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Buying House in Turkey and Residency

Buying House in Turkey and Residency

Buying house in Turkey and residency as well as to invest in a real estate market, that is as easy as you may not thing of. If you focus on a few factors such as place, budget, property type and real estate consultant you can easily buy your house and start residency in Turkey.

The Most Essential Factor is Loction

Even if you have already made your plan on the region where you want to purchase a house, it is also worth to take a look into the neighborhood districts. For instance, if you plan to live in your new house in Turkey and start residency here throughout the year, the buying of a holiday house will be close and not a good idea during the winter there will be some disadvantages.

In the same way, if you want to make an investment that is allowed to purchase, a place far from the beach will decrease your opportunity of getting vacation tenants. Check out what the area has to offer for everything that suits your lifestyle, such as social facilities, beaches, roads, shopping, entertainment and bars, restaurants, sports clubs

Type of Real Estate and the Size

The main benefit of the sales houses is that you can see what you will get and have a great idea of the necessary repairs such as damp, cracks, peeling paint, or water pressure. In addition to this, new and under construction houses attract many people due to their modern architecture and current features. Under-construction properties are usually sold at a lower price than market value.

The size of a house for sale is also important when you balance the pros and cons of your future house. A single person or a newly married couple can look for a one bedroom or two bedrooms house instead of a villa that will be wasted too much. The best recommendation is to purchase a house big enough for your own use. Larger houses need more cleaning and more maintenance costs.

The pros of a minor house mean that you can quickly lock or rent it. Costs and maintenance are easy to manage and, in general, knowing that small houses do not require much maintenance, allowing owners to go out more. Many families buy duplex houses covering two floors. Its biggest advantage is that it offers more personal space, as seen in an independent villa, with no additional cost.

Determine realistically, how many rooms you would like to use, or you need it. The answer is mostly kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, so more than them becomes storage area. Whether independent or semi-detached, the villas provide excellent opportunities to stay longer and allow you to settle in the expat lifestyle.

Almost all villas have pools, so they affect daily maintenance needs and monthly costs. In addition, be ensure about the purpose of your intended purchase. Will your property be a vacation beautiful house, a long-term resell houses, an ancient, or an income generator house?

Make a Smartly Financial Plan and Manage It Well

In order to have a comfortable life to implement your goals for buying house in Turkey and residency you should have a smart financial plan and mange it well. A great decision to buy a home in Turkey needs effort and the responsibility of well planning your money. Some sellers are open to proposals, but there are additional fees such as lawyers, translators and taxes, as well as the cost of the property.

There are also differences in the currency because all documents related to purchasing will be paid in Turkish Lira. Act according to your budget and don't deal with bigger houses that you can't really afford.

Besides the house you bought, you need to know what the other purchase process costs are. When you ask about any of the properties listed in website melares.com, we will provide more information about additional costs, how to convert your currency to affordable prices, and expected annual operating costs.

Find the Right and Reliable Real Estate Consultant

Take your time to make decisions while choosing your real estate consultant. The real estate consultant will perform one of the most important roles in purchases of your house and you will have a reliable purchase. Therefore, you should be aware of your needs, also you should pay attention to the property laws and the real estate consultant companies must be licensed in Turkey.

Does the real estate consultant answer your calls and emails? Will they provide information appealing to the budget and location you want? Are they reliable? As MELARES Turkey Properties we are all here to give you the best offers and best housing options for buying house in Turkey and residency.

We know buying a home in Turkey an important decision and sales will vary depending on your needs. We prove our professionalism and reliability with customer references. With a fully experienced team of Sales Representative, we will be with you in all sales processes.

We will not sell you any property. Your future house will meet your needs and will be within your budget. Call us or send us an e-mail and talk to a Sales Representative to learn more about buying a house in Turkey and residency.

Buying House in Turkey and Residency/ Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world offering the best options for real estate investors and foreigners who are planing for buying houses in Turkey and residency. Its combination with the ancient history of the old quarter creates a striking contrast to the new lively trade regions. The wonderful climate throughout the year has become a place that offers visitors to enjoy the great served in Turkey's lively nightlife and historical places, as well as the best shopping opportunities.

As MELARES Turkey Properties, we are pleased to present these important ready to deliver sea view houses in Istanbul, approximate to the Marmara Sea in the Avcilar district and in other parts of the city.

You can find every type of properties for buying house for sale in Turkey and residency in amazing places of Istanbul near the forest, beach, seas, at the heart of the city intertwined with magnificent nature.

The great city of Istanbul has seen major changes over the past few years, and these changes are now being seen in many regions and neighborhoods, houses, shopping malls, schools and hospitals. These changes give the city amazing new features and special appearance. Dealing with Istanbul's rapidly growing multicultural population and crowd may be a bit hard but still there are many foreign real estate investors looking for new luxurious houses.

Avcilar district of Istanbul is called the second Bosphorus, which is situated very proximate to the shores of the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake, which will be the entry point of the new project Channel Istanbul, already connecting the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea.

Now, buying house in Turkey and residency in Avcilar will become a prestigious area proximate to the Channel Istanbul project. In addition it will lead to excellent capital appreciation with a short distance from the luxurious West Marina of Marmara and offering high rental income each year.

There is a wide range of real estate investors who want to buy houses offering a very high annual rental income. The region will be one of the regions where many people and jobs move to that white-collar workers, doctors, nurses, teachers, students and more tourists will visit after the channel opens.

MELARES Turkey Properties is proud to offer the luxurious smart home apartments, situated in the European district of Istanbul's Basaksehir district, just 30 minutes from the new airport.

Basaksehir is a wonderful green area and raising district of the city, which is located in the east of Buyukcekmece Lake and a little north of Kucukcekmece Lake, ideal for access to the new Istanbul airport and makes the city much more valuable with the modern housing projects newly built in the region.

Basaksehir is still growing and house prices are still very attractive, and the region has seen many investors buying under construction housing projects knowing that the completed prices will offer great capital appreciation figures in a very short time, along with rental income.

Although it is a developing area the government has planned hospitals, schools and shopping malls for the future of the region with the ever-expanding public transport system in the region. The easy access to the center of the city property investors and local residents are needless to travel intensive hours of the day to the city, the region already offers great city connections via major highway links as well.

Raising regions offers local facilities that can be found within walking distance to your houses such as; shops, supermarkets, chemists, cafes, restaurants and schools, hospitals, large University and educational institutions.

As Turkey had a boom in the real estate sector and wonderful housing projects are consturcted, buying house in Turkey and residency in each city and districts of the counrty is very easy. For more details and houses in Turkey take a look to our website melares.com or visit our office MELARES Turkey Properties.