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Apartments for Sale
in Moda Istanbul

Apartments for Sale in Moda Istanbul


Moda is a modern neighborhood with luxurious places and unique qualities that put it at the highest level of the real estate market in Istanbul. The first and prominent reason for that is the high demand from the local market and foreigners because of the prestigious lifestyle it provides. It is a limited neighborhood for new and earthquake-resistant apartments for sale in Moda Istanbul at any time demanded by a large number of people and investors.

Any types of apartments for sale in Moda Istanbul purchased can be rented in a very short time or resell with real profit and high returns on investment within a few years. Tenant both foreign and local people interested in Moda know the neighborhood and rental prices well, so these tenants rent the apartment without any financial problems, so they pay the rents on time.

Moda had been the most lively and highly demanded neighborhood of Istanbul for decades. Because of its central location, quite a few adequate public transportation networks and a perfect atmosphere, it is a favorite place for local investors to gain both high rental returns and for treasuring the value of the investment.



Moda has a 16 kilometers distance from Taksim square. It has ease of access from Karakoy, Eminonu and Besiktas by ferry or motorboat within just 20 minutes. Metrobus which is the main public transportation network of Istanbul, the metro, Marmaray the subway tunnel connecting the Asian side to the European side, Bursa and Yalova ferries also have stations in Kadikoy pier which is within walking distance to Moda. The Euroasia tunnel, a road tunnel for motor transports, is exactly 2 kilometers from Moda.

Moda has an amazing long coast along with a 3-kilometer area where foreign and Turkish people from different groups of life come together and enjoy the natural beauties of Moda. Along the park road, there are many parks and relaxation areas that are not obstructed by car traffic. Moda neighborhood is very popular for its not categorized modern cafes and restaurants, so each has its own crowd with different concepts that suit every age of people.

There is a famous Bahariye Street in Moda, which is like Istiklal Street on Taksim, welcomes people even if they are looking for a cloth shopping or fishing equipment. Moda always has something for everyone with its historical opera houses, theater buildings, active social facilities and shopping areas. You can also have a pleasant journey with the nostalgic tram from Kadikoy coast to Moda.


Luxury Life in Apartments for Sale in Moda Istanbul


There is an active immigration to Moda in the last years. Almost everyone wants to live in Moda, have fun or open a cafe. Moda has a wide range in terms of food and beverage culture such as cafes, pastry shops, world cuisine restaurants, ice cream shops.

There are also many social facilities such as cafes, bars, cinema and theater in Moda. This intense interest and demand for housing of course reflected in the prices of apartments for sale in Moda and for rental prices.

One of the most popular districts of Istanbul takes place in Kadikoy Moda. Lots of celebrities, artists, investors and business people also purchase apartments for sale in Moda Istanbul because this neighborhood attracts everyone's attraction.

Moda is a well-established and wealthy neighborhood in the district of Kadikoy in the Istanbul Asian side. Old houses and ancient shops on its narrow streets provide an authentic and small-town atmosphere. In the past, this luxury neighborhood was home to many Greeks and Armenians.

There are educational institutions, churches, playgrounds, tennis courts and theater in Moda. Regardless of the resistance of some residents to change, the neighborhood facade continues to change. Old buildings have been demolishing to construct of modern luxury apartment blocks, and residents face a new lifestyle.

Foreigners, local people and investors when buying apartments for sale in Moda Istanbul They think about a smart investment alternative. They have 2 goals while investing in real estate in Moda Istanbul. Selling the apartment with higher investment returns in the short term or get higher rental income. That is why there is a high demand for apartments for sale in Moda Istanbul


About Moda Neighborhood


The most elegant and distinguished neighborhood of Istanbul and the modern streets where you will fall in love is the Moda neighborhood without no doubt. This neighborhood is in one of the beautiful districts of Istanbul. At the deepest of everyone's hearts with its bay windows inspired by the history of the oldest Istanbul residential, two or three storey seaside restaurants, tea gardens, ice cream shops, pastry shops. Every street of this neighborhood has been so beautiful and unique to inspire both your feelings and thoughts.

