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Flats for Sale in Istanbul
Buy Flats in Istanbul

Flats for sale in Istanbul are drawing the attention of real estate investors from all around the world.


Flats for sale in Istanbul are constructed with different alternatiıves and great standards. What are your priorities in your investment in Turkey? 


Are you planning to buy a flat in Istanbul? Turkey is one of the most suitable countries for you. If you ask those you know or you do research over the Internet, you will get the answer that Turkey is one of the best alternative countries for buying a flat. 




Turkey's natural beauties, historical value, sea and beaches, climate, its high-quality education opportunities are the factors that add great value to your investment. Whatever your reason is to purchase Turkey real estate, flats for sale in Istanbul is among the most ideal option for you.


Turkey consists of seven geographical regions over about 784 thousand square kilometers in area. Though The beauty of each region, climatic conditions and standards of living differs from each other. You will find the chance to choose the most suitable alternative of flats in Istanbul.


The important point is that in which part of Turkey or in which province do you prefer to live or to invest in? Which regions may be suitable for your family? You should also consider these and other features that the property you will purchase should have.




In Turkey, you can come across options of economically priced or luxury segment flats for sale in Istanbul. You can buy flats at low and high prices in many big cities as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Trabzon, Bursa, Yalova, Mugla. But this case does not mean there are no suitable flats for sale in other provinces or neighborhoods that can be livable and suit your needs. By reviewing your regional options, budget and expectations, it is not difficult to make the right investment.


MELARES Turkey Properties which is one of Turkey's leading real estate companies will be lead you in the whole stages of your real estate purchasing with its knowledge and experience.



What Should be Considered Buying Flats in Istanbul?


It is so clear, there are hundreds and maybe thousands of flats in Istanbul in front of you in order to purchase one of them. Of course, it is not easy to make this decision. First of all, preparing a detailed wish list, including your budget, needs and expectations will not only benefit you but also save time. It is also important to state what is indispensable in this list and what you can give up if the budget is not enough.


Related to your research of flats for sale in Istanbul we will give you some important tips below, regarding where and how you should put steps for your investment.



Determining the Budget Correctly


Whether it is an affordable price or a luxury segment flat, it is very important to determine your budget correctly to buy the best flats for sale in Istanbul. It is natural that everyone has different budget ranges according to their accumulation and earnings. However, our primary recommendation for you is not to adopt very strict rules in the budget you will set and if possible leave a little flexibility in your budget.




Of course, the cooperating real estate company will pay attention to offer you the most suitable alternatives to the budget and expectations you set. However, sometimes the fact that there are very strict limits in the budget may cause you to miss a beautiful apartment for sale in Istanbul that is very suitable for your needs and that is little above your budget.


Therefore, when determining your maximum budget, you should also consider the minor differences. Thus, you can make the most rational investment in this important investment decision that you will make once or maximum twice in your life.



Region Selection – Flats in Istanbul


After determining your budget, a preliminary study about Turkey's regions, cities, or seaside towns will be quite helpful. Because maybe you already heard about certain regions or cities in Turkey and, you know, but you may not be aware of other places that are very convenient for your property investment. 


You can also turn this work into a simple table in writing. This work will play an important role in the wish list that you will specify for both you and the real estate company you will work with.



It is a good idea if you make a general to specific determination when choosing your region to buy flats in Istanbul. In other words, progressing by narrowing the circle prevents confusion among many options. For example, you can start to search by identifying the most appropriate of one or two districts amongst 39 regions of Istanbul that will conform to your real estate investment.


Afterward, you should identify a few neighborhoods in these districts that suit your needs, family structure and expectations. When determining these districts, doing your needs analysis correctly, eliminating unnecessary regions and neighborhoods makes your research easier.


After determining the regions to buy flat in Istanbul, it will be easier to compare and choose if you simply put the living conditions, the socio-economic structure of the places you are interested in and the social life features that you can offer to your family, into your table. 


