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Bahcesehir Real Estate for Sale
Property Turkey

Bahcesehir, with housing projects initiated on time through Emlak Konut, has a perfect potential in every term and is made with a modern urbanism understanding.


Bahcesehir is one of the rising regions in the Istanbul European side, which has grown in a planned way and became a model satellite region in the last 15 years. Bahcesehir, which is situated in the northwest of Kucukcekmece Lake, when TOKİ has been started construction within the framework of widespread housing projects the region became famous day by day.

Bahcesehir's mass housing area is situated 35 kilometers northwest of Topkapi, north of Kucukcekmece Lake, 18 kilometers from Buyukcekmece Lake. Northeast, on the first turn after the Ispartakule Viaduct on the TEM Highway.  You can go to every region of Istanbul with the TEM Highway. Yarimburgaz Cave is 8.5 kilometers away from the region.

Bahcesehir's huge housing area is situated on 25 kilometers west of the city center of Istanbul and is attached to every region of Istanbul by the TEM Highway. Istanbul - Edirne railway which connects Turkey with Europe is about 3 kilometers. A part of Istanbul - Edirne railway passes from this region, in addition, Ispartakule train station is also situated in Bahcesehir

Bahcesehir region Municipality is within the borders of the Basksehir district of Istanbul. The total housing project area has been designed on the land of 4,700,000 square meters and about 16,000 residences, and its construction launched in 1990.

There is a 12 square meters green area considered per person in Bahcesehir. The wastewater treatment plant was built to offer resources for irrigation of green areas. The main aim of the facility is; to put an end to environmental pollution, to help the irrigation of green areas and to ensure continuity of the afforestation.

Bahcesehir is one of the first and greatest restructuring areas of Turkey, which is situated within the complex. The complex, where an artificial pond of 26,000 square meters is located within the entertainment area of 300 thousand square meters, contains various restaurants, private clubs, bars, tea garden, education classroom, equestrian sports, golf club and Prestige Mall.

There are many private primary and secondary schools, public primary schools, public high schools, private high schools, health centers both private and public, police station, amphitheater, telecom power stations, cultural entertainment and malls and shopping centers established up to date.

The population overrun 35,000 in Bahcesehir, where there are housing projects such as earthquake-resistant flat villas with a tunnel mold system on a raft-foundation on a durable land.

Bahcesehir, which provides alternatives appealing to your lifestyle, the warming system is done with natural gas. Bahcesehir offers a peaceful and well-behaved life to everyone with its housing projects and villas with various architectural features, where electricity masts are not visible.

New real estate projects in the Bahcesehir real estate sector have conduced highly to the growth and improvement of the Bahcesehir region.

Parkway, Outland and SunFlower markets in Esenkent which is a neighborhood of Bahcesehir, modern shopping centers and malls in Basaksehir such as Atrium Bazaar, Trade Center, Migros, Galleria, and City Bazaar render service for Bahcesehir residents. Akbati is a big shopping center located right next to Bahcesehir. Akbati not just in Bahcesehir, but in the surrounding regions; Ardiclievler also supplies services to mass housing emplacements such as Esenkent and Bogazkoy.


Places to Visit and Activities that can be done in Bahcesehir


  • Bahcesehir Park

Bahcesehir Park is one of the most exhaustive parks in Istanbul, offers many great alternatives to its visitors. The large artificial pond in the park covers an area of 26 thousand square meters. There are restaurants, golf clubs, hiking trails, playgrounds organized for both adults and children in the park that adds value to the beauty of the pond. Bahcesehir Park, which is a famous place for those who want to pass their free time in nature, take their children for a ride and do sports.

The artificial pond is famous as the paradise of greenery. Because it is a distinct greenery region the brides and grooms mostly prefer to have their wedding photographs in the great place known as the pond on the weekends. There are also places on the parkour, where you can drink beer after finishing your walk and a place where you can make the business attractive.

 Mainly children who ride bicycles and skating in the summer will encircle you. But unluckily, despite the fact that it is restricted, it is of course feasible to see families picnicking with these beauties. This park is at the top of the resting places of the people coming from the all-around regions.


  • Bahcesehir College Science Museum

Bahcesehir College Science Museum is one of the best place for travel memories that addresses all ages, mainly for 12-15 age groups.

Although it has the feature of the first museum opened in a high school campus, it has the purpose to live interbedded with the new generation of scientists. The museum has learning stations, a sky house and an observatory.

Bahcesehir College Science Museum, which is mainly the study area of students, provides new ateliers and experiment shows each month. For sure, its purpose is to raise students' interest and draw their attention to science with various science activities.

You can visit the Bahcesehir College Science Museum every day without Mondays. It is significant to make a booking before going to the museum.


  • Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Ataturk Olympic Stadium besides being attached to the city of Istanbul in Turkey also has the importance of being the biggest stadium in the country. The establishment of the stadium, which was launched in 1999, was finished in 2002. In the stadium where all types of sports competitions, social and cultural activities are held, there is also a substructure where athletes and coaches can be trained.

The stadium encounters IAAF, FIFA, IOC needs for international football and world athletics championships. The information that the stadium, which has a valid capacity of 76,000 people, will be 92,000 people after the renovation and that the stadium will be covered, is starting to spread in some news portals.

With the new planning of Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprise Public Transports, you can go to the stadium located in the İkitelli region of Istanbul. The Ataturk Olympic Stadium, which is also frequently famous with cultural events, continues to host many people each year.

Ataturk Olympic Stadium is the biggest stadium in our country, but also among stadium with the capacity of receiving the most audiences in Turkey. UEFA Champions League Final, which will be held in 2020, is expected with thrill.


  • Go back to your childhood with the water park

An amazing park is known as Aqua Club Dolphin which draws attention with its feature of being the largest water park in Istanbul and offering an unforgettable day for both children and adults of Bahcesehir. Aqua Club Dolphin has been giving service in the most wonderful place of Bahcesehir for 16 years. As the summer months approach, everyone thinks it is one of the great options to go and to enjoy the beautiful weather.



  • You can have a nice dinner at Selale Park Social Establishment

Selale Park Social Establishment, which was established by Basaksehir Municipality, is situated on an area of 1000 square meters. You can have a great dinner in the establishment, which draws attention by having a rich menu. In here, there are also parks and sports fields.


  • Go-Kart for speed lovers

One of the most exciting activities for the young population in Bahcesehir is go-kart! There are lots of karting tracks in Bahcesehir. It is great entertainment for those who want to pass a beautiful and exciting weekend. You can safely satisfy your passion for speed and have fun with your friends.


  • Culture and art events

The theater is one of the most rooted and important arts that raise your children. If you prefer to raise your child with the love of theater it will be the best gift you may ever give them. In Bahcesehir Muhsin Ertugrul Theater, various shows are performed every week for both adults and children. If you live in Bahcesehir, it is recommended to take a look and join the programs of the theater.


Transportation in Bahcesehir


The Transportation network in Bahcesehir is supplied by Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprises by Public Transport. There are autobuses to Taksim, Mecidiyekoy, Bakirkoy, Yenikapi, Avcilar and Yenibosna. Express buses also have services to central points such as Taksim, Mecidiyekoy and Bakirkoy. One of the E Bus pilot application areas is Bahcesehir. Besides that, Hoşdere minibusses come to Bahcesehir from Bahcesehir - Bogazkoy way and take passengers, and pass from the main artery between Esenkent-Bahcesehir in the minibusses that go to Halkali over Altinsehir and give service to the residents of Bahcesehir.