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Apartments in
Trabzon Turkey

Apartments in Trabzon Turkey


Turkey which is the best tourist destination in the world, every year millions of foreigners, tourists and investors come to see this beautiful and peaceful country. Although they come to visit Turkey for once, they fall in love with an amazing tradition, rich culture, magnificent history and modern society.

It is very obvious that Trabzon is a perfect city on the Black Sea coast. People who are interested to buy a house invest in the country's real estate market, prefer especially in apartments in Trabzon Turkey because it is one of the developing markets in Turkey.

Trabzon which is located in the Eastern Black Sea region, with a surface area of 4.685 kilometers, is known as an important trade center because it takes place at the beginning of the Caucasus and Iran transit road.

Trabzon, neighboring to Gumushane and Bayburt on the south, Giresun on the west and Rize provinces on the east, is a city where the intensity of accommodation is located on the coastal regions. In Trabzon, the regional altitude starting from the sea level and increasing to the south can reach 3,000 meters in a short distance.

In Trabzon, which is very rich in terms of vegetation thanks to being one of the cities with the highest rainfall in Turkey, there are approximately 2,500 types of plants, 440 of which are unique to the Trabzon.

A lot of investment has been made in apartments in Trabzon Turkey by local and foreign investors because there are many luxury mega housing projects have started in Trabzon.

The government is taking precautions to ensure that these mega housing projects do not damage the general beauty of the city. Real estate prices are expected to raise over a few years, so it is the right time to invest in apartments in Trabzon Turkey and not to miss the best opportunities.


The magnificent beauty of Trabzon, historical places and wealthy civilization is a factor that directs people to this country. It can be acknowledged that people want to see Turkey again and again. The best places, location, precious culture and impressive tradition of Turkey are the important elements that attract foreigners and bring them to visit this country.

Turkey takes place just out of the Eurozone, but it will become as great property potential for investors in every sectors after the country joined the European Union.

The real estate market, is the best option for investors investing in apartments in Trabzon Turkey today. The prices of the real estate in Turkey are low and more reasoble compared to another countries of the world, but the development is double. One year of real estate prices showing much growth in Turkey, in accordance with the survey seems to increase approximately 13%. The country left behind Brazil and Austria in terms of real estate investment.

Why Should a Foreigner Invest in the Apartments in Trabzon?

First of all, it is a beneficial city in terms of developed and planned city structure, social amenities, financial possibilities and living standards. The beautiful city of Trabzon offers a livelihood with factors such as agriculture and fisheries.

Tea, nuts are within the most sufficient agricultural products. The fact that it has a coast in the Black Sea has developed the fishery. And it keeps going to improve in this area. The city also hosts to Karadeniz Technical University. If you are thinking about investing and renting your apartments in Trabzon while assessing options for sale; you should not forget the dynamic impact of the university, which has been providing education for half a century.

Luxury apartments in Trabzon at reasonable prices are encircled by the sea and natural beauties, wide coastline and historical spots, they are the master attraction for investors and foreigners to invest in this city.

Real estate investment in Trabzon will be a smart decision for you. It is seen that people around the world are very attracted in investing in the real estate sector of Trabzon Turkey. The reason for this is the approval of the new law. This law allowed people outside the country to buy the every kind of properties in Turkey and made the purchase process very easy.

Trabzon has many tourists from all around the world which has beautiful places to visit in the city. This cases visitors and investors to visit and buy apartments in Trabzon Turkey. The increase in tourism has enabled construction companies to build apartments and villas in order to meet everyone's needs.

For this reason, the real estate sector of Turkey is developing day by day. It is better to invest in apartments in Trabzon Turkey because it will has high investment value and high rental returns by its magnificent natural beauties. Another reason for attracting investors in the real estate sector is that the tax rates on real estate are lower compared to other European and Asian countries.

As the prices are expected to rise, it is the right decision to invest in apartments, villas, houses and commercial units. There are many beautiful apartments in Trabzon Turkey overlooking the Black Sea.

What should be considered when looking for apartments in Trabzon Turkey?

As it is in every residential areas, there are many dissimilar criteria that you should take into consideration when assessing the advertisements for apartments in Trabzon Turkey. Before seeing the advertisements of houses or apartments in Trabzon Turkey one by one, it would be beneficial to determine the features of the apartment you plan to purchase and to determine the appropriate location that appeals to your demand and daily life.

If you are aiming to purchase an apartment for yourself or your family that you plan to live in it for many years, the proximity and quality of social facilities such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, markets, and shopping malls are always advantageous.

However, if you are planning for an investment only apartment or residence that you will assess by renting, you should look at the advertisements for apartments in Trabzon Turkey in the city center with a high rental rate, and then consider the details such as real estate price trends, depreciation period or price per square meter.

Especially the districts that offer good transportation networks to the University and the apartment options for sale around the university can open the doors of the right investment in Trabzon Turkey.

Social and Cultural Facilities in Trabzon Turkey

If you do not live in Trabzon, a couple of days or one week will not be sufficient for you to visit all of the historical sites in Trabzon which is one of the richest cities of the Black Sea in terms of cultural inheritance.

It is possible to come across the traces and cultural heritage of lots of different tribes and civilizations in Trabzon, which dates back to 2,000 years BC. In addition to the tribes such as Kolkhlar, Makronlar and Driller who lived here before Christ, Trabzon was used as an important accommodation in the periods of Pontos Kingdom, Roman Empire, Seljuk Empire and Ottoman State.

It really worth to visit places such as SUMELA Monastery, Uzungol, Altindere Valley National Park, Boztepe, Besikdag Nature Park, Sera Lake, Karaca Cave, Hacka Plateau and Hidir Nebi Plateau in Trabzon, which attracts the attention not only with its historical and cultural texture but also with its natural beauties. There are also many natural habitats.

Trabzon, extending between the Black Sea and the Zigana Mountains, this beautiful city offers a complete cultural pattern with its historical monasteries, mansions, mosques and museums. With its plenty of green plateaus and all other natural beauties, Trabzon succeeded to make all visitors and tourists happy with its clean air and unique views.

If you are planning to visit this city, which hosts millions of local and foreign tourists every year to meet its people, to eat its delicious foods, to visit its plateaus, to discover its history and culture, you should immediately buy a plane ticket and buy an apartment with an amazing view of sea intertwined with beautiful nature in Trabzon Turkey. You will discover an amazing lifestyle in Trabzon Turkey.

There are lots of beautiful places to visit in Trabzon such as, Trabzon Caykara Plateaus (Uzungol and Karester Plateau, Haldizen Plateau, Sekersu Plateau and Sultan Murat Plateau), Trabzon Macka Plateaus (Solma, Mavura Plateau, Mavura Plateau and Lapazan Plateau) and Trabzon Akcaabat Plateaus (Hidirnebi and Kurucam Highlands, Karadag Plateau, Pazarcik Plateau and Yilantas Plateau). Each of the highlands is amazingly beautiful with breathtaking nature that there is no words that could explain the beauty of them, each looks like a piece of paradise.

Recently, there has been a change in the preferences of the resorts. Lots of people want to visit peaceful and culturally rich places that intertwined with nature. This change affected Trabzon in a positive way because it has all these qualities and facilities. The Black Sea provides its magnificent beauty with the lush nature of the Plateaus of Trabzon.

At the same time, Trabzon has lots of perfect lakes and additional natural beauties. For this reason, the demand for real estate is increasing every year in Trabzon Turkey. This increase in demand triggered the construction of new buildings and apartments in Trabzon Turkey.


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