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Camlica Tower: the Tallest Tower
in Istanbul and Europe

Camlica Tower, which will be the new symbol of Istanbul, opened on May 29th. More than 788 thousand visitors visited Camlica Tower.

Camlica Towe opened on May 29, is coinciding with the conquest of Istanbul and was announced as the tallest tower in Istanbul and Europe.


The opening of the new tower, whose outer coverings and landscaping work was completed, was planned for July 2019.


The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoglu, said, "Camlica TV-Radio Tower is being built in Kucuk Camlica, one of the highest points in Istanbul.

He said that, beyond being a TV tower, it will be a symbolic structure that will gather the towers in both groves in a single structure."



More than 788 Thousand Visitors Visited Camlica Tower

Camlica Tower is one of the landmarks of Istanbul, which attracts the attention of people of all ages and nationalities.

Camlica Hill, where all the antennas were removed, gained its beauty with the new tower.

Thus, radio transmitters were gathered on a single structure. There were a total of 28 antennas, 25 in Buyuk Camlica and 3 in Kucuk Camlica.

The second broadcast tests at the Kucuk Camlica Tower were also successfully concluded. 99 radios simultaneously tested real broadcast. All radio broadcasts were moved to Camlica Tower and broadcasts started to be given from here.

Second tests ranging from 3.5 kilowatts of power to a maximum power of 5 kilowatts also yielded successful results. Broadcasts are currently continuing without any problems. The broadcasting process is currently being carried out with radio broadcasters. Tests for television broadcasts were also completed successfully.



How to get to Camlica Tower?

Those who want to go to Camlica Tower should go to the Uskudar district of Istanbul and then go to Kucuk Camlica Hill. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provided ease of transportation by municipal buses. There are also other public transport alternatives to the tower.


Is the Camlica Tower observation terrace has an Entrance Fee 2021?


Camlica Tower will now serve with facilities such as a viewing terrace and a cafe restaurant.

The entrance fee to the Camlica Tower in 2021:

Camlica Tower entrance fee for adults (locals): 60 Turkish liras
Discounted entrance fee (Students): 30 Turkish liras
Entrance fee for tourists: 120 Turkish liras



Camlica Tower Restaurants


There are restaurants on the 39th and 40th floors of the tower, 393.5 and 398 meters above sea level.
In addition, a viewing terrace built on the 33rd and 34th floors of the Camlica Tower 66.5 and 371 meters above sea level. There is an elevator serving for going up and down the tower. The opening of the tower, where all work has ended, was held on 29th May.