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Turkish Names: Most Popular Names
for Girls and Boys

Turkish names are very beautiful and common. According to the survey in 2020, the most popular girl name among the people of Turkey was Zeynep. Also, the most popular Turkish names for boys were Yusuf.
According to data, from 1 million 91 thousand 143 babies born in 2020, 7 thousand 540 of the boys named Yusuf, 6 thousand 236 Mirac, 6 thousand 222 Eyman. Among the baby girls, 11 thousand 179 were named Zeynep, 7 thousand 316 were named Elif, and 6 thousand 335 were named Defne.
In the continuation of these names among there are some other most preferred Turkish names as well. Omer Asaf, Kerem, Alparslan, Mustafa, Hamza, and Ali Asaf were prefered for boys. Asel, Azra, Eylul, Nehir, Eslem and Asya for girls.
One of the big issues for couples is choosing a beautiful and meaningful name for their children. In this article, we will acquaint you with Turkish names and their meanings.


21 Most Popular Turkish Baby Boy Names with Its Meaning 


• Yousuf: Known as one of the most popular Turkish names means God increases in piety, power and influence.
• Ahmet: The name Ahmet has more than one meaning. It is an Arabic name which is first, is the one that is praised and worthy of praise. At the same time, the name Ahmet also means liked.
• Mirac: means Ascension.
• Eyman: The meaning of the Turkish names, Eyman is known as more auspicious, very fortunate, auspicious, and auspicious.
• Omer: The Turkish name Omer means being alive, life. It is also used to mean life.
• Kerem: When the word meaning of the Turkish names is examined, it is seen that Kerem means "nobility". It is also the name of well-known Turkish actor Kerem Burcin.
• Alparslan: The meaning of the name Alparslan is described as a Valiant, brave and courageous person in many sources. It is one of the Turkish names which is preferred, especially because it was the name of the Great Seljuk Ruler.

What does the name Mustafa mean in Turkish?
• Mustafa: means the person who has been chosen. In addition to that, it has the meanings of distinguished, cleansed and purified.

• Hamza: Hamza means lion and strong man. It is also known to have the meaning of seal maker. Another meaning is strong, imposing. IT IS A Turkish names.

• Ali: The name Ali is of Arabic origin name which is very popular among Turkish names. It has the meaning of supreme, great, high, superior in terms of position and rank.

• Berkan: means warble, glow.
• Burak: It means clean, clear and pure. It is also one of the Turkish names of popular Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit.
• Can: has several meanings such as spirit, vitality, power, lovability, and heart.
• Ayaz: The name Ayaz is among the most preferred Turkish names in our country and abroad. The name Ayaz means dry cold in calm air. Apart from this, it is a settlement unit in Bursa, Corum, Denizli, Mardin and Sinop provinces.
• Alp: the Turkish names Alp is meant "hero, brave, brave, bahadur, pelican in ancient Turks" in most sources.
• Demir: The meaning of Demir is as follows; dark, easily processed, durable, strong and tough person.
• Deniz: it is one of the Turkish names which is preferred both for girls and boys. Although Deniz is used as the known sea, it also has a second meaning. The other meaning of the Deniz is the one that is too much and abundant.



• Murat: The name Murat means to wish, desire and purpose. It is name of populat Turkish actor Murat Yildirim.
• Onur: is one of the
that can be used quite often and preferred for boys. The name Onur contains the meanings of honor, dignity and self-honor.
• Karan: The exact meaning of the name Karan has been explained in different ways. "Clean and unadulterated. In addition, it is known as the soldier of his word; valiant,hero, courageous, cark."
• Kivanc: Kivanc is one of the popular Turkish names which means Joy, satisfaction, boasting, trusting and pride. Kivanc is also the name of one of the famous Turkish actors.


What is a Good Name for a Baby Girl in Turkey? | Turkish Names


• Zeynep: is one of the most common Turkish names means, precious stones, and jewels.
• Elif: is also a commonly used name in Turkey and one of the names with valuable meaning. Elif, which means elegant girl, symbolizes good temper and dignity.
• Defne: The name Defne means beautiful, a good moral young girl based on mythological narratives. Along with beauty, chastity and cleanliness are the meanings related with the Turkish names

• Hande: it name of the most popular Turkish actress Hande Ercel. Hande means smile.
• Asel: is one of the Turkish names that means honey.
• Azra: is Girl/Female gender and origin is Muslim/Islamic its meen Maiden Pious, Woman ts one the amazing name of Turkish names.
• Fahriye: This name derives from the Arabic Qur'anic triliteral root meaning “to think, intellectual, one who thinks, thoughtful
• Neslihan: meaning the past of her people and Han, meaning a caravanserai. Nesli, meaning ancestors and Han, meaning a place to stay. A caravanserai meaning lodging for travelers in night, or for travelers of the day. For those who do not have a permanent home, or have it and decide not to occupy it.



• Eylul: This Turkish names means September and is of Turkish origin. Eylul is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.
• Nehir: it’s a Turkish name that means River
• Asya: Asya as a girl's name is of Hebrew and Greek origin, and the meaning of Asya is "He (God) has favored me".
• Elcin: IT’S a girl name that means Enigmatic, elusive, reserved, shy, wary and secretive, Elçin is quite a nervous character, even though he appears more or less phlegmatic

• Beren: The name Beren means Smart, Strong and is of Turkish names origin. Beren is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.
• Turkan: This name is a Turkish name that means Queen and beautiful lady
• Tuba: is a female given name of Arabic origin common in Turkey. It derives from the ṭūbā tree that Muslims believe grows in heaven. Other meanings are pure beauty, creator, goddess, life
• Bensu: the meaning of bonus name is I am like water, beautiful. This name is a Turkish name that used for girls.
• Serenay: A submission from Australia says the Turkish names Serenay means "Full Moon" and is of Turkish origin.
• Asli: This name derives from the Arabic Name and adjective “Aseel / Asil”, meaning “original, authentic, genuine, pure, origin, unique, smooth, honey, sweet”. The Turkish names Aslı is used as a nickname for the heroine in the 16th Century, Turkic tale "Kerem ile Aslı"
• Demet: Demet is a Turkish names and is from the Greek Mythology