Moda is one of the most selected neighborhoods of Kadikoy. Known as special place for Ancient Greeks and Levantines. This beautiful neighborhood, that is a historical district, where you can enjoy it all seasons with its historical and famous places, theaters, restaurants and cafes on the seafront. There might be no region where the Red Tram suits this well.

Bahariye road is the beginning point of Moda neighborhood, on which right and left of the road consists of patisseries, restaurants and public education institutions. It is one of the most beautiful streets with its shops, churches and roads leading down the side streets.

Another nice street of the neighborhood is Caferaga Street. In Caferaga Street, bars, bohemian cafes, coffee shops, pizzerias, electronics shops, antique shops, as you see the entire region are combined and intertwined on this street.

You can also fine amazing apartments for sale in this part of Moda Istanbul. The south, north and west of the Caferaga region, which is one of the seaside neighborhoods of the Kadikoy district, is covered by the Marmara Sea. The neighborhood, which is located on a peninsula of Moda, is also known as the Moda neighborhood rather than its name.

The street that gives its real name to the region is Moda Street. It is a street consisting of a part that covers a most of the coastal walking route, starting from the place where the ice cream maker Ali Usta is situated, and going down to the tea gardens with nice breeze coming from sea, and from there, surrounding the coastal region where the Moda Sea Club takes place. And this part is perhaps one of the most inevitable regions where Moda is fashionable.

Muvakkithane Street is one of the oldest shopping area in Moda. The Surp Takavor Armenian Church is takes place at the heart of this street and later on the street, Baylan Patisserie, Mephisto Bookstore, Is Bank Cultural Publications, Ekspres İnegol grilled meatball restaurant, Haci Muhittin Bekir Patisserie, Candy seller Cafer Erol are located. These are the most popular brands of this street and each of them adds great historical value to the street.

Historical Features of the Neighborhood / Buy Apartments for Sale in Moda Istanbul

Moda Sea Club

Moda Sea Club is a seaside resort on the Moda neighborhood, where it has a full coast and historical pier. It is one of the oldest places in Istanbul, which is intertwined in marine sports, used for social purposes and facilities.

It was started to establish after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who made trips in Moda Bay in 1934, wanted to build a sea club in this region. Upon the instructions of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Celal Bayar met with Zeki Riza Sporel and asked for a sea club to be built in the Moda neighborhood. Upon this, the Moda Sea Club was established in 1935 under the leadership of a committee of local and foreign partners and investors.

Along with the prominent Turkish Bureaucrats of the period, Deniz Club has hosted foreign statesmen such as Iranian Shah and King of England. In recent times, the club serves with swimming pool, tennis courts, conference and meeting rooms, restaurant, cafeteria and sailing unit.


Historical Moda Pier 


Moda Pier takes place just in front of the Sea Club. The pier was established by the well-known architect Vedat Tek according to the First National Architectural style. In the first years, İt was used a period belonging to Moda Sea Club and then it was opened to ferry services, and ferry services were made until 1986, and it was stoped to transportation after 1986.

In the early 2000s, it was renovated by the Chamber of Shipping and put into service on the 1st July Cabotage Day. As a result, the decision of how to use the pier, whose renovation works are continuing in accordance with its original, is not clear yet.

The preference of Kadikoy People is to utilize the pier for ferry services in accordance with the original. Kadikoy residents very deservedly think that the use of this 100 years old historical pier as a cafe and restaurant harms the entire history. In this case, they are very right, it is the issue of preserving the most precious part of Moda, in a careful and sustainable manner.

There are many other important places in Moda which cannot be finished by counting you should live in Moda Kadikoy to discover all of them for many years. If you want to live beside these beauties with amazing social facilities you can take a look at the apartments for sale in Moda Istanbul. For further apartment alternatives and different districts in Istanbul you can visit our office MELARES Turkey Properties, where on the European side of Istanbul.


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