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Buying Real Estate in Istanbul

Buying Real Estate in Istanbul

When you decide to buy real estate in Istanbul with your family or on your own, what you should consider is to determine the location of the real estate. If you are planning to live in a small city, you can select your district immediately. However, if you reside or planning to live in a large metropolitan city such as Istanbul, it will be advantageous to keep the scale of search wide.

For instance, the real estate for sale in Istanbul European side will be a smart decision in terms of location to start to search for real estate. In addition, in the next step, you are considered to remove your search to one or more regions. Continuing from the above example, you can limit your search to another step as buying real estate in Istanbul districts such as Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Avcilar, Kucukcekmece, Sisli, Sariyer, etc.

Once you have made your decision on this issue, you can check out the portfolio page of our website melares.com for buying real estate in Istanbul. It will be easy for you to save the houses that you have noticed or liked during your searches. In the next step, you can also select the ones you like the most, from the highest to the lowest reasonable prices.

By our free real estate tours, you are able to visit the most luxury and modern housing projects and select your dreamed apartment. As MELARES Turkey Properties we will be with you in all sales process from selecting the best location, appropriate house with reasonable price, up to the delivery of house with its title deed. As well as we will assist you in acquiring the Turkish citizenship process with the most experienced MELARES lawyers. 

The best real estate opportunities to invest in Istanbul

Since the establishment of MELARES Turkey Properties, our portfolio consists of foreigners, we have gained considerable experience in real estate for foreigners. Smart consultants are needed to accurately identify the needs of customers to propose reasonable real estate investment and to deal with all regulations in this area.

Accomplished consultants are required to accurately identify the needs of customers to propose the smart real estate investment and to comply with all regulations in this area. With over 18 years of experience in the real estate sector, we have known that we should listen to the customer needs accurately for giving the best for the right real estate investment.

For our customers who are planning to buy an investment real estate or land, we will recommend the real estate that will raise their value in the coming years. Among these alternatives for investments, reasonable properties in the rising areas of the city can be chosen for luxury housing projects with higher price potential.

On the other side, it is feasible to choose other alternatives for those who want profitable real estate such as a rental guarantee. In lots of the payment plans, you first pay down some amount of real estate price as an advance payment and you can pay the remaining balance of installments; the lease guarantee will give you the advantage of making up a significant part of your payments.

It may be difficult for foreign real estate investors to find a tenant after completing the purchase due to the language problem in Istanbul. You can create these rent collections by selecting housing projects with rental and tenant guarantees.

What should be Considered during the Real Estate Tour?

  • Does the location of the real estate meet your expectations?
  • Is the square meter of the real estate for sale is enough for you or your family?
  • Does the price of real estate for sale is suitable for your budget?
  • How is transportation networks in the districts?
  • Are there institutions and organizations providing health and education services approximate the real estate?
  • Are there malls or shopping places that you can easily reach around the housing project or within project?
  • How is the construction quality of the housing project where the real estate is situated?
  • Is there any guarantee against earthquake?
  • Do you need a wide range of renewals that can last for a long time at the house?
  • Is the real estate you are looking for is approximate to social areas and is there social facilities within the project?
  • Is the price of the house you are going to buying real estate in Istanbul is suitable for the market value?

When you get an answer to all of these questions, if you see that your requirements are met, you are on the right track. You may even have reached your dreamed real estate.

However, we recommend that you do act fast and think smartly. Because buying real estate in Istanbul is not an easy decision because you are going to live in the house for many years. As late as, you are sure of your decision, it will be okay to buy the house.

Bureaucratic Procedures while Buying Real Estate in Istanbul

Bureaucratic procedures in buying real estate in Istanbul will be one of the important and challenging processes of your search for sale. During these processes, you will need to be careful about the following issues:

  • Make sure that the value of the real estate is determined literally.
  • If there is a mortgage restriction on the real estate, keep informed to the property owner that it should be removed.
  • If there is a tenant in the house you are going to purchase, state this issue in the sales contract.
  • The real estate for sale may not have earthquake insurance, be aware of it.
  • Be ensure that the sales process is done reliably.
  • Take a look that the subscriptions of the real estate such as electricity, gas, water are finished without debt. After the buying real estate process in Istanbul has ended, the transaction must be notified to the municipality and the residence works must be taken care of.

If you are planning for buying a real estate in Istanbul, you can work with a reliable real estate company that has amazing consultancy services. You can select MELARES Turkey Properties which is working with mega housing projects both on the Asian side and European side consisting of a wide range of luxury real estates. You would not have any worry about the above steps in the purchase process as MELARES we will assess and inform you about each little detail. Also, the expert and experienced lawyers of MELARES will direct you in correct way in every step of formal transactions. Especially about legal procedures related to your house, our lawyers will be always by your side.

Buy Luxurious Real Estate in Istanbul

Buying real estate in Istanbul will be a smart investment option for you as it has the most impressive and numerious housing projects offering best alternatives for real estate alternatives in Istanbul with reasonble prices.

A project in the MIPIM Awards, Turkey's first themed issue of the housing project, which is this year's guest of honor announced as the luxurious and best housing project in Turkey. This housing project consisting of 2,796 residences in 62 blocks, is rising in Kucukcekmece district on the European side of Istanbul. In this magnificent project, there is a wide range of real estate alternatives with different residences.

In the construction of this luxury project, inspired by the Bosphorus, where each type of alternatives for the apartments is available to meet different needs. The project is constructed by one of the most comperhensive and famous construction companies in Istanbul.

The first housing project in Istanbul, which is one of the world's leading housing concepts, carries the Bosphorus and the Bosphorus life to Kucukcekmece district. In this magnificent project, the rare mansions, each one of which is Beylerbeyi, Cubuklu, Rumeli, Anatolian Fortress, Yenikoy, Vanikoy and Bogazici, are accompanied by real estates and residential apartments.

The project offers housing units such as 2 bedrooms, 2,5 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms with 2 living rooms houses. As well as all the houses are ready to deliver with its title deed immediatly.

The project also offers a flexible payment plane with 48 months installment periods and great discounts in cash payments.

There is another housing project which is also the best alternative for buying real estate in Istanbul constructed by an important construction company with it's half a century of commercial experience. It offers an iconic housing project with the address of comfort and luxury, magnificent architecture, technological infrastructure, magnificent location and scenery.

The project takes place in Sariyer one of the most raising districts on the European side of Istanbul. Unlike crowded housing projects, this project, where commercial units are not available, offers a calm and peaceful life with its indoor car park lots and outdoor swimming pool. It has only 15 minutes distance from İstinye Park and Maslak and 30 minutes from the Istanbul airport. The project, which attracts attention by senior managers, foreigners and investors, is ready for delivery.