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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Turkey


Turkey, after becoming a passageway to the East and the West, drew a smart investment and economic affairs of the East and the West. If you are in search of a good opportunity and the best place to start your business, Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon, Alanya, Fethiye, Kalkan, Bursa, Yalova, Ankara, İzmir, etc are the best places for commercial real estate. These cities are the best options in Turkey for offices, shop, restaurant and cafes searching for with being at all central Turkey.


Commercial Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Commercial real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most profitable and advantageous investments in unmovable property. Commercial real estate Turkey such as restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, offices, firms and factories make a profit at all times in terms of rental earnings and will increase in value day by day.

Such real estates are could be purchased at affordable prices based on the square meter of the property. The most significant point here is the location of the commercial real estate. Investors make high gains by renting commercial real estate in Turkey that they buy at reasonable prices, or by reselling them when there is a rise in the value of the commercial property after a couple of years.

Purchasing and renting commercial real estate such as hotels, offices, restaurants, or cafes with housing loans provides many more advantages. You can take the benefits of a mortgage loan with appropriate interest rates and payment plan options that appeals to you.

Important Issues to be Considered in Commercial Real Estate Investments in Turkey


Business Field; when buying a commercial real estate, if areas such as warehouse or basement are related to the workplace are included in the sale, it should make sure whether they are in the title deed or not. Typically in the real estate used as restaurants, areas such as warehouses or basements will be used as kitchens and the title deed should be cautiously investigated.

Some residential places are converted to the workplace and sold later. These residential places must be shown as commercial real estate title deeds in the land registry office.

Accessibility to Parking Lot and Workplace; it is mostly preferred that there should be a parking lot for employees in a workplace or a parking lot that you can use in the immediate surroundings of the workplace. The proximity and immediate accessibility to public transportation networks such as bus stops, metro stations, or taxi stands make the real estate more valuable. Easy access to the workplace for you and your employees will be beneficial in every terms.

Interior Design; customers at first glance decide the quality and standards of the workplace depending on the interior decoration and order of the commercial unit. A workplace deliberated with a marvelous design, where luxury substances are used, will satisfy the customers. A modernized and extensive workplace will be attractive to everyone.

Legal Permissions; there are various types of areas of business in commercial real estate in Turkey. Sometimes it is needed to take special permissions according to the work you do or going to do. For instance, it is restricted to the sale of alcohol near schools or mosques in Turkey nearly 100 meters.

If the prohibition is not obeyed, the alcohol license of the establishment would be canceled. Such special cases and legal issues should be examined, and the required special permits for the workplace should be acquired in advance.

Location of the Commercial Real Estate; location is the most significant factor and critical issue for the workplace. The location should be selected very smartly depending on the type of business that is going to be opened. Your commercial property should be in a central place, easily accessible to people and appropriate for the type of workplace. Be careful that even though the commercial real estate in Turkey situated on the main streets and central locations are a bit expensive, you will earn more in the very next future.

Security System of the Commercial Real Estate; for your security, it is recommended to provide ventilation, risk management and firefighting services. It is very necessary to ensure a security system in commercial real estate and to supply security systems with security cameras throughout the day, and it is considered one of the basics to be considered in commercial units.

Advantages of Investment in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey

Investment in commercial real estate in Turkey is always bringing high income returns. The advantages of commercial investment in Turkey are very profitable in many terms that is why foreign investors from all around the world want to purchase commercial real estate in Tukey.

Here are some of the most important advantages of investment in commercial real estate in Turkey; 

  • In commercial real estate investment, the rental returns are always higher than the rental income of the residential real estate.

  • While the residential real estate rental contract is made for one year, the rental contract of commercial real estate is generally made for 5 or 10 years.
  • In case of renting the commercial unit, the costs of repairmen and renovation of the commercial units are not belonging to the owner of the commercial real estate but in the residential real estate all the responsibility is on the owner. The owners of residential real estate have to repair everything in the house on the rental period in cases the house requires renovation. However, those who rent commercial real estate must pay all the expenses of the renovation, business and pay their taxes.
  • Core and shell types of commercial real estates, on which the commercial unit is not decorated and you can design it suitable for your business.
  • With purchasing commercial real estate in worth of 250,000 US dollar you can obtain Turkish citizenship both for yourself, your spouse and children below 18 years old. Note that you should not sale the commercial unit within 3 years.
  • You and your family members can get from every kind social rights after getting Turkish citizenship and work permit such as, general health insurance, unemployment insurance, paid vacation or severance pay, retirement etc.

How a Foreigner Can Invest in Commercial Real Estate Turkey?

If you are considering to purchase commercial real estate in Turkey, we are here to guide you in the whole purchase process as MELARES Turkey Properties. For a reliable and accurate investment, you can contact us by phone or e-mail and get information about all the details about commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey on our website melares.com.

In addition, you can follow the commercial real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul Turkey on our website melares.com, you can contact us to assess investment options that suit your budget.

Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey

There are amazing commercial units for sale in Istanbul Turkey which takes place in best locations with high investment value and high rental returns. For example;

A commercial real estate for sale in Beylikduzu district of Istanbul which is the most active and modern region on the European side with a great opportunity of high profit.

This luxury commercial real estate offers the best opportunity of acquiring 2 Turkish citizens by a monthly rental guarantee. The commercial real estate with grove facade is next to the Beylikduzu square is situated under a luxury mega housing project right next to the entrance door.

This commercial unit covering an area of 155 square meters with a height of 4 meters and a width of 9 meters. On which 4 meters height is perfect for different business lines. The commercial unit is ready to provide the best opportunity as a return on investment within 12 years.

The commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey is located in Beylikduzu which one of the most beautiful and desired regions, near to the E-5 Highway connecting Asia and Europe sides of the city. The region has fresh and clean air, modern and earthquake-resistant housing and commercial units, ease of transportation and includes of the young population.

As well as, it is 1 minute away from Metrobus station, 3 minutes to Bauhaus Shopping Center and Marmara Park Mall and 5 minutes to Tuyap Fair and Congress Center.

Another Commercial real estate for sale in the heart of Istanbul Turkey offering high investment returns, Turkish Citizenship and resident permit. You can easily obtain Turkish Citizenship by purchasing the commercial unit from this project by matching one, two, or three units worth of 250,000 US dollars.

The commercial real estate takes place in Eyupsultan, which is very close to important centers such as Maslak, Levent, Merter, Mecidiyekoy, Sisli, Besiktas and within walking distance to the Metro station, promises a return on investment in the center of city life in 15 minutes or 16 years. Besides being in a central location, it has a peaceful environment with its 73% open and green area.

Commercial real estate for sale in Istanbul Turkey takes place in one of the most famous and mega housing projects in the city. There are nine commercial real estates with different square meter shops in the project. The minimum square meter for a commercial unit is 270 and the maximum 357 square meters. The current square meter for other stores is 326, 330 and 339 square meters.

These business units are at the point of attraction with high rental returns and less competitors in the district, so you can earn the best profit of your business. Some shops already have tenants. Each commercial unit for the need of more storage has a private warehouse area. All the commercial real estates are ready for delivery with its title deeds.

Almost all of the commercial real estate units are in pedestrian traffic and face to the street where people are actively passing through it.

There are wide range of commercial real estate on our website melares.com. For more details about commercial real estate in Istanbul Turkey you can visit our office MELARES Turkey Properties in Basaksehir on the European side of Istanbul.