However, if you intend not to do a detailed study in this way, the real estate company you will work with can offer you the most suitable flats for sale in Istanbul for your needs and budget range based on the regions and provinces you have determined.




What Kind of Flat It Should Be?


After determining the region, province or district, you should determine what kind of flat you want to live in or what kind of flat you want to invest in. Although the main element is the location, the features of flats you will buy for living or investment or Turkish citizenship are also extremely important. 

Flats for sale in Istanbul offer a variety of alternative options in this regard. In other words, after making your decision to buy flat in Istanbul, it is possible to find a suitable apartment for sale.

If the flat you will buy is for residential purposes, the number of family members should be in the foreground in terms of being useful and spacious. It is important that each individual has a room for himself/herself if adult children or grandparents will live together in the house. 



For this reason, flats for sale in Istanbul with large square meters and multi number of rooms within your budget will be suitable for you. There is no rule that spacious square meter houses will always have the multi number of rooms. Sometimes the total square meter of 2-bedroom flats in Istanbul can be larger than a 3-bedroom flat. Therefore, the number of rooms is significant for big families.


For those living single, smaller families or families with no children, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom flats with optimum use will not force your budget.


Particular attention should be on the kitchen concept, which has great importance for women. Because in Turkey, especially in housing projects built in recent years, different options are presented in this regard. With the options of American kitchen (a combination living room and kitchen), closed kitchen, or semi-open kitchen you can find many different alternatives for flats for sale in Istanbul.


The number of bathrooms is another important factor that determines the living comfort of the flats in Istanbul. In order not to come across some difficulties for family members who have a simultaneous preparation for going to work or school in the morning, you will have an advantage in choosing a flat with an en-suite bathroom beside common use bathroom. Today, most of the newly built flats have private bathrooms in each room as well.




What should be considered in the exterior living areas of flats for sale in Istanbul?


This topic is really important. Because, besides the interiors of the flat, the use of balconies, terraces, or gardens prevents you from closing the house. Especially in the summer, the time you spend outdoor of the home will be more than inside of the flat. If you prefer a garden floor flat, your chances of being intertwined with green and soil will rise.


If you do not like garden life and prefer the upper floor, flats with balconies or terraces will be ideal for you. Balcony and terrace enjoyment will be utterly different, especially if you bought an apartment with sea, lake, nature or forest views.



Less Number of Flats on Each Floor – Buy Flat in Istanbul


Another significant issue is how many flats are on each floor in the building you prefer. In some housing projects, since the buildings are vertical and wider, there can be multiple flats such as 4, 5, 6 on each floor. If you care about neighborhood relations and want to stay away from the crowd, we recommend you to turn towards buildings and housing projects having fewer flats on each floor.



What Should Be The Features of Social Life Near Home?


One of the alternatives you should consider while purchasing flats for sale in Istanbul will be your living space or an alternative investment instrument. However, since you or your tenant will not only spend time inside the house, the social activity areas offered by the site when you leave your flat and the schools, health institutions, shopping centers, transportation options nearby in the region will also affect your decision positively or negatively.


Thus, it will provide you a great advantage to have multi transportation alternatives and roads while you go to work or school. If your kids' school is within walking distance, you don't have to pay for the school shuttle, and you can use this money in another way. If shopping malls and health institutions are easily accessible from your home, you can easily reach these points without losing time.



Are Buying Flats for sale in Istanbul? | Why Buy Flat in Istanbul Turkey?


Those who want to buy a flat in Istanbul are naturally very curious about this topic. Is it a good investment to buy flats in Istanbul?


Shortly we can say that, yes, buying one of the flats for sale in Istanbul is a safe and accurate investment decision, both for you and the future of your children.


You can live with your family in the flat you bought or you can earn regular income by renting. The apartment you have purchased will also benefit you to obtain Turkish citizenship or a Turkey residence permit.


You can review the flats alternatives on the properties page of melares.com website to make the right real estate investment in Turkey.