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Citizenship Turkey

Citizenship Turkey Requirements


Achieving Turkish citizenship has become very popular for foreigners in recent years. If you have visited Turkey before, if you've spent time here and plan to stay for a longer period of time, you may want to consider also take Turkish citizenship. The most important thing to note here is that your country allows dual citizenship.

Being a Turkish citizen, besides the privileges it offers, it becomes attractive for foreigners because its conditions are easier than most countries.

It is possible for a foreigner to apply for citizenship if he / she meets the requirements set forth by the Laws and is required for Turkish citizenship application.

There are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. You can make your application by choosing the method that is suitable for your situation. What is important here is to fulfill its citizenship turkey requirements. Of course, many additional standard procedures will be examined by the Turkish authorities, as you do not have an unlawful situation. However, there is nothing to worry about if you meet the necessary conditions.


How to Become a Turkish Citizen? | Important Requirements


Turkish citizenship can be obtained exceptionally or through investment or marriage as well as in general.

For example, there is no necessity to live in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship with real estate investment. You can apply for citizenship even while living abroad. Your lawyers, who are authorized by you with power of attorney, will carry out the necessary actions on your behalf.

You do not have to speak Turkish in the application for citizenship by real estate investment. In addition, there is no condition to report your property and wealth to the Turkish government.

The most important requirement for you to be a Turkish citizen by investing in real estate is that you must purchase one or more real estates worth a minimum of $ 250,000 and undertake not to sell this property for at least 3 years.

Real estate investment is one of the most attractive methods for foreigners to get Turkey citizenship. The cost of other investment methods is much higher.

For example, other methods such as depositing money in the bank or investing in fixed capital or buying government bonds or buying real estate investment funds are at least $ 500,000. While you apply for citizenship by purchasing real estate, you also make a significant investment for your future.

What are the General Turkish Citizenship Requirements?

The person applying for Turkish citizenship must be mature and have the power to distinguish within the framework of his own national law. If the person is stateless, then Turkish laws are taken as basis in determining this power to distinguish.

It is sought the condition that, the applicant must have at least 5 years of continuous residence in Turkey. This period is calculated retrospectively based on the application date.

The persons who want to get Turkish citizenship should confirm this with their behavior. In Turkey, buying real estate, investing, starting a business, working in an office with work permission or getting married with Turkish citizens are some behaviors that confirm this.

The person should not have a problem in terms of general health conditions and should not have a disease that would threaten public health.

The person must have a good morality. If immoral situations are detected, it is not possible to get Turkish citizenship.

In order to adapt to the society, it is necessary to be able to speak Turkish at a sufficient level. The relevant competent authorities conduct interviews to determine the language level of the person.

The person should be able to provide a living in Turkey for himself/herself and for the people under his/her responsibility. It is important to have a profession and income for this.

The person who wants citizenship also must not have a situation that will constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.


What are the Citizenship Turkey Requirements by Marriage?


Obtaining Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen, is a common condition in Turkey. Specifically, marriages between tourists and Turkish citizens who are working in hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment centers in Turkey's tourist attractions, can be realized.

It is also common for Turks to marry foreign nationals whom they met while living or working abroad. A foreign citizen who marries a Turkish citizen can apply for citizenship by fulfilling the citizenship Turkey requirements specified in the Laws. Because marrying a Turkish citizen does not directly give the right to Turkish citizenship to the foreigner. Based on the application, if all conditions are successful, the foreign person becomes a Turkish citizen.

One of the most important conditions to become a Turkish citizen by getting married is that the marriage must be at least 3 years. Continuing marriage is another important condition. In other words, someone who has been married for 3 years in the past and then divorced cannot apply for Turkish citizenship.

However, a Turkish citizen may pass away at a time after the application is made. The end of marriage in this way does not adversely affect the foreign citizens' application for Turkish citizenship, as they have already applied.

The applicant and the Turkish spouse must be living in a family union. (In case of the death of the Turkish spouse, this situation is not sought.)

There should not be some negative situations that will contradict or incompatible with the unity of marriage.

There should be no situations that could pose a threat to national security or impede public order.

The people who want to get citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen is not required to live in Turkey. By living in a different country, marriage can be maintained. The important point to be considered here is the marriage must be completed its 3 years.