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Citizenship Law
Turkish Nationality Law

With the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, principles regarding the acquisition and loss of citizenship have been regulated. This Law also explains the procedures on how citizenship services should be carried out. 


Some definitions used in the Law refer to the individuals and institutions listed below.

Ministry: Ministry of Interior.

Multi-Citizenship: To have one of the Turkish citizens more than one country's citizenship at the same time.

General Directorate: General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.

Turkish Citizen: Person who is bound for the Republic of Turkey with the bond of citizenship.

Foreigner: Persons who do not have a bond of citizenship with the Republic of Turkey.

Citizenship law as of its main outline includes acquisition of citizenship, loss of citizenship, common provisions additional and temporary provisions.


All applications regarding the acquisition and loss of citizenship are made to the following institutions.


- In the country; To the Governorship of the place of residence,

- Abroad; To Foreign Representatives


The application can be made by the foreigner in person or can be made with a power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right.


Exceptional Situations in Acquiring Citizenship


Within the scope of the Exceptional Circumstances article of the Law, the foreigners stated below may gain citizenship by the decision of the President.


In this case, the person applying for citizenship should not have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.


- Those bringing industrial facilities to Turkey.


- Those who have extraordinary service in scientific, technological, economic, social, sports, cultural, artistic fields or people who are thought to be in service.


By the relevant ministries are given reasoned offers about these people.


- Those completing his/her higher education in Turkey and made the application for the short-term residence permit within six months from the date of graduation.


- Foreigners holding Turquoise Cards and their foreign spouses. Also non-adult or dependent foreign child of the foreigner or spouses.


- Persons who seem obligatory to become citizens.


- Persons accepted as immigrant status.


The conditions of the persons mentioned above should be appropriate in terms of national security and public order. Otherwise, their requests are rejected by the Ministry.


Acquiring Citizenship Through Marriage


According to the citizenship law, a foreign person who is married to a Turkish citizen, by fulfilling the necessary requirements can apply for citizenship.


A foreign person does not gain citizenship automatically when he/she gets married. It is essential that the person has been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and the marriage union is ongoing.


Apart from these, the following conditions are also sought for the person who will get citizenship by marriage.


* Living in a family union. Married couples need to live in a house and have a real marriage.

* Not to engage in an incompatible activity with the marriage union. There should be no bad situations that are immoral and that could shake the union of marriage.


* There should be no obstacle in terms of national security and public order.



Losing Citizenship


Citizenship can be lost in 2 ways.


1. By Competent authority decision

2. By exercise of the right to choice



Losing Citizenship by Competent Authority Decision


 With the decision of the competent authority, the loss of citizenship takes place in the following cases.



Exiting Citizenship


Turkish citizens can ask for permission to get out of citizenship if they want. In this case, by making the necessary evaluations, people who want to get out of citizenship can be granted by Ministry a leave or a certificate of exit.


The following situations are sought for a person to get out of citizenship.


  1. Being an adult and having the power to distinguish.


  1. Having acquired foreign state citizenship or having convincing signs that it will win.


  1. Not being searched for any crime or military service.


  1. Not being subject to any financial and penal restrictions.



To Make Person Lose Citizenship


According to the citizenship law, the citizenship of the persons determined to have taken the following actions by the official authorities can be lost by the decision of the President.


  1. Those operating in a foreign state's duty that does not conform to Turkey's interests and those who voluntarily do not leave this task within the given time despite the declaration made.


A declaration is done to these people about leaving the duties that they are operating. This declaration is made by the Foreign Representatives abroad and by the Local Authorities in the country.


With the notification made, people are given a reasonable time of at least 3 months to quit the job voluntarily. Citizenship of those who do not leave their jobs at their own request can be canceled within this given period.


  1. With their own volution to continue to work in any duty of countries which are at war with Turkey, without the permission of the President.


  1. Without the permission of the Republic of Turkey, those who are involuntary military service of a foreign state.


  1. Turkish citizens who have been investigated or prosecuted for crimes written in Articles 302, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, and 315 of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 and who cannot be reached due to their presence in a foreign country.


Within one month after the situation is learned, the Ministry is informed by the public prosecutor or the court so that the concerned persons lose their citizenship.

The Ministry calls on the relevant people in the Official Gazette to "return home". Despite this invitation, if the person does not return to Turkey within 2 months, citizenship may be lost by the decision of the President.


Cancellation of Citizenship


If citizenship has been acquired as a result of the applicant's false statement or hiding important awe to acquire citizenship, the decision of the person to acquire citizenship is canceled by the relevant authority making the decision in case of detection of the situation.