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Best Places to Live in Europe:
Highest Quality of Life

Top 13 Places to Live in Europe


The best places to live in Europe are London, France, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, Belgium and Norway. These are the counties that offer the best quality of life in Europe.


Best places to live in Europe are not limited with above there are other countries with high quality of life as well. These are Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, and Sweden.




The United Kingdom is one of the best places to live in Europe. London is the most populous city, which is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. London is well-known as the first settlement which is an important world city with a long history that dates back to two thousand years ago.

Praised for its great public transport, variety of theaters, and diverse restaurants, London is a wonderful alternative for cities to live in Europe.






The French Republic is a country whose mainland extends to Western Europe and has overseas lands in many parts of the world. One of the best places to live in Europe is France. Paris and Lyon are among the cities which offer high standards of living in France.






Austria is a great country consists of nine states (Burgenland, Tirol, Oberösterreich, Niederösterreich, Kaernten, Salzburg, Styria, Vorarlberg and Vienna). The current population of Austria is 9,044,229 people. The capital city of Austria is Vienna which has a population of 1,945,000. It is the most densely populated city in Austria. Vienna is praised for its safety, public transport and diversity, the Austrian capital is not the center of attention for the first time.




Canada - The Best Country in the World to Live


Many types of research and surveys show that Canada is the most livable country in the world. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver are among the most livable and best places to live in Europe. Especially in the country preferred by international students who want to study in Canada, from economy to low taxes, from health to national income, from low crime rates to clean air.

The Canadian government has the similarity with America. It has high living standards and a technology-based industry. Canada has opened its doors to thousands of qualified immigrants every year.




Netherlands - Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and the country's most populous city. It is one of the best places to live in Europe, which combines urban and modern life with relaxing leisure and entertainment sights. 






With its capital Berlin and a population of 83,918,682 people in 2021, Germany is known all over the world for its giant industry. The best places to live in Europe-Germany are; Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Munich.


Berlin offers a wide range of employment opportunities and housing, a vivid cultural scene as well. Hamburg has a high standard in education, the port city is a center for innovation, art, music and culture.


Frankfurt is a beautiful city hosts very famous international events, including book and car fairs. Munich is of one the cities of Germany that invests in cultural institutions as well as in advanced technology.




Luxembourg - Luxembourg City


Luxembourg City is a magnificent city located on the borders of Belgium, France and Germany, the city is rich in every respect.






Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world today. Switzerland is the most well-known education destination for international students who want to study and pursue a career after graduation. It offers the best places to live in Europe such as; Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basel and Lausanne, each of which is more important than the other. These stunning cities have spectacular natural landscapes, cultural diversity and high quality.







Stockholm city of Sweden is one of the best places to live in Europe. Stockholm is the capital of Swedish which has a good balance in terms of work, privacy, security and environmental issues.




One of the other alternatives for the best places to live in Europe is Helsinki, ranked 2nd in terms of security. Helsinki is home to the Helsinki Cathedral and the Finnish city.






Norway is a country situated in west of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. Norway is neighboring Finland, Sweden and Russia. It has a coast to the west of the Norwegian Sea, a branch of the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of fjords are drawn on its shores. Thousands of fjords are drawn on its shores. Oslo city of Norway is the best place to live in Europe.



Lisbon – Portugal


Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. It is one of the rare cities on the two sides of the world like Istanbul. You will have a magnificent life in Lisbon which is well-known for the best places to live in Europe.



Brussels – Belgium


Belgium is a wonderful country located in Western Europe, is home to many historical monuments. Belgium is a densely populated country that manages to strike a good balance between commercial, intensive agriculture, urbanization, transport and industrial demands.

One of the best cities you can live in Europe is Brussels – Belgium.


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