the required documents for a Turkish citizenship application?


In general, passport translation, 4 photographs and also a birth certificate is required. If one of the spouses is married, also married certificate is required.


Ways of Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

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