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Cheapest Apartments
for Sale in Istanbul

Cheapest Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


The prices of housing in Istanbul have been on the increase in the last years. Even though the prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul are booming, the prices of housing square meters are still more affordable, especially in some districts. The rise in the prices of apartments for sale directs those who want to purchase an apartment in more reasonable regions with cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul.

It is most worth mentioning that the prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul are cheaper than in other regions, especially in newly raising districts. There is a wide range of branded housing projects that are also increasing in Istanbul with unlimited facilities, where urban renewal studies continue.  Housing projects in Istanbul show a remarkable boom day by day.


So, where is the Cheapest Apartments for Sale in Istanbul?



The real estate marketing and sales company MELARES Turkey Properties, which stands out with full details about real estate and housing projects in Istanbul, includes housing projects in the regions with the lowest square meter. 

There is wide range of residential properties for those who want to own the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul and invest in a profitable real estate. You can take a look at our website melares.com to find the best regions with suitable housing units for your budget.

In accordance with the available housing projects in the melares.com, Esenyurt region takes the lead in the list of districts with the cheapest and more affordable prices for sale in Istanbul. Esenyurt is followed by Arnavutkoy, Silivri, Catalca and Beylikduzu respectively.

For those who want to own the cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, where can find lowest residential square meter prices, and housing investment return in every period these regions are the best alternatives.


Esenyurt Cheapest Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


Esenyurt, which is among the raising regions in recent years, takes its place first in the list of districts with the cheap square meter price in Istanbul. Housing projects, which have been progressing to work rapidly in the last years, makes people who are planning to invest in real estate to turn their eyes into Esenyurt. The region, which is very favorable in all respects not only while investing but also in terms of living, has grown in terms of living standards as well.

Esenyurt is the best alternatives among the districts with transportation facilities to social advantages. Those who aim to make to own the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul and gain from their investment in a short time they are purchasing houses in this district.

Being attached to the housing projects and intense population growth rate, there are many shopping centers in the region. Akbati Shopping and Life Center is among the most prestigious and modern malls in the region. There are hundreds of various stores that provide you pleasant shopping experience.

There are also special places where you can eat and socialize something like a cafe and a restaurant. In addition, there are cinemas, bowling and playgrounds where you can pass an enjoyable time with your friends or family. This shopping center is at the top of the region's most famous indoor venues, both in the summer and in the winter.

You can find a wide range of cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul with the features you desire in Esenyurt in a very short time. The services offered within the housing projects in Esenyurt vary. There are many housing project options in Esenyurt where there are facilities such as security, swimming pool, sauna, cafeteria, fitness center and nursery together.

Housing projects are particularly advantageous for families with children. Projects that are rich in outdoor spaces and playgrounds make families with young children feel safe and pleasant.


Find the Cheapest Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Arnavutkoy


Arnavutkoy region takes place on the European Side of Istanbul with a large surface area, which has gained a new appearance with its urban renewal projects, ranks second among the districts with the lowest square meter prices in Istanbul.

Buying or renting the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul Arnavutkoy region has won high value, especially because the International new Istanbul airport is established within the boundaries of this district.

Real estate investors and foreigners flock to this district, especially because of the wide facilities in terms of lake and forest, and Arnavutkoy, which has a seafront, is known for its sea view. The average price per square meter of house options for rent and apartments for sale are in Arnavutkoy are quite affordable.


Silivri Region with Cheapest Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


In order to purchase the cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul Silivri, it is suggested to make detailed search and comparisons between apartments in the region. It is very important that you implement this method not only for Silivri but also for all real estate advertisements in order not to come up against some negative situations in the future.

Sliviri is hosting many works bearing the traces of history such as Mimar Sinan Bridge and statue, brick stamps, city walls, doors, inscriptions, Grand Vizier Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque, and it has a shallow and clean sea where children can swim safely along the beach.

The overall coast way is generally closed to vehicle traffic, except for the symbolic train used by tourists. There are also areas and clubs where many entertainments from golf to riding can be done in various parts of the city.

Silivri is one of the districts a bit away from the crowd of Istanbul on the European side. Real estate investments have raised in this district, attracts the attention of everyone recently, and the advertisements for the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul Silivri have increased. You can easily find thousands of advertisements in this district, which is away from the active tempo of Istanbul.




In the past year, the prices of apartments for sale have increased by 1.35 percent in the Catalca real estate market. Catalca is a region that draws the interest of real estate investors and those who wants to buy the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul. Besides the more affordable house, the district is not limited to a barbecue and picnic.

There are many villages and special places to be seen in Catalca and its surroundings. In these villages, you will be able to see lots of historical memories from Mimar Sinan to the Crimean Inns and you would not be able to hide that you are surprised.


Beylikduzu the Most Modern District with the Cheapest Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


Beylikduzu, one of the most rapidly growing regions of the city in recent years. It is the best alternative considered by real estate investors and foreigners especially Iranians and Arabs to make your investment in the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul.

So you can assess the options for sale in Beylikduzu on our website melares.com that offers the widest search results and the most accurate investment alternatives in the easiest way.

The facilities of the transportation networks are among the reasons why to buy the cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul Beylikduzu district, which has become the favorite of those who want to invest in recent years.

The visitors of Beylikduzu options for the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul use their preferences for this region with its proximity to various means of transportation facilities. Among the transportation alternatives of Istanbul Beylikduzu; it can be counted as the metrobus, buses and minibuses to going to almost every region.


The Best Housing Projects with the Cheapest Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


A wonderful housing project is being established by the partnership of two of the most popular construction companies in Esenyurt district of Istanbul European side.  The project is consists of 27 blocks with 7 floors on an area of 67 thousand square meters where proximate to the Esenyurt square.

The project, which has 230,000 square meters of construction area, includes 1,700 housing units and 125 commercial units. The apartment sizes vary as studio apartments, 1  bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 4,5 bedrooms apartment types with a minimum square meter of 41 square meters and a maximum of 228 square meters. The projects offers the cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul with the highest standards of living.

As the social facilities of this luxury housing project, there are 24/7 security guards, security system with cameras, outdoor parking, indoor parking lot, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, children's pool, football field, basketball court, volleyball court, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, green landscape area, children's playground, walking paths and relaxing areas.

Another magnificent housing project with the Channel Istanbul and sea view offers the unique and best alternatives for the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul. Don't miss opportunities for smart investment as its also taking place in a rapidly rising area.

Its dynamic architectural approach is designed for you to live in a very favorable location in the city. All you have to do is to purchase an apartment with the most reasonable price in this project and enjoy your life.

The housing project is being built as four blocks on 9,585 square meters of land area in Istanbul Avcilar Firuzkoy region of the European side. The project includes 269 apartment units, 52 offices and 75 shops. The sizes of apartments vary from one bedroom to 3 bedrooms apartment options area of 40 square meters to the 184 square meters.





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