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Bodrum Turkey : Places to Visit
Castles & Ancient Cities

Bodrum Turkey, the greatest district of Mugla, has a population of 152,440 people. In the summer, it becomes one of the most crowded holiday resorts in the country with a population of over 700 thousand.

Bodrum Turkey was named after St. Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. The city, which was named 'Petrium', has reached today as petrum, potrum and Bodrum in time.



Bodrum is a city that has hosted countless civilizations that have bridged the past and the future for 5000 years. Known as "Halicarnassos" in ancient times, Bodrum has witnessed the struggles for itself throughout its history.

Bodrum Turkey is a tourism center that attracts many tourists not only with its sunny beaches, blue tours and famous nightlife but also with cultural tourism.



Built on a peninsula, Bodrum is famous for its narrow streets, amphitheater, windmill and white painted houses.

You can have a pleasant holiday by walking in the narrow streets of Bodrum, which has the facilities to meet tourists of all income levels and swim in the deep blue and clean sea. Turkey's most cosmopolitan and sophisticated city, one of the fun in this resort full of flamboyant nightlife and music are available.


The Climate of Bodrum Turkey


Winters are mild and rainy, summers are hot and dry. However, the "breeze" blowing in the afternoon of the summer reduces the effect of the heat.



The towns of Bodrum Turkey


The towns of Bodrum: Bitez, Golturkbüku, Gumusluk, Gundogan, Konacık, Mumcular, Ortakent, Yahsi, Turgutreis, Yali, Yalikavak.


Villages of Bodrum Turkey




All the villages of Bodrum Turkey are very beautiful and attract local and foreign tourists. Here are the villages of Bodrum:

Akyarlar, Bahceyakasi, Camlik, Potter, Dagbelen, Derekoy, Gokpinar, Gurece, Guvercinlik, İslamhaneleri, Kemer, Kumkoy, Mazikoy, Peksimet, Pinarlibelen, Tepecik, Sazkoy, Yakakoy, Yenikoy.



Places to visit in Bodrum Turkey


Ancient Cities


Antique Theater: It is located on the Bodrum-Turgutreis road. The stage section of the theater was excavated and the seats were restored for a capacity of 13,000-seat.


Rock Tombs: in Bodrum Turkey is above the theater and on the slope are rock tombs from the Hellenistic and Roman periods.


Myndos Gate: It was one of the entrance gates of Halicarnassos to the west of the city. Myndos gate consisted of two monumental towers and an inner courtyard behind them with the door to the Bodrum Turkey. The first phase of the repair of the walls and towers to the north of this gate was completed in 1999.


Cifit Castle (Aspat): It was established on a rocky hill near Bağla Bay in the southwest of the peninsula. There are ruins of various civilizations.





Ancient Cities: Myndos (Gumusluk), Termena (Akcaalan) Telmessos (Gurece), Kadyanda (Asagigol), Theangela (Etrin) are ancient cities located on the peninsula.



Stratonikeia: The ruins in Eskihisar village, on the Yatagan - Milas highway, are home to rich ruins from the Carian, Roman and Byzantine periods.


Lagina: You can reach Hekate temple in Yatağan's Turgut location by going from the dirt road (9 km.). It is understood from the excavations that Lagina, one of the important centers of Caria, has been inhabited since the ancient Bronze Age.


Sedir Adeun (Kedreae): Sedir Island, which can be reached by sea from Gokova - Akyaka or Camlikoy, is one of the favorite ruins of the Bodrum Turkey with its natural and historical beauties. The Temple of Apollo, the theater, and the ancient harbor are the first ruins on the island. The famous Cleopatra beach is also on this island.


Cisterns: Cisterns built by the Ottomans and defined as 'Gumbet' today can be seen throughout the peninsula. They were built in their name by the wealthy of the time.



Castles in Bodrum Turkey


Bodrum Turkey Castle (Saint Petrum): It was built by the Knights of Rhodes in 99 years in the name of Peter in the 15th century. Saint Petrum was founded on the Zephyrion Island at the point where Halicarnassos was first established. Stones and reliefs of Mausolos Memorial Tomb were used on the walls of the castle during the construction of the castle.


During the Ottoman period, a minaret was added to the church inside the castle and turned into a mosque. In addition, a small Turkish bath was built. The castle, which was used as a prison in 1595, is today organized as a museum.





 It has an area of ​​approximately 30,000 square meters, has 5 towers. These are French, English, Italian, German towers and the Serpentine Tower.



Mosques and Tombs in Bodrum Turkey


Mustafa Pasha Mosque: The Kizilhisar Mustafa Pasha built this mosque when he came to Bodrum to build a shipyard (1723).


Tepecik Mosque: It was built by Hamam Aga, the steward of Mustafa Pasha.


Courthouse Mosque: It was built in 1901 with money sent by II. Abdulhamit and collected from the public.


Saldirsah Horasani Tomb, Domed Tomb, Mustafa Pasha Tomb where tombs of Mustafa Pasha and Kaptan-i Derya Cafer Pasha are found, Koyunbaba Tomb, are tombs worth seeing.



Entertain places in Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum Turkey is an important town on the Aegean coast, known for its colorful life. In addition to the liveliness and colorfulness that changes at each hour of the day, the utter attraction of the nightlife is the main character of Bodrum.

Starting from Iskele Square and continuing to Kumbahce neighborhood, on Cumhuriyet Street, taverns, discotheques, taverns and bars, which are encountered every step of the summer nights, allow people of all ages to have fun.

The view of the castle, which shines like an ancient charm in the mysterious darkness of Bodrum Turkey nights, adds a different beauty to Bodrum evenings.



Yacht Tourism 


Bodrum Turkey is the center of yacht tourism, which includes construction, maintenance, repair and operation. The tradition of building gulet type boats, whose name is almost identified with Bodrum, is maintained in the İçmeler Shipyard. 30-meter-long luxury sailing yachts can be built with modern technology in the shipyard-sized facility.



There is a marina with a capacity of 275 yachts in Bodrum Turkey. In addition, maintenance, repair and wintering services are provided for yachts in 12 slipways. Bodrum yacht races are perhaps the only yacht races in the world in which completely inexperienced people and even babies can participate.

Bodrum Cup is the most comfortable race for luxury gulets with a length of 15-30 meters. Anyone can participate actively in the race or enjoy the environment by leaving the job to the crew.



Blue Voyage


The Gulf of Gokova, which stretches from Bodrum Turkey to the southeast, is a sea voyage discovered by Halicarnassus Fisherman and Azra Erhat. It has been called the 'Blue Voyage' since they gave this name.

As the boats sail from Bodrum Turkey towards Gokova, they discover the harmony of blue and green, the beauty beneath clear waters.

Boatbuilding and maritime that have been taking place in Bodrum for hundreds of years have increased with the demand for tourism and yacht tourism. It has become the most important source of income for Bodrum.

Karaada, Kargacik Buku, Pabuc Cape, Kargi Island, Alakisla and Cokertme are the first places to be seen on the Blue Voyage. Clear and wooded bays such as Small Roof, Big Roof, Seven Islands, Longoz, Degirmen Buku and Karacasogut are important stops of the Blue Voyage Bodrum Turkey.

In addition to natural beauties, it is visited in historical places such as Sedir Island, Keramos Ancient City and Seven Islands. It is necessary to allocate 7-10 days for this journey made by creating groups.