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Buying a Residential Property
has its Own Rules

Where do you live, what kind of house do you have, and your state of mind. They are all factors that directly affect the quality of your life, when you come to your home. Buying a residential property is an important decision in people's lives.


The following topics will help you in your decision to purchase a residential property.

- Choose the preferred location accurately

The most important thing that cannot be changed in a property is its location. For this reason, you must first decide where you want to live. In the city center? Or in a quiet and peaceful area? As prices change according to locations, choosing your location will also affect the value of your home.

Determine the type of suitable house

According to the way of life and the number of family members, the required home must be correctly identified. According to some, it is important for the total area of the house to be large. In large families, for example, if the number of rooms is sufficient, it will satisfy the need better. The decision you will make by taking your criteria into consideration will help you live a happy life.

- Define your dream home

Is the house you need a one-storey villa or duplex surrounded by nature or is it an apartment overlooking the city? Want to see the beauty of the Bosphorus or the green forest view from your home? Participate in an active city life or wake up for a quiet day? Deciding exactly what you want will help you move towards the right home and save time searching for your home.

- Reception and counseling services

If you work at a high frequency, you can buy in housing with concierge services. This type of life will be the right choice for you with safety, daily housekeeping service, reception service, dry cleaning, tailor, shoe shop, shopping service, valet parking and social activities.

- Uses optimal use

1 + 1 apartments are in great demand. Efficient interior use and elegant solutions. It is an indispensable alternative for new couples, college students and youth.

- Smart Home Systems

If you love technology, smart home systems will open the door to a comfortable life. With the smart home system, you can manage your home easily. Even when you are not at home, you can adjust settings such as heat, electricity, water and lighting using the remote control system.

- Will the house be used continuously or periodically?

The time period you will live in your home will also be an important factor affecting your decision. If you will live constantly, you must choose according to the advantages of price and use. If you will be using it regularly (during holidays - on business trips, etc.), you can choose a more ideal apartment, so you can make money by renting it when you are not using it.


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