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Beaches in Bodrum:
The Most Beautiful Bays to Swim

Beaches in Bodrum with 67 blue flag, are the most beautiful beaches in the world. Bodrum is one of the most beautiful city with bluest flagged resorts of Turkey. Bodrum Turkey Peninsula is so attractive that every part of it is like a part of heaven. Due to the structure of the mountains in the Aegean Region, there are lots of bays on the Bodrum Peninsula. Most of them are called "mansions", for instance the most famous one among them is "Bitez Mansion".

Beaches in Bodrum and unique bays made this city as one of the perfect sea holiday destination. The most popular and visited beaches in Bodrum peninsula are: Turgutreis, Kadikalesi, Gumusluk, Akyarlar, Karaincir, Aspat, Bagla, Kargi Bay (Camel Beach), Gumbet, Bitez, Golturkbuku, Cennet Bay, Yalikavak, Gundogan, Guvercinlik, Gulluk.


Popular Beaches in Bodrum




Is one of the beautiful beaches in Bodrum which is 25 kilometers from Bodrum. It is a wonderfully beautiful bay where green and blue are intertwined. In addition to this natural and insatiable beauty, Guvercinlik attracts attention with Salih Island opposite.




It is a quiet village 5 kilometers from Bodrum. Boat tours are organized to Didim, Milet and Priene from Torba beach in Bodrum. It is a cute and lively bay where the greenery of pine and olive trees meets a sparkling sea.




Golkoy beach in Bodrum is 13 kilometers in north. It is one of the natural wonders of Bodrum Turkey where pine, tangerine and palm trees meet with a cool sea.




Gundogan Beach in Bodrum is less touched by human hands and still preserves its beauty in its most natural form. It is 18 kilometers away from Bodrum and is famous for its tangerine gardens.




The village is18 kilometers from Bodrum, is in the northwest of the peninsula. Another feature of Yalikavak, famous for its windmills, wonderful beaches in Bodrum, fish and citrus, is that the most famous sponge makers come from here.




It is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula. It is possible to see the ruins of the old harbor that connects Rabbit Island to the land in the region. Gumusluk, which is famous for its clear beach in Bodrum and fish, also draws attention with its rich flora.




Kadikalesi, surrounded by a clear beach in Bodrum and citrus groves, is 23 kilometers from Bodrum. It is named after the castle ruin, which is one of the examples of Hellenistic period architecture.




The town, named after the famous Turkish sailor Admiral Turgut Reis, is the most populous settlement on the peninsula after Bodrum. Turgut Reis, which is one of the places where the sunset is best watched, is famous for its tangerine gardens.




 This bay has a beautiful beach in Bodrum and a sparkling sea, is 13 kilometers away from the city. Akyarlar, whose ancient name is Arhialla, is remarkable with its extremely suitable conditions for surfing.


Bagla | Beaches in Bodrum:


Having one of the most beautiful bays and beaches of the peninsula. Bagla is very suitable for camping and is 14 km away from Bodrum.




The old name of Aspat, which is mentioned in local folk songs, is Aspartos. Remains of various civilizations from the Classical Age to the present can be seen in the region rising on the sea shore and magnificent beach in Bodrum after Bagla.




Ortakent, which is famous for its tangerine gardens, beautiful beach in Turkey and warm sea, is 14 kilometers from Bodrum. It is one of the most suitable points to observe the village life in Bodrum.


Bitez Beach in Bodrum:


Bitez, which is 10 kilometers away from Bodrum, is one of the most beautiful corners where blue and green meet with the tangerine gardens covering the land between the village and the sea.


Karaada (Black Island):


Located about 6 kilometers from Bodrum, Karaada is famous for its healing hot water. It is said that this water coming out of a natural cave and the mud in the cave have an effect on various diseases. Also, consists a great beach in Bodrum.


Ada Bogazi (Aquarium): Beaches in Bodrum


It is named Aquarium because of the clarity of the water. The sea floor, with a depth of up to 30 m, off the inner island, can be seen with the naked eye.


Karaincir (Black Fig):


Every bay sea and beach in the Bodrum Peninsula is beautiful, but this is generally the most appreciated place. It has a clear and smooth sea, and its bottom is sand.

Since it is a shallow sea with a great beach in Bodrum, you can walk while watching the sand your feet lift on the sea floor. However, the sea is a little bit colder than other bays, but it can be enjoyed on warm summer days for refreshing.

There are lots of cafes side by side on the Karaincir beach in Bodrum and if you eat and drink something, you can have the sunbeds and umbrellas withoy any other payment. Since the sea makes everyone hungry, it is better to have some snacks. For those who do not want this, there is also a public beach next door.


Karaincir beach in Bodrum is between Akyarlar and Bagla.

Moreover, there are numerous pensions and apart hotels right in the interior, you can choose for accommodation.


Kargı Koyu (Camel Beach):


Almost every boat tour comes this bay, which is full of foreign tourists. It takes its English name from the camels that visitors ride and walk around a few steps.

There are a small number of cafes along the beach but the prices are suitable to foreign tourists. If you eat or drink something, you can use the sunbeds and umbrellas free.


It is between Akyarlar and Bitez. You can also reach by not stopping on your way from Bodrum to Bitez, but continuing on the same road.


Cennet Koyu (Paradise Beaches in Bodrum):


This bay, which is also famous as "Paradise Beach", is the most preferred place of celebrities and foreign tourists in Bodrum. Of course, celebrities both stay in very expensive boutique hotels or do the best and cruise on their boats.


Access to Paradise beach in Bodrum is a bit difficult and there are not a lot of facilities. Because it’s not a crowded beach. Its nature is very well preserved and it deserves its name to the fullest.

It is situated between Golturkbuku and Torba Bay.




Gulluk is taking place on the right side of the road just before entering the Bodrum Peninsula, very near to the airport.

It is a noiseless place far from the hustle and bustle of Bodrum center. There are mostly summer sites. As there are many bays in Bodrum and each one is more beautiful than the other.


Traditional Bodrum Houses


Besides the beaches in Bodrum the traditional houses also draws attention with its magnificent architecture.

The common features of traditional Bodrum architecture are windowless ground floors, second floor doors, and entry with stairways or bridges.

These houses, which are under protection by law, can be observed intensively in the center, Ortakent, and in Kocakaya village above Gumusluk.

The artist who settled here creates an important attraction value for the houses they have restored to Bodrum by personalities such as literary figures.

Bodrum Turkey has been under the rule of Persians, Macedonians, Roman Empire and Byzantium throughout history. After the defeat of the Seljuk Sultan Alpaslan in Malazgirt in 1071, Byzantium lost its Anatolian sovereignty.

It was placed in Halikarnassos by the Ottoman ruler Mehmet Çelebi in 1415. The Knights of Rhodes established sovereignty in the region by building today's Bodrum Castle. Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, who turned the Mediterranean into a Turkish lake, added Bodrum to the Ottoman lands along with Rhodes in the Rhodes Campaign he organized in 1522.