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Buy a House
in Turkey

Buy a House in Turkey


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said if you want to buy a house in Turkey, "After 10 percent down payment, we will provide the opportunity to host with installments starting from 894 Turkish Liras per month and up to 240 months of maturity”.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a speech at the meeting held at the Presidential Complex about the 100,000 Social Housing Project Promotion.

Congratulating the officials of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which led the housing project, and the Treasury and Finance Ministry officials who supported their financing issues, Erdogan said that they had added a new gold circle to their urbanization projects for seventeen years.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has specified that 857 thousand houses have been constructed with 90 percent of them as social housing projects through TOKI (Mass Housing Administration), and also schools with 24 thousand classrooms, hospitals with a capacity of 40 thousand beds, commercial complexes, public institutions' service buildings and stadiums.

He stated that he was brought many social and cultural facilities to the country by Mass Housing Administration and 96 national gardens were established by TOKI throughout the country.


“The Construction Process of 100 Thousand Social housing Projects are Starting”


A good news for those who are planning to buy a home in Turkey from brand new housing projects. There are going to start the construction process of 100 thousand social housing projects in Turkey in 2020.

Expressing that the first 50 thousand housing projects started within the framework of the 250 thousand social housing campaign in the first months of this year received high attention from the local and foreign citizens, Erdogan said, "We decided to both increase the number and make the campaign permanent.

“With today's publicity ceremony, we are launching the building process of 100 thousand social housing projects in 81 cities of the country within the scope of our 2020 program. I wish we will finish the houses and deliver them to their owners within a maximum of 1 to 1.5 years after laying the basis as of New Year.” he spoke so.

Buy a House in Turkey and Obtain the Opportunity to Host with up to 240 Months Maturity

Mentioning that their aim is not deviating from this and that citizens are settled in these buildings as ground plus 2, ground plus 3 or ground plus 4, Erdogan continued his words as follows;

"By ensuring this, we will take the steps to re-dominate the neighborhood culture in our ancient history, both in terms of the earthquake and its outlook. With these housing projects, we will provide our citizens the opportunity to buy a house in Turkey with 894 Turkish Liras monthly installments and up to 240 months for the remaining amount after the 10 percent advance payment.

In this way, we will ensure that our 100 thousand low income families will be able to buy a home in Turkey like they are paying their rents. These houses will be projected as 2 bedroom houses with gross of 75 and 85 square meters and 3 bedrooms with a gross of 100 square meters. The total investment value of this housing project with 100 thousand housing units reaches approximately 17 billion 300 million Turkish Liras. "


"It is important not only economically but also culturally"

Emphasizing that the campaign of the housing project is significant not only economically but also culturally, Erdogan specified that the housing projects will be designed to live the traditional neighborhood culture with its square, mosque, school, bazaar, park, green area, building facades and all other features.

"Areas, where the crowded population can breathe easily, will be established" which is a great advantage for those who wants to buy a house in Turkey.

The Marmara region which was hosting the capital of the Ottoman due to the gate of Turkey in Europe both traditional and modern buildings in this area will be constructed. For those who wants to buy a home in Turkey earthquake-resistant housing projects, abundant green areas will be constructed so that the crowded population with designs that reflect the neighborhood culture can enjoy life and breathe in peaceful areas.


Best Places to Buy a House in Turkey


Turkey is one of the world's most beautiful and charming countries. The rapid modernization now combines the single secular Muslim country and a cosmopolit of eastern and western cultural impacts. Turkey has been home for more than 10,000 years with many of history's greatest civilizations. You can discover the great ruins all over Turkey, ancient churches, castles and fortresses.

It is an unbelievably hospitable country even in the lively streets of Istanbul. If you go to the small coastal village in Turkey, you will find warm and welcoming communities. Turkey's 800 kilometers coastline is packed with four different seas also, this brings the country into a dazzling sun and fun place for beach property.

Altinkum, Fethiye, Antalya, Marmaris and Bodrum resorts and villages consisting of the great sea, every year attracts thousands of local and foreigner real estate investors who want to buy a house in Turkey. The home in each of Turkey is as diverse as the country itself.

Buy a House in Turkey Istanbul - Cultural and Advanced Technology

Istanbul will always be a magnificent place to have a city pad with its rich culture, interesting linking of east and west history, colorful markets and vibrant urban lifestyle. However, in recent years, most of the foreign attractions came from real estate investors who benefited from purchasing housing opportunities in the booming housing regions, such as Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Avcilar, Buykcekmece, Sisli, Sariyer, Levent, Kadikoy, Taksim and Beylikduzu.

Istanbul is a modern city that progress to improve at a global speed, accompanies by the government's desire to attract foreign real estate investment and launching three “mega projects”. Among them is Istanbul New Airport, which will be one of the largest airports in the world when all stages are completed by 2023. These amazing three mega projects will add great value to your real estate investment in the very coming future.


Buy a House in Turkey Bodrum


A Turkish port on the Bodrum peninsula consisting of the best options to buy a house in Turkey situated in the basement is a common alternative for holidaymakers in search of a home in Turkey. Because it is a famous vacation point for the Bodrum tourism and yachting center has an attractive coastline and northern Europeans prefer here due to the nightlife.

The city hosts more than 250,000 tourists every summer. Another great alternative if you are considered to buy a home in Turkey Bodrum for investment purposes - there is always demand from tourists. The Bodrum visitors are very loyal, returning every year and usually returning to the same facility or rental houses in Bodrum.

The beautiful city of Bodrum combines a comfortable Turkish lifestyle with a stylish cosmopolitan atmosphere, providing luxurious restaurants, modern five-star hotels, ultra-stylish night spots, fine sandy beaches and of course a first-class marina.

Buy a Home in Turkey Fethiye

Fethiye city is rich in ancient and more recent works, is one of Turkey's famous tourist centers. There are stunning and a wide range of alternatives to buy a house in Turkey Fethiye, it is becoming more popular for those who want to move. The most important investments have recently been made in Fethiye and the homes for sale in Fethiye are constructed to improve infrastructure and facilities.

Fethiye is located in the slopes of Mendes Mountains, the picturesque port city has been a destination for travelers since 334 before Christ. Buy a house in Turkey Fethiye from the pristine beaches of the city, Fethiye villas, luxury apartments and charming villages.

Fethiye is a genuine working city and an attractive tourist destination situated around a large vibrant harbor with the lush mountainous ground. A true year-round destination where foreigners and tourists can enjoy a healthy and fun lifestyle at a much lower cost than the United Kingdom.

Calis Beach is particularly famous with British homeowners such as the popular lagoon in Oludeniz and the villages around the beautiful Uzumlu Valley, including Ciftlik, Uzumlu, Hisaronu and Kemer. Dalaman, the nearest airport to Fethiye, is about an hour away from the city. Otherwise, Antalya Airport takes about three hours.


Buy a House in Turkey Altinkum


Altinkum, Turkey is situated in a resort town on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The city has three important and beautiful beaches and is famous for hosting both British and Turkish tourists. Altinkum's popularity among Turkish tourists who wants to buy a house in Turkey Altinkum appeals to both foreign and domestic real estate markets, making it a good option to invest in real estate in Altinkum.

It offers you to gain double from the rental opportunities. If you are in search of a vacation home instead of a real estate investment option, Turkey has the most beautiful surroundings in Altinkum. In the end, Altınkum means 'golden sands' and it is easy to see where it got its name, inclined to the sea with white sand.