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Buying Property
in Turkey

Buying Property in Turkey


In the recent 10 years, Turkey has become more preferred to buy real estate by foreigners. First of all, due to the reasonable prices compared to other countries, there is a haste by foreigners and investors in buying property in Turkey. In addition, there are other best factors, such as good weather conditions and lifestyle which also has a role in buying property in Turkey and to become a center of attraction in real estate.

The best way to buy real estate with a reliable process in Turkey is to work with the real estate Advisor is sufficient for the necessary documents related to the purchase. But the best precaution and best guidelines are taken by an experienced real estate company that always provides peace of mind when buying property abroad.

Real estate companies can work with an experienced lawyer to prepare contracts so the buyer knows that transactions are being made in a reliable way on their behalf. The real estate company can also provide other perfect services that are of great value to the foreigner who has just settled in a foreign country for the first time.

If necessary, such as a tax number, bank account, apply for the residence permit and Turkish citizenship, water and electricity connections, home insurance or even guiding them from where to buy new furniture and other goods needed for a house.

MELARES Turkey Properties is the best and experienced real estate company with perfect services that will satisfy you from the time you put your step to the airport up to the all purchase process.



The process of buying property by foreigners in Turkey


Turkey is a famous country among millions of tourists and investors because of its rich culture as well as its beautiful nature. Turkey which providing the convenience and ease of living conditions for many tourists and foreigners who visit the country, makes them become interested in buying property in Turkey.

Depending on the ownership of the property, foreigners have the right to obtain a residence permit for themselves and their families. Children with a residence permit can study in Turkish schools. To buy property in Turkey it is not necessary to have a residence permit for foreign nationals.

Foreigners are mostly planning to buy property in Turkey in order to obtian residence permit or citizenship of the country. The most important documents list to apply for the residence permit is a passport or identity documents.

To protect the rights of the parties, a formal sales contract in accordance with the current legislation needs to be done in Turkey. Acquisition of the immovable’s title deed is only possible after registering for the Land Registry Office.

In the event that the land area is purchased, foreigners are mandatory to keep informed the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization about what kind of building to construct on the land. Foreigners cannot purchase more than 30 hectares of property. It is also forbidden to sell real estate to foreigners near military areas.

Besides land, there are other types of properties to invest in such as apartments, villas, detached houses, commercial units, shops, offices, factory and firms. When buying property in Turkey among these properties, the most reliable type of investment is to invest in apartments, villas, detached houses, etc.

What are the Social Rights Owned by Foreigners Living in Turkey?

As workforce, capital, and knowledge are developing around the world, people are running after occupational opportunities in different countries. Turkey emerges as advantagous place for foreign nationals in terms of living standards, job facilities and social rights. Foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship or work permit can benefit from all social rights.

Constitution of the Republic of Turkey "Everyone has the right to social security." provision is included. This explanation contains the social rights of foreigners as well.

The Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law also addresses this point. According to the law;“Outside for the nationality of the country that has an international social security contract on the basis of reciprocity, those who work with a service contract from foreign nationals are aforethought to be insured according to the 4/a (SSK) artical.”

Bilateral social security agreements coordinate the social security rights and necessities of the citizens of the countries signing this agreement. In case of existance of such a contract among the two countries, the citizens of these countries have many social security rights.

In this case the basic rules about foreigners, when they began to work in Turkey it should be reported to the Social Security Agency. On the other hand, bilateral social security agreements to parties who are nationals of countries from which they come are insured in the country, for the term identified in the contract is not in Turkey, they are considered insured in their country.

For instance this time; It is 24 months for Georgian citizens. This term can be spread up to 60 months. K.K.T.C. for its natives, this period is 24 months and the duration is extended according on the agreement among the 2 countries. Therefore his is not considered as insured persons even when they has a job in Turkey.

Foreign Nationals also can benefit of Health Rights

Foreign nationals should personally apply to the nearest social security center to get advantage from general health insurance. Turkey has above the six hundered social security center to make this implementation in general. Foreigners who start their own business or obtain work permit can benifit of health rights.

Foreigners who has obtain a residence permit in Turkey, foreigners without insurance from a foreign country, living for more than one year and foreign nationals who apply after this period can benefit from universal health insurance in Turkey.

Partner (wife or husband), children under 18 years of age, in case of high school or equivalent education, children who are under 20 and not married, in case of higher education, children who have not reached the age of 25 and are not married, unmarried children, who are determined to be disabled regardless of age, mother and father, whose livelihood is provided by the foreign national, can benefit from health services of their family member who is entitled to universal health insurance.

Unemployment Insurance

Foreigners that have signed social security agreements based on reciprocity with the Republic of Turkey, depending on this agreement they can obtain unemployment insurance if they are working in Turkey.

Paid vacation or severance pay for Foreigners

Employed foreign nationals with the work permit in Turkey are also working hours, overtime, paid and unpaid leave, severance pay, collective bargaining rights, are entitled to such termination of the contract and the service contract. Foreigners also have equal rights as Turkish citizens in these terms.

Professions that foreigners cannot perform it in Turkey

By 2016 foreigners in Turkey are prohibited of performing some of the professions such as dentistry, midwifery and nursing, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and responsible directorate in private hospitals. Within the land waters, captain, fish, oyster, mussel, sponge, pearl, coral, etc. export, diving, seeking, guiding, wheeling, clerk, crew, advocacy, notary, customs brokerage and a security guard in private or public institutions. Foreigners are free to do their professions that are not included in mentioned here.

Can foreigners Acquire Retirement from Turkey?

It is a fact that insured foreign employees also can acquire retirement from Turkey. Whatever conditions a Turkish citizen has to retire, a foreigner must meet the same conditions. The suitable age for retirement of a foreign woman is 58 years as well as 60 years for men. Dependent employees must fulfil the 7200 premium days, and independent and public employees must complete 9000 premium days.

Buying Property in Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is one of the magnificent cities in Turkey. There is a wide range of the most beautiful properties unique in the world. With buying property in Istanbul Turkey you will give the smartest decision of your life. You can find perfect housing projects with high standards of living in Turkey.

Almost all district of Istanbul has housing projects. Istanbul is divided into two parts, the European side and the Anatolian side. Istanbul which has 39 districts, 14 regions are related to the Asian side and 25 district belongs to the European side. Therefore the European side of Istanbul is more active and coming forward in housing projects.

The Asian side of Istanbul which has beautiful and perfect housing projects there are renovation houses, luxury villas and housing projects in these parts as well. There are lots of alternatives for buying property in Istanbul Turkey for instance:

A luxury housing project which is made by one of the leading brands in the construction industry is located Kagithane district on the European side on an area surrounded by Belgrade forest. The project is constructed on a total of 424 thousand square meters of land, which consists of 3 different stages. The project includes 1,900 residences, 103,000 square meters of malls, 22,000 square meters of street shops, restaurants, 300,000 square meters of office space and a five-star hotel with a total area of 25,500 square meters.

The project offers a completely different Istanbul with its wide green fields and its accessibility to Belgrad Forest. Turkey's first private HAVARAY line will pass through this project. Also the Metro station is within walking distance to the projects.

It is one of the extraordinary mixed projects in Istanbul gathering apartments, hotel and shopping center. The project has apartments appropriate for housing, home office and office concepts.

It is a unique investment opportunity to buy property in Istanbul Turkey with suitable housing units for Turkish citizenship as well. All the apartments are ready to deliver with its title deed.