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Apartments for Sale
in Maslak Istanbul

Apartments for Sale in Maslak Istanbul



Maslak is a very famous region for those looking for apartments for sale. Maslak, which is one of the most charming points of Istanbul, has happened as a center of interest for those who are in search of an investment apartment and those who are planning to live by gaining from the social opportunities of the region.

In Maslak, which is one of the most prestigious areas of business and accommodation areas, the Maslak housing project has high investment value and great rental returns. Maslak, which attracts attention with its feature of being the adjacent housing project to the metro in the Maslak neighborhood, is within walking distance to the metro and plazas area.

You can pass hours of fun and enjoyable time in the 42 Maslak Mall and Uniq Istanbul complex situated in the immediate vicinity, you can have a best shop as much as you wish and join in various cultural events. The moveability brought by the student residents in Maslak, where the Istanbul Technical University Main Campus and Yildiz Technical University Maslak Campus take place, also attracts attention.  Also Bogazici University which is one of the popular government universities is in the nearby region.

You can assess the alternative apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul, which stands out as a business and living center among the Sariyer region apartments for sale and find the apartment that fits your budget and daily needs.

There are luxury apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul with the high standards of modernity and comfort. Maslak is one of the most central and famous regions in Istanbul. Apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul are very approximate to almost all shopping centers and restaurants in Istanbul's financial center. As well as transportation networks, business centers are within walking distance or very near to the housing projects.

There is easy access by metro line to all central destinations in Istanbul. The apartments for sale in the center of Maslak Istanbul are just a couple of steps from Istinye Park Mall and the metro station.


Neigborhood Guidelines for Those Who are Planning to Buy  Apartments for Sale in Maslak Istanbul


With the industrialization, Maslak is a neighborhood entered the status of the neighborhood of the Sariyer region with the Huzur and Ayazaga neighborhoods with the decree of the municipalities union that was obtained in 2012. Maslak, which has become the most famous central business area in Istanbul with its luxurious and high plazas which consists of over 4,000 workplaces.



Owning apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul means living in a business and financial center with lots of jobs and business opportunities. Maslak, which is one of the liveliest regions of Istanbul's business life, as well as other business areas in the city, in addition, is one of the greenest parts of Istanbul with its neighboring Fatih forests.

The first accommodations in Maslak were gas stations and a few small residences. In last years, the population intensity in Maslak, where business centers and skyscrapers increase, has only been concentrated through working hours. Aside from that, Maslak is a calm neighborhood for the rest of the day.

The Military Academy and Istanbul Technical University Main Campus were established in Maslak. The highest building in Maslak, where banks, institutional firms and large companies started to be established since the 1980s, is the amazing building with 47 floors and a length of 192 meters.


Transportation Network in Maslak Istanbul


As a central business area and the most demanded neighborhoods in the real estate market with its stunning apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul, the neighborhood is one of the perfect regions with the most useful transportation alternative networks in the city.

It is possible to easily access almost all the parts of Istanbul from the region. Maslak takes place right in the middle of Fatih Sultan Mehmet and the July 15 Martyrs Bridges. Besides the strong