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Cheap Property for
Sale in Turkey

Cheap Property for Sale in Turkey


It is a smart decision to invest in cheap (with reasonable/ affordable prices) property for sale in Turkey. Turkey has a profitable real estate market and the apartments are often sold in a short time.
You can easily find apartments with reasonable prices in Turkey with the recommendation of an experienced real estate company. You only need to consult with a real estate advisor to search for cheap apartments in Turkey.
Most of the people when they hear about something cheap thee worried about why it's cheap and they look for a reason. It should be emphasized that a cheap house can be good, but it is necessary to act through a reliable institution or intermediary. Otherwise, it should be noted that when I say that I will buy a cheap house, money can go to the trash. By saying cheap it means that it has a reasonable or affordable price.
The affordable house prices can sometimes open big profits, which are cheaper today, with great potential tomorrow, especially in newly developing districts.
 The reason why the house is cheap is not bad because the land price is cheap or the construction company makes a very good deal with the landowner. Sometimes due to a seller stuck in cash.
Turkey has more apartments for sale with affordable prices from apartments in other European countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, etc. Turkey houses are relatively cheaper.
If you're from the UK, you will recognize that the pound sterling has quite a high value in Turkey. Generally, if you invest the same amount of money in Turkey will be able to buy better homes than other European countries.
Tourists come to Turkey for a holiday to an increasing extent. Many tourists after their vacation trips decide to purchase an affordable apartment in Turkey. Turkey has all types of housing development that are built to meet the demands of buyers.
The construction companies have also built projects with amenities as well as many facilities and activities. Suitable cheap property for sale are available in Turkey which makes up the minds of investors to quickly found and buy them.
If you want to secure or ensure the agreement, you should pay a deposit amount house. The minimum deposit amount is usually around 2 thousand Dollars or could be 10 thousand Turkish Lira which makes.
If you are going to buy a property for sale from a completed housing project, the rate of living in the project, the management of the project and social events will contribute to increasing the value of the real estate.

Sales Contract of Apartment with Reasonable Price in Turkey


After paying the deposit you are going to sign the sales contract in order to start the purchase process of cheap property for sale in Turkey. Sales contracts, known as the Satis Sozlesmesi in Turkish language. The price of the property will be specified in the real estate sales contract.
The contract also gives a statement about the items included in the sale such as furniture. Two copies of the sales contract will be issued. One copy of the sales contract will be given to the buyer and the other to the seller.
As Melares Turkey properties we can ask from our lawyer to make sure that there is no debt attached to the flat. Most often, the buyer is asked to pay for a 10% deposit, which is not refundable.
You can get a mortgage from your country to cover the purchase cost. If you considered significantly higher interest rates in Turkey, it is recommended to receive funding from your own country.
Hence, if the interest rate offered by the Turkish bank is lower, you should ask for a mortgage from the local bank. The customer can use bank credit of up to 80%. The remaining 20% must pay the seller (Construction Company) as advance payment.
If you remain permanently in Turkey, you should ask yourself how you pay your monthly mortgage fees. There are many construction companies that offer mortgage options for buyers. Signing up for the constructor's mortgage can provide mutual benefits depending on mortgage logistics.

The Property in Turkey with a High Margin Bargain has huge Demand

In Turkey, one of the most fast-moving for real estate target is the low cost with high bargain margin real estate. Properties that are below market value prices could sell and buy pretty quickly. Low prices do not always mean low building standards. You can be sure about this, that even the cheapest property in our portfolio meets certain building standards.
If the decision to buy property is taken wisely, investing in a cheap property for sale in Turkey or bargain properties on the beach in big cities such as Istanbul and Izmir can promise an excellent rental income.
 As MELARES Turkey Properties, we will continue to support you with our full property management services after the purchase of property as well.

Cheap Properties in Turkey

Turkey has a reputation for providing a reliable source for obtaining profit in the real estate sector. The country is an attraction for cheap houses for sale and foreigners in Turkey. Turkey thanks to its relatively inexpensive real estate in order to increase demand for Turkish property.
European real estate investors are doing a smart move by investing in cheap properties in Alanya.
Turkey attracts nearly 20 million visitors each year and was number one on the travel destination for European tourists last year. Still, Turkey looks like a second home for international visitors who wants to invest in cheap property of Alanya.
Cheap real estate prices in Turkey will increase even more this year. This is led to an increase in the demand for cheap houses and a variety of cheap property in different points of Turkey certainly.

Where to Find Apartments for Sale with Reasonable Prices in Turkey? 



There are infinite choices to find apartments or villas for sale at affordable prices in Turkey. It is up to you whether you want to live in a calm place in a village or you want an urban life at the heart of the city. The Mediterranean and Aegean coasts put many places suits for your choices and offers a magnificent life for you. Some home owners or construction companies who wants to has a quick sale they offer the most reasonable prices. 
Nowadays some destinations stands up more for cheap property for sale in Turkey. Istanbul which is a magical city with its Bosphoras, lakes and forests attracts lot of investors each year.  You can find lots of cheap houses on the European side of Istanbul. Places like Beylikduzu, Avcılar, Kucukcekmece, Esenyurt which are rising regions of Istanbul and had lots of development in the real estate has plenty of apartments for sale with reasonable prices. Each year the return on investment of these districts are rising regularly. 

One of the other city of Turkey is Bursa, which hosts large number of tourists with its historical places and magnificent Uludag Mountain which is one of the biggest ski places in Turkey. Bursa is the latest participants of real estate market. Because of this reason there is lots of apartment for sale with cheap prices of which some is at the heart of city and some of them are in calm places near seas of in small villages. 
As well as some other cities like Fethiye, Alanya, Bodrum has apartments with reasonable prices and high return on investment being also the most popular touristic places. 

Why to Buy Cheap Property in Turkey?

Despite steadily rising prices in Turkey it is still possible to find a good cheap property in the most popular Mediterranean and Aegean town. Cheap Turkish apartments and villas do not mean that the villa market value is defective or good quality.
The first reason for the plan for buying cheap property is, in the last decade Turkey's entry to the market to be re-invented to the mission and now thousands of buyers out cheaper plans, ability to access the new building and re-sale of apartments and villas.
 Home options, which change from coastal destinations to mountain retreats, are infinitely low prices and also provide an excellent opportunity for capital appreciation and should protect your home in the Long Term. 
However, if you want to sell back to make an investment, as MELARES, we help our customers with our strong advertising network as well as our domestic and foreign customer potential.