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Canakkale 1915 Bridge:
World's Longest Hanging Bridge

Where is the longest suspension bridge located?


Çanakkale 1915 Bridge is a candidate to be the first longest hanging bridge in the world with its design refinements. This magnificent bridge is located in Turkey. 

Canakkale 1915 Bridge with a central span of 2023 meters, is a candidate to receive the title of 'suspension bridge with the world's largest middle span'.


The total length of the bridge is planned - 4,608 m (15,118 ft)

Medium Span - 2,023 M (6,637 ft)

Number of Lanes 2 x 3

Tower Height 318 M (1,043 ft) tall

Route: Malkara - Canakkale



The construction of the suspension bridge of Turkey will be completed in 2022 which represents the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. It is planned to be opened on 18 March 2022.

The construction of the suspension Canakkale 1915 Bridge of Turkey continues at full speed, whose foundation was laid by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 18 March 2017. 

As the bridge start serving, it will be one of the important transportation points connecting Europe and Asia.

The construction on the Canakkale 1915 Bridge continues uninterruptedly. The installation of the main cables of the great bridge will continue after the completion of the catwalk which has a total length of 4,330 meters.

The steel cables forming the main ropes, 45 steel cables were laid to the north side of the bridge and 47th to the sun side. 148 steel cables will be drawn to the right and left sides of the towers to the side openings of the Canakkale 1915 Bridge. Also, 144 steel cables will be drawn to the right and left sides to the middle span to form the main cables of the bridge.



Walk around the World 4 Times with the Canakkale 1915 Bridge


It is stated that there are 126 wires in each of the steel cables that will form the main ropes of the Canakkale 1915 Bridge. A total of approximately 162,000 kilometers of wire will be used, as 296 steel cables, each 4,330 meters long, will be pulled to form the main ropes. The length of the wire used in steel cables is 40 thousand 75 kilometers. It means that the boundary of the earth and goes around the world 4 times.

Although the bridge is intended to be 3 thousand 563 meters long with 770 meters of side spans, the total length of the passage will be 4 thousand 608 meters with 365 and 680 meters approach viaducts. The Canakkale 1915 Bridge, which will have 3 lanes for round travels, is estimated to have approximately 45.06 meters wide. There will be walkways on both sides of the bridge intended to be used for maintenance and repair.




Within the scope of the Canakkale 1915 Bridge and Motorway Project, 

  • 1 suspension bridge
  • 2 approach viaducts,
  • 4 reinforced concrete viaducts
  • 6 underpass bridges
  • 38 overpass bridges 
  • 5 bridges
  • 43 underpasses
  • 115 culverts of various sizes
  • 12 intersections (including intersections on the state road) 4 highway service facilities
  • 2 maintenance and operation centers
  • 6 toll collection stations will be built. 


Canakkale 1915 Bridge will be completed and put into service on 18 March 2022. Canakkale Strait is passable in 6 minutes by bridge.




Advantages of 1915 Canakkale Bridge


  1. Çanakkale 1915 Bridge project has an important link in strategic investment chains of Turkey's Transportation and Logistics such as Marmaray, Osmangazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, High-Speed Train lines, Logistic bases, International Istanbul Airport, Highways and New Silk Road.
  2. With the completion of the Canakkale 1915 Bridge, the process of connecting this highway line to the Gebze-Izmir Highway will be realized. The rings of the highway chain surrounding the Marmara Region will also be joined to the bridge.
  3. The heavy transit traffic load undertaken by Istanbul between Europe and Anatolia will be decreased.
  4. Gains in terms of vehicle operating costs and also travel time.
  5. The time costs in the transportation and logistics processes related to the import and export will decline.
  6. Especially, the European connection of the logistics centers located in the western part of the Aegean, Western Mediterranean, Marmara and Central Anatolia will be provided quicker.

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