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Cappadocia Turkey: Where is Cappadocia?
Best Hotels and Balloon Tours

Where is Cappadocia in Turkey? - How to Get to Cappadocia?


Cappadocia Turkey is a magnificent district of Nevsehir city popular for its fairy chimneys that smell of history. 

Cappadocia Turkey is one of the most significant tourist attractions of our country. The pleasure of watching the sunrise with balloon tours, disappearing among fairy chimneys creates the feeling of being in a place that does not belong to the earth.

Cappadocia means the land of beautiful horses; It emerged as a result of the erosion of the ash and lava of the volcano, which was found 60 million years ago, by the wind.



Where is Cappadocia Turkey? 


Although Cappadocia is a district connected to Nevsehir city of Turkey. It is located in the heart of the Central Anatolia Region that includes the cities of Kayseri, Nigde, Kirsehir and Aksaray.



How to Get to Cappadocia?


As Cappadocia Turkey is one of the centers of attraction in the whole world, there is the ease of transportation with a variety of transportation alternatives. You can reach Cappadocia via airplane, rail and private vehicles.



Transportation to Cappadocia via Plane


There is no airport in Cappadocia. The nearest airports to the region are Nevsehir and Kayseri airports. In general Nevsehir airport is preferred the most. Turkish Airlines organizes flights to many cities suvh as Nevsehir, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, and Bodrum. The frequency of the number of flights differs according to the city and periods.
You can reach Cappadocia from Nevsehir Airport via taxi, private vehicle or the shuttle service of the hotel you will be staying in.



What to see in Cappadocia in one day? - Places to Visit in Cappadocia


You can go to the Gorme region of Cappadocia Turkey for one day. Goreme is one of the most popular places due to the rising balloons. You can enjoy the magnificent view of Balloons early in the morning.
Cappadocia is one of the most magnificent places in Turkey. You can see the Fairy Chimneys, which give the mystical atmosphere of this place, everywhere. Also you can visit the caves intertwined with Fairy chimneys at the same.
There are other most special places you should visit in your Cappadocia Turkey Tour such as Guvercinlik Valley, Uchisar Castle, Lovers Valley, Devrent Valley, Kizilckukur Valley and Pasabag.


Cappadocia Turkey Balloon Festival - Where Do the Balloons are Rising in Cappadocia?


Most of the hot air balloons are rising from the Goreme region considered to be the center of Cappadocia. After takeoff, you will have the pleasure of watching the most beautiful views of Cappadocia, especially Guvercinlik Valley, Zemi Valley and Pasabag Priests Valley.

Balloon tours in Cappadocia are mostly organized in groups of 20-28 people every month of the year. Usually, spring and autumn months are considered to be the best months of balloon tours in Cappadocia. Almost 100 balloons takeoff on an intensive day.


Cappadocia Turkey is very beautiful both in summer and winter. You can go for balloon tours in all seasons because the takeoffs are sone depending on the weather and the wind. The balloon's takeoff is not more dependent on the wind, not the weather conditions. For example, it is feasible for balloons to takeoff on rainy days, the main criteria are the weather should not be windy.


Cappadocia International Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2021


The estimated starting date of the Cappadocia International Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2021 is known from 10:00 to 19:00 on Friday 02 July 2021. The Balloon Festival will end on Tuesday 06 July 2021. The balloons will takeoff from Nevsehir / Urgup.


Best Cave Hotels in Cappadocia Turkey


•    Sultan Cave Suites
•    Mithra Cave Hotel
•    Phocas Cave Suites
•    Artemis Cave Suites
•    Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel
•    Terra Cave Hotel
•    Underground City - Cappadocia Turkey
•    Terra Cave Hotel
•    Kayakapi Premium Caves
•    Kelebek Special Cave Hotel
•    Cappadocia Cave Suites
•    Travellers Cave Pension
•    Museum Hotel Cappadocia



Property for Sale in Cappadocia Turkey


Property for sale in Cappadocia Turkey will provide you the prestige of living the wonderful history dating back to the late 6th century. It is one of Turkey's top tourist destinations with more than 2.5 million visitors each year and has great rental income.

Cappadocia Turkey which is a place for fairy tales, proposals and honeymoon, people from all around the world visit here and comes for vacations each year. Most of the people do not prefer to book a hotel which is a bit costly so they rent houses in Cappadocia Turkey.



That is why you will have a return on investment and rent your property in a short time and each season of the year.

The most popular houses for sale in Cappadocia Turkey are in the Goreme region. You can find cave Property for sale in Cappadocia Turkey in need of delicate restoration or recently restored houses, all offering a distinctive warmth and magnificent architecture.