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Castles in

There are hundreds of different castles in Turkey Anatolia, which hosts many civilizations in terms of its geography. These amazing castles attract you in first glance in the territory of Turkey.


There are a wide range of castles in Turkey almost in every city in the country. What should we notice of while visiting the castles of Turkey? What makes them worthy to visit the castles in Tukey? Why were castles important in the history?

Turkey is a beautiful country that is intertwined with history, culture and nature which is very rich in every terms. For the castles that have preserved for thousands of years, they are the biggest evidence for the rich history of Turkey. These castles established by civilizations living in Anatolia to maintain themselves are visited nowadays from a touristic point of view.

The castles in Turkey are composed of a wide range of amazing castles for instance; Afyonkarahisar Castle, Alanya Castle, Alara Castle, Adiyaman Castle, Anavarza Castle, Bedrama Castle, Bigali Castle, Bodrum Castle, Canayer Buzluca Castle, Dumlu Castle, Gaziantep Castle, Giresun Castle, Harput Castle, Hosap Castle, Kahramanmaras Castle, Kayseri Castle, Kilitbahir Castle, Kochisar Castle, Kutahya Castle, Mut Castle, Malazgirt Castle, Pertek Castle, Rumkale, Seddulbahir Castle, Devil Castle, Silifke Castle, Silvan Castle, Sinop Castle, Tirebolu Castle, Tokmar Castle, Van Castle, Zilkale, Cavustepe Castle, Cimpe Castle, Sebinkarahisar Castle , Ankara Castle, Yilankale, Kale-i Bala, Nara Castle, Yoros Castle, Anatolian Fortress (Anadolu Hisari), Rumeli Fortress, Kadifekale, Kizkalesi, Simena Castle, Cesme Castle, Selcuk Castle, Bozcaada Castle, Enez Castle and Sivas Castle.

10 Top Castles in Turkey

  • Alanya Castle – is in Antalya established in 1221

The iconic castle of the city, built on the Alanya Peninsula, was established by Seljuk Sultan I. Alaeddin Keykubat. The castle is being situated on the hill 250 meters above sea level and 6.5 meters high with all its magnificence against the Mediterranean. While you visit the Alanya castle in Turkey, it is impossible not to take a tea from the tea garden and return without enjoying the view of the castle.


  • Bodrum Castle – is in Mugla built in 1522 

One of the most recommended castles in Turkey built by Jean Knights attracts the attentions with its towers and square structure. Throughout the period when the Ottomans used it as a prison, a bath was constructed inside it. The Bodrum castle, which is visited by tourists at the present time, serves as the 'Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum'. The museum acquired the 'Special Praise' award in 1995 at the Museum of the Year Competition in Europe.


  • Rumeli Castle - is established as a preparation for Istanbul conquest in 1452

It is one of the most important castles in Turkey. As a preparation for the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet established this castle to prevent attacks that might happen from the north of the Bosphorus. The most important feature of the fortress constructed right across the Anatolian Fortress is that it is built in the narrowest spot of the Bosphorus in just three months.


  • Zilkale – is established in one of the most greenest region of Turkey in Rize - 13th century

 It is impossible to come to Rize and return without visiting this amazing the castle, which dominates the lush Storm Valley. You may get tired while going to the castle established during the Trabzon Empire. But there is a view that will make you forget your tiredness above.

  • Van Castle - stands on over 2841 years in Van, established between 840 and 825 before the Christ

The fortress build up by the Urartu Kingdom in Tuspa, the capital city, had been challenging time for 2841 years. It has a stunning view with its location on the border of Lake of Van. It is 1800 meters long, 120 meters wide and 80 meters high. During the excavations of Russian archaeologists in 1915-1916, inscriptions refer to Urartu King Sarduri were reached.

Urartian king Sarduri I. established the castle between 840 and 825 before the Christ which was the capital of the Urartu State under the name of Tuspa for a long period. There are Anali-Kiz open-air temple in the castle, Madir (Sardur) Burcu from the Urartians, 1. Argisti, Founders, Menua and Sarduri II rock tombs, thousand Stairs and city walls and main walls carved into the bedrock.

 The castle takes place in the city center of Van, which is 5 kilometers far from the center. By googling the Van car rental services, you can select an easy and comfortable transportation alternative for places to visit in Van after visiting the castle.

  • Kizkalesi - It is a castle established 4 years before Christ

This is one of the beautiful castles in Turkey as a result of the effort of the father who wants to protect his daughter from the snakesin Mersin. Kizkalesi, which is the most famous structure of the Korykos Ancient city, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List, stands out as one of the regions that visitors and tourists cannot give up with its historical texture and perfect structure.

Kizkalesi provides a different holiday experience to those who want to have an enjoyable swim intertwined with history with its deep blue sea and clean beach. The castle, which also provides a visual feast with its fascinating towers, preserved texture and unique embroideries, welcomes photography enthusiasts on the beach in every season of the year.

  • Bozcaada Castle - is a well-protected castle established in Canakkale in 1455

When you arrive to Bozcaada castle by ferry, the castle will attract your attention in all its glory. It is unknown when it was established first. In spite of this, Fatih Sultan Mehmet renovate the castle on the ruins. The structure of the castle is very well preserved.

  • Anatolian Fortress - is the first pearls established in Istanbul in 1395

It is situated in the place where Goksu Creek, which was the promenade area of Byzantine princesses, flow into the amazing Bosphorus. Yıldirim Beyazit established the fortress to audit the ship transitions of the Genoese and Byzantines. In spite of the fact they lose its importance over time, it stand together with the Rumeli Fortress as the two pearls of the Bosphorus.

  • Mardin Castle - It is one of the castles in Turkey with amazing architectural design built in Mardin

This wonderful castle is situated on the hill of Old Mardin, the castle became a part of Sumer, Babylon, Assyrian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad, Abbasi, Seljuk, Karakoyunlu, Akkoyunlu and Ottoman civilizations. Another name for this castle is "Eagle's Nest". “The castle that crosses through the stone streets and its surroundings is like a movie plateau.”

  • Diyarbakir Castle - one of the castles in Turkey listed on UNESCO established Approximately 9 thousand years ago in Diyarbakir

Along with Hevsel Gardens, it was committed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The walls, which are about 9 thousand years old, attract attention as the longest and broadest defense wall in the world after the Great Wall of China. The castle contains horoscopes, reliefs and figures from Rome, Byzantine, Arab, Seljuk and Ottoman.

Why People Made Castles in Turkey?

People were wanted to live in high places where they would be aware of the risks that might come by observing the surroundings, especially in order to be preserved from wild animals and other groups of people, during the hunter-nomadic life.

This protection instinct makes certain that efficient agricultural lands, that is, the plains, were not to be an accommodation place. Generally, there is a hill, a mountain or a castle surrounding the slope. People also live within the castle walls. The aims of the castles are defense and protection, but its glory gives the enemy an eye mountain. In those periods, the director of the community and the people all over him lived in luxury inside the castle, and the people were coming together with the villages around the castles.

The most famous historical castles in Turkey

The most popular historical castles in Turkey, which is a travel paradise with its natural beauties and historical ruins, is on the must place by many local and foreign tourists. Especially the ruins of the historical castles and palaces are known as the symbol of almost every city.

Castle and palace culture has a very great history in Anatolian soil. Our country, which hosts the castle ruins of many different empires from the Ottoman to the Seljuk, provides a perfect touristic experience to its visitors with its different architectural and cultural texture.

Actually it is hard to separate the most famous castles in Turkey because all of the castles are very popular with high values among people and tourists but to put forward some of historical castles, Diyarbakir Castle, Gaziantep Castle, Kizkalesi, Van Castle, Kilitbahir Castle, etc.

  • Gaziantep Castle – established in Gaziantep

The establishment date of Gaziantep Castle, one of the historical castles in Turkey full of heroism, is not fully known. Gaziantep Castle, where traces of Roman artifacts can be fully seen, took its present place as a result of the preservation and repair works during the period of Byzantine emperor Justinyanus, considered as the "Architect of Castles". However, the castle, which is considered to be used for observation in the Roman period, achieves its real glory after the War of Independence.

  • Kilitbahir Castle – is establish in Canakkale

Kilitbahir Castle takes place between fortress in Turkey, in the inner and outer walls and the courtyard is composed of the 7 floors triangle tower. The castle is built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1462-1463 and it is started to be restored in 2011.

The wonderful Kilitbahir Castle was established in the narrowest part of the Dardanelles. Kilitbahir Castle became a museum in 2018.