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Buy a Luxury House
in Turkey

Buy a Luxury House in Turkey


The demand to buy a luxury house in Turkey is booming day by day. However, the residential buildings of luxury houses are ever-changing as well. Luxury houses, which are well-considered as reasonable price-oriented, are now recognized as houses that add privilege and prestige to their purchasers.

Along with this change, to buy a luxury house in Turkey require a high-quality and high-quality service offered to A-plus customers. The increasing interest in luxury houses in Turkey in last years has raised the number of real estate construction companies providing services in this regard.

Luxury house sales may carry on differently from the sales process of other housings. If the luxury house is in a newly constructed housing project, you can easily access these houses from the advertisements of the real estate consultant companies.

However, if the house is second-hand or resale, in these cases, the advertisement of the luxury house may not appear to protect the seller's privacy. At this point, it is an important step to work with a professional real estate consulting companies to buy a luxury house in Turkey.

When you are planning to buy a luxury house in Turkey, finding a real estate consultant that will enable you to pass this process in a reliable and fast way. A professional real estate company does not decide for their customers but makes the right suggestions to have a smart decision. You can be sure that a successful real estate consultant will find the luxury house that meets all your needs and suitable for your budget in a very short time.

As MELARES Turkey Properties we are here to assist you to buy a luxury house in Istanbul Turkey.



Features of Luxury Houses in Turkey

The title of "luxury houses" is used in housing projects built in recent years. So what is luxury construction? What are the luxury houses features?

In general, luxury housing constructions refer to real estate housing projects that offer comfort above the normal standards.

Features of a Luxury House;

  • Exterior walls should be made of marble, ceramics, or copper plated.
  • Roof cover should be made of copper and lead-coated as well as consists of heat-insulated
  • The ceiling should be high, hidden lighting of more than 2 rooms and sound insulation suspended ceiling.
  • Interior walls of more than 2 rooms should have heating and sound insulated systems and it should be hardwood veneer.
  • The floor of the luxury houses, more than 2 rooms marble and similar natural stone, wooden parquet, or carpeted should be used.
  • On the bathroom marble and similar natural, stone coated, luxury or custom made bathtub, the double basin should be used, also the WC with the high qualities.
  • The heating system, air-conditioned, with fireplace, constantly hot water should be available in the luxury houses.
  • Boast of magnificent architecture both in the interior and exterior of luxury houses.
  • Stunning view of sea, city, lake, or forest.
  • Smart house system
  • Luxury houses consists of social facilities, swimming pool, Turkish bath, parking lot, fitness center, etc. 

So when you plan to buy a luxury house in Turkey take these features into consideration.

The Most Luxurious Five Houses in Turkey

World's most expensive houses, most luxurious buildings and mansions, helping to identify the most luxurious five houses in Turkey. The structure and technical characteristics of the houses, land values, location and sales prices specify the most expensive luxury houses.

Interior design, structure and technological plugins offer luxury with comfort in the house. From the number of bedrooms to the number of floors to the garden design, each element is designed to provide luxury life. The luxury houses in Turkey are determined based on the price.

One of the most luxurious houses on of the Istanbul's Bosphorus and is Turkey's most expensive house. The house, constructed on the seashore in Yenikoy, has the highest price level. The building, known as Sehzade Burhaneddin Efendi Mansion, has 64 rooms. The house, which was completed in 1785 with neo-baroque architecture design, is a wooden mansion.

It was bought by Prince Burhaneddin, son of II. Aldulhamid in 1991. The house is the most precious structure of Yenikoy coast, Turkey takes place as the greatest price house in the luxury class. The 3 thousand square meter mansion is a marvelous option to buy a luxury house in Turkey.

One of the other mansions that add value to the wealth of Istanbul is the Zeki Pasha Mansion. The building offers ultimate comfort in Rumeli Fortress consists of 23 rooms, 4 spacious living rooms and 8 master bathrooms. The mansion is situated right under the Bosphorus Bridge. It covers an area of 3 thousand square meters and an open area of 4 thousand square meters. In addition, both the most expensive houses with a 130 square meters pier take place as one of the most luxurious 5 houses in Turkey.

