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Cities in Turkey:
Top 10 Most Visited Cities

Top 10 Most Visited Cities in Turkey


Cities in Turkey: Top 10 most visited cities are Istanbul, Antalya, Bodum, Trabzon, İzmir, Alanya, Nevsehir, Ankara, Bursa, Eskisehir and Mugla.

Cities in Turkey: It is difficult to talk about the most beautiful or great cities in Turkey because every city has its own beauty. Turkey is a touristic country with ancient histories, delicious foods, a peaceful and respectful culture, and various types of traditions.

If you come to Turkey, you will see the beauty of living peacefully and together with all other people from different ethnicity and race. But of course, every city has different features also

In this article, I wanted to talk about the Popular cities in Turkey.



Istanbul - The Magnificent City in Turkey


Istanbul is a city known for its great history, charming Bosporus, high population. Let’s look a bit deeper to learn more about the city.


Historical City


Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in Turkey and the world, was the capital city of the Roman Empire between the years of 330-395, the Byzantine Empire between the years of 395-1204, the Latin Empire between the years of 1204-1261, the Byzantine Empire again between the years of 1261 and 1453, and finally the Ottoman Empire between the years of 1453-1922.

Besides, Istanbul became the center of the Islamic world in 1517, when the Caliphate passed to the Ottoman Empire, until 1924 when it was abolished. While you are traveling around Istanbul is possible to bump into a historical place even though it’s one of the magnificent cities in Turkey. Because walking in Istanbul is like time travel. Every place has its own story and its own texture. One of the most popular says about Istanbul belongs to Napoleon. Napoleon once said, “If the world was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital!”


Amazing City View


Bosphorus, or Bosporos, as it is known historically, is the strait and international waterway that separates the Asian and European continents and connects the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. It is amazing to see the Bosphorus divides Istanbul into two as the European Side and the Anatolian Side. As I said before Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. You can find the unbelievably beautiful restaurant view for dinner. Because of view, lots of poets, songs, and films mentioned Istanbul. Lots of known people visited the city and mesmerized. After the visit of the world as known writer, politician, and bureaucrat François-René de Chateaubriand said “People were right when they say there is no other place on earth as beautiful looking as Istanbul.”


The Population of the City


The population of Istanbul 2020 is around 16 billion, according to estimated data and this is one of the reasons that Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Turkey. And with this feature, Istanbul is one of the highest populated city in the world. A big amount of the Turkish population lives in Istanbul because Istanbul has so much work and education opportunities than the other city, but binds the population Istanbul known as a living city. All places stay open till the late nights. If you are living in this city you will never feel alone because Turkish people also so warm-blooded, friendly and loves having fun. So it is almost impossible to feel bored or lonely.


Ankara - Cities in Turkey 


Ankara is a city that stays behind Istanbul even though it is the capital of Turkey. Ankara has quality restaurants and cafes and respectable universities and with these features, Ankara is known as the second great cities in Turkey. Besides these, all the governmental areas are here. If you visit Istanbul do not leave before visiting Anıtkabir, the Mausoleum of Ataturk, founder of the Turkish republic.


Anitkabir (the Mausoleum of Ataturk)


In the entrance of Anıtkabir, there is a special road name is Lion Road, built to prepare visitors for Ataturk's supreme presence, the 262 m. There are 24 lion statues in a seated position on both sides of the long road. Due to the importance Ataturk attached to Turkish and Anatolian history, the lion statues, made in the artistic style of the Hittites who established civilization in Anatolia, represent strength and tranquility.

Ataturk's beloved body is located in a grave dug directly into the ground, on the ground floor of the mausoleum. The tomb room, located right under the symbolic sarcophagus stone on the first floor of the mausoleum, has an octagonal plan in Seljuk and Ottoman architectural style. Its ceiling is decorated with mosaics with geometric motifs.

You can also learn lots of historical stories in this place, which is terrific worthy for Turks. It is clear that all of the cities in Turkey city has its own special features.


Ataturk Forest Farm


It is the farm that pioneered Turkish agriculture, established in 1925 in the west of the second biggest city, Ankara. Inside the Farm, there is a swimming pool, zoo, playground, and restaurants. The farm cooperates with a milk factory, wine, and juice factories.


A Nostalgic Place Hamamonu


In the Hamamonu, you can start the day with a delicious breakfast, then taste Ottoman sherbet in its coffee houses. You can find some traditional street food here. You may come across people selling paste and corn in the streets. Hamamonu offers numerous opportunities for those who want to learn about the history of Ankara.

The authentic atmosphere makes the Hamamonu one of the most visited points of the city through to the activities organized during the month of Ramadan.

If you choose to go to Hamamonu during this period, you can have the opportunity to watch the entertainment which happens in terms of the Ottoman Empire, talk programs and events with different themes. Ankara was as one of the important cities in Turkey even in the Ottoman Empire term. After completing your Hamamonu tour, you can go to the Kale region and visit the museums around the Horse Market.


Izmir - Cities in Turkey


ızmir is the third atrraction points among the cities in Turkey. In these three Izmir is popular with the summer holiday feature. But I can easily say that İzmir is beautiful in every season. Also because the city is border on the Mediterranean Sea you can find delicious seafood restaurants frequently in the city.


Izmir Kordon Street


If someone goes to the Izmir just for one day she should go to Kordon Street. With the Deep blue sea, the race of seagulls, and ferry voices Kordon Street is one of the oldest streets in Izmir. The view of Kordon Street will amaze you anytime you visit. The Municipality building is built in the Ottoman Empire term and it is a popular figure on Kordon Street. If you like to ride a bike, riding a bike on this street is a lovely experience, and do not need to take your bike with you. You can rent from the bikes that belong to the municipality.



The Best Summer Holiday Place: Cesme


Calcium is the most tourist place in Izmir. Every summer population quintuple increase for the reason for the foreign and local tourists. And the end of the summer it goes back to normal because these people use their houses just in the summer term. Cesme is a magical place that the people who are living there calmly. İnstead of the Metropole life and even though it is one of the unique citie in Turkey Izmir is the dream place with the beaches, restaurants, bars, and sports activities. Because of the wind that Cesme takes it’s one of the best windsurf and sail surface.


 Ephesus Ancient City


Ephesus Ancient City, located in Selcuk district, is an Izmir classic and on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, BC. The ancient city of Ephesus, which was established in 3.000 BC, is one of the richest cities of its period with its Celsus Library, Hadrian Temple, Skolastika Bath, Marble Street, Temple of Artemis, and the amphitheater. Ephesus Ancient City is visited by 1.5 million tourists every year. And with all these features Izmir keeps the feature of being one of the Great cities in Turkey.




Mugla is the twenty-fourth most populous city of Turkey situated in Turkey's Aegean region. It is a city famous for historic places, sea, sand and sun. The city's coastline and ruins are visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year.



Fethiye- Mugla

Fethiye is a popular region located in an attractive natural harbor in Mugla. It is a stunning city thanks to its clear turquoise waters and hills covered with amazing forest. It is a popular tourist destination with its beautiful beaches which are perfect for lounging. You can easily take a Turkish yacht cruise in the bay or go to one of the quaint islands nearby.





Eskisehir is one of the best cities in Turkey located in the Central Anatolia region. The city, which passes the Porsuk Stream in the middle, looks like a city of Education due to the presence of Osmangazi University and Anadolu University.

According to estimated data, the population of Eskisehir in 2021 is 897,716 people. This population data is estimated regarding the population growth rates in the last years. The official 2021 population information of Eskisehir will be announced at the beginning of 2022.



Best Cities in Turkey to Live - Bodrum


Bodrum is one of the trendy, cool cities in Turkey to hanging out, that has everything you could prefer and need in a holiday destination. With its magnificent beaches and picturesque view, the city shines with its Aegean character, traditional whitewashed houses, and cozy little cafes and cobbled streets that you can find about the wonderful city.

Bodrum is a historic place with an elegant castle, ancient ruins, and a magnificent amphitheater, elegant bars, trendy restaurants, and lively nightclubs means people from every age group can find things to enjoy. The total male population of Bodrum is 92,102, and the total female population is 89,439. In total, the population of the stunning city of Turkey is 181541 for 2020.



Kusadasi - Bodrum


If you want to visit lively and fun cities in Turkey, Kusadasi is the best alternative for that. It is a most visited holiday destination thanks to the many package tour companies operating here. While lying on the shore, there are numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs for tourists to enjoy, and especially the party scene is unforgettable.

Besides the unique beaches and magnificent sea views, Kusadasi's accessibility to lots of gorgeous historical and natural landscapes makes it worth as a holiday destination. There are fascinating places to visit in Kusadasi such as the archaeological site in Ephesus, Dilek Peninsula National Park. You will have the pleasure to immerse yourself in nature.




The coastline of Antalya that stretches along the Gulf of Antalya looks enchanting, and the towering cliffs offer magnificent views of the distant mountains. Antalya is on the list of perfect cities in Turkey to visit. The city is teeming with history which is a delight to discover. Especially the Kaleici's old center, with its narrow alleys and beautiful Ottoman houses lining the alleys worth exploring.

There are several beautiful beaches in Antalya that are perfect for relaxation. The Roman-era harbor is a great place to take a break and enjoy the sea breeze.

Antalya which covers a surface area of 20,909 kilometers there are 122 people per square kilometer. Antalya's population density is 122 per square kilometer.



The population of Antalya 2021


The population of Antalya 2021 is 2,596,443 according to estimated data. This population data is estimated according to the population growth rates in the last years. Antalya 2021 official population data will be announced at the beginning of 2022.


Alanya - Antalya


Alanya is one of the popular cities in Turkey located on the south coast. It is you should never miss visiting Turkey, many companies offer affordable package tours here. That's why the city is full of all-inclusive hotels, vibrant nightlife and of course sun-seekers who come to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Alanya has a wide range of beautiful beaches, unique historical sights and natural landscapes; the hills surrounding the district center are covered with traditional Turkey houses. Many people just go to Alanya for relaxation.

As a result, you can enjoy a one-minute boat tour, admire the magnificent old Castle the next day, and then enjoy the noisy nightlife after a day full of sun-kissed activities.



Urgup - Nevsehir ­| Cities in Turkey


Urgup is one of the important centers of the Cappadocia region situated 20 kilometers to the east of Nevsehir Province. As in Goreme, it has had lots of names in the historical periods.

Urgup, one of the quiet and comfortable cities in Turkey which is an excellent starting point to explore this fascinating region of Cappadocia. In spite of being a rural town, there are plenty of beautiful hotels, memorable cave hotels restaurants and cafes for visitors and tourists to enjoy. Beautiful stone houses and the old rocky slope make this a natural town to visit.

There are plenty of great wines to try as it is located in the heart of the wine-producing region. After Urgup, you can visit the magnificent Goreme Churches nearby or take a hot air balloon ride through the incredible countryside.





Trabzon is one of the cities in Turkey with the busiest port of the Black Sea. The strategic location of Trabzon on the ancient Silk Road presents that it has been fought and ruled by various people and cultures for thousands of years. While the city is modernizing rapidly, Hagia Sophia's medieval mosque is the town's main attraction, although there are a few places worth seeing nearby.

It has great restaurants and cafes, and watching the matches of the local football team is an unforgettable experience. For a beautiful day trip, you can go to the nearby Uzungol Lake or the magnificent Sumela Monastery.




 Bursa - Cities in Turkey


Bursa is ranked as the fourth largest city in Turkey, has grown rapidly in recent years. This wonderful city was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. In recent years it is at the point of attraction offer wonderful mosques, shrines and museums to enjoy.

Its religious population is very hospitable and friendly. The Uludag is a great entertainment place and to ski, if you're looking for a warmer way to spend time, there are plenty of great Turkish baths all around the city.