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Apartments in

Apartments in Turkey


Nowadays it doesn't matter where you are in the world. It is extremely easy to find apartments all over Turkey now. MELARES Turkey Properties facilitate your searches for apartments in Turkey and are providing you with the most reliable and profitable investment policy to own your apartment.

You can find a wide range of  houses for sale in Turkey  on our website melares.com. Please contact us for owning the best apartments for sale.

Whether you are in Turkey, or you live in another part of the world is a minor detail for MELARES Turkey Properties. We will assist you by our 18 years experience and show you the way to achieve your dream house in Turkey.

The real estate market is expected to increase much more in 2023 because of the available high demand in the market by foreign investors. Buying a house in Turkey today is no longer a dream, and this dream is going to be real with MELARES Turkey Properties.

Homes for sale in our website melares.com, are divided into categories such as apartments for sale, villas for sale, commercial units, offices and factory for sale. You can choose whatever of these categories you wish to own. The Buyer Consultants and Sales Represantatives of Melares Turkey Properties are working for you on 7/24 all week.

They will choose and suggest the houses for sale according to your priority rankings and offer them to satisfy you. Giving your real estate priority and the detailed information of the apartment you wish to own will make it easy to find the appropriate and the most comfortable houses for sale. As well as by the information you gave us our consultants will show you this information with very useful details.

The Real Estate Consultants in Turkey, separate proceeds between whether you are buying an apartment for investment purposes or you are buying an apartment in order to live in it.

Anyone who wants to buy Apartments in Turkey  surely can contact us. As MELARES we have the best offers for you, from newly built houses, luxury villas, ultra-luxury houses built in accordance with modern technologies.

We have the best services privileged to the customer, customer-oriented and customer satisfaction sensitivity. Everyone should be compatible with the concept of having a house in Turkey. MELARES will satisfy you through the apartments for sale in all areas of Istanbul Turkey.


Different Types of Apartments in Turkey




Turkey is not only a tourist area among foreigners, but the practice of buying apartments in this country is also common for various reasons. People are affected by the climate of Turkey, which has a four-season natural climate.

Apartments for sale in Turkey has many standard, quality and diversity. In historical cities like Istanbul, you can find apartments in renovated historical constructions and enjoy living in a historical texture. There are few of these historic houses, and they have a bit of high prices than new constructions, but they are worthy of that price.

Most of the renovated apartments are located in historical areas. Also, you can find the apartment at reasonbale prices in all parts of Turkey. It is not usually within the projects, but its interior is beautiful and has high investment values. Apartments of normal size have two or three bedrooms. As well as nowadays the architects have innovative works and the new housing projects are designed from a studio apartment to five bedrooms and duplex apartments.

There are lots of new investments and apartment complexes made in every region of Turkey on which apartment complexes is one of the most important ones. Complexes offer a wide range of common facilities; most of them have pools and beautiful gardens and other social facilities.

Especially in big cities, large residential complexes are being constructed around the city and some are built away from the crowd of the city. Which offers you to go to work or school, have a busy day and return to your apartment to relax in a calm environment.

They are designed to relieve the stress of the day. In most of the housing projects the fitness centers, gyms, saunas, spas, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Turkish baths, adventure parks for children, large landscape areas, etc. There are security services. Both the interiors and exteriors of the apartments in Turkey are newly built and perfect.

MELARES Turkey Properties offers the highest level of services to real estate investors with our trained, dynamic and young team of Turkish and international Sales Representatives who can speak different languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Persian, etc.


Different Lifestyles in Different Locations of Turkey


Turkey is linking Europe and Asia, has the advantage of offering a range of diversity of apartments for everyone to have a stunning life in peaceful environments. Climate, nature and cultural surroundings vary between regions, which provides a wide variety of location options.

In addition, this country has amazing natural sources such as forests, rivers, seas and mountains as well as amazing culture. There are also many attractive places in Turkey such as Hagia Sophia, mosques, Grand Bazaar, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Green Canyon, etc. As a result, when you travel to Turkey, you will have an amazing time and experiance visiting the awesome historic sites which will embrace you with its beauty and rich culture.

Turkey, in terms of standard of living, has very low costs compared to European countries. Turkey offers easy living conditions for many foreigners. In most regions, the environment is pure and calm, people are beautiful and very hospitiable, substructure is well maintained and services are provided honestly.

Because of this wide range, different sizes of apartments for sale in Turkey can offer suitable to your taste qualities of life. In big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Alanya, etc you can enjoy intense city life, easily access to all transportation alternatives, all entertainment facilities and join in cultural or art festivals, celebrations, congresses and other cultural events.

Turkey's rural regions also provides different types of entertainment; along with ordinary cafes, bars and restaurants, seasonal local festivals are held for natural events such as grape harvesting. You can also find fresher food in rural areas at cheaper prices.

Turkey's rural regions also provide different types of entertainment; along with ordinary cafes, bars and restaurants, seasonal local festivals are held for natural events such as grape harvesting. You can also find fresher food in rural areas at low prices.

Apartments for sale In Turkey provides a large number of the portfolio according to your taste. Before giving your decision, you should make small research by reading about different regions, climates, natural beauty and the lifestyle of the regions of Turkey.

Turkey have the best standard of options for your lifestyle in order to enjoy the fabulous atmosphere. After you buy your apartment you can enjoy the taste of traveling to different regions of Turkey easily. Whatever your pleasure in life, there are a suitable apartment in Turkey for every taste.

MELARES Turkey Properies is a 100% Turkish real estate company founded entirely with Turkish capital. As we know all about Istanbul and Turkey, the country's geography, culture, and traditions of the people, Therefore, we manage the process in the most right way at every stage of the process decision making of real estate investors.

Is Purchasing Apartments in Turkey a Good Investment?

In recent years, Turkey sees a high interest in the real estate market and become one of the most popular countries among foreign real estate customers. Especially Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya attract most of the investors these cities have some advantages sides.

The geographical location of these cities are very appropriate for touring from distant places in Europe and Asia. All have an amazing climate with beautiful nature. Antalya is a great place to live with its summer sort.

Istanbul is the historical capital of the Ottoman Empire; it is now selected as one of the 10 most fascinating destinations by the World.

In Turkey some countries such as Istanbul, Trabzon, Bodrum, Antalya and Alanya apartments for sale in the most desirable cities. It is very essential to buy your apartments in the best location with an appropriate budget. In fact, the apartment types in Antalya do not depend on their location. You can find all kinds of apartments in every city. Large and small, duplex and regular apartments, and villas. The region where you want to buy a property is only at your choice.

As a result, investing in Turkey real estate is the best type of investment which offers high rental returns, high income returns, rich culture, amazing educational opportunities, active transporations and other best facilities which could not be finished with counting.