One of the most expensive buildings constructed in Istanbul which has the magnificent view of Yenikoy, the first owner of the mansion is Mrs.Ferendiz, the daughter of Koca Resit Pasa. The mansion, which covers 17 thousand square meters of grove behind it, is now separated from the grove. The mansion was last used in the most popular series by the name of and Ask-i Memnu, Binbir Gece. Suzan Sabancı who is the current owner of the house is among the five most luxurious houses in Turkey.

The valuable structure in Izmir- Bornova belongs to Arkas Holding. The house of Lucien Arkas, converted into the Naval History Museum, is worth high values. In the antiques, interior design features indoor and outdoor areas, with square dimensions take place in the list of most expensive homes in Turkey. Newly, there are 126 ship antiques, 89 mock-ups and 67 precious paintings in the museum.

The mansion built in Ankara Bilkent district be owned by İhsan Dogramaci. The mansion is constructed in an area of more than 10 thousand square meters. It is also known as the most luxurious houses with its magnificent structure, architectural design and protected land. It is said that the previous owner of the mansion was the head of the Higher Education Institution of Turkey, one of the most luxurious houses in Ankara, which will be turned into a museum soon.

Especially, the ultra-luxury housing buildings rising in Istanbul is at the worth of million dollars homes and residences. Istanbul and Turkey constitute the most luxurious houses with high prices level. There are thousands of luxury house alternatives with housing projects completed by construction companies every day and ultra-luxury comfort offers.

There are wide range of alternatives to buy a luxury house in Turkey suitable for every income level. You can find from luxury apartments to the luxurious villa type houses almost in every part of Turkey.

The Most Profitable Investment Zones to Buy a Luxury House in Turkey

With the urban renewal projects, transportation and shopping projects implementation in big cities in the last years, investment stability has changed basically in terms of both housing and land. Therefore, the question of where to buy a luxury house in Turkey is one of the most curious questions in terms of real estate investments asked by foreigners and investors.

It is been a long time that Istanbul has been the most valuable and important city in terms of luxury housing projects in Turkey. The most significant factors for the shift of luxury housing projects and land investments by shifting from the south to the north are the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the new Istanbul airport and the Northern Marmara Highway. In fact, there are raises of up to 400% in the northern districts of Istanbul, especially in terms of land prices in converse to a few years ago. Istanbul is one of the best cities to buy a luxury house in Turkey with a reasonable price.

Ankara, Turkey's second-largest city, the regions to invest in takes place in the city center because it intensifies as it proceeds to the southwest. In terms of luxury housing, the area between Yasamkent and Temelli, which forms the southwest of Ankara, and the Etimesgut and Eryaman districts are winning more and more value in terms of real estate.

In Izmir, where real estate prices have raised quickly due to the urban renewal projects and luxury housing projects announced one after the other, the regions gained value in terms of housing to buy a luxury house in Turkey are Bornova, Mavisehir and Balcova. As well as, the wide range of malls opened here is booming the interest in these regions day by day.

Especially the sale of land and as being one of the cities besides Istanbul in accepting the intense migration organized lots of houses by the beginning luxury housing projects in the different locations of the city. It also has the most popular touristic places as Uludag Ski, mosque and museums that add value to buy a luxury house in Turkey Bursa.

Antalya is the other best place to buy a luxury house in Turkey due to its touristic value, Konyaalti and Lara are two investment areas that do not have any competitor in terms of housing due to their central location. Especially in the summer months with the beginning of the real estate sector, the housing prices are more and more shifting towards the interior parts of Antalya, as prices in both areas are rising on the coastal side.

Some other cities to buy a luxury house in Turkey are Adana, Konya, Trabzon, Alanya, etc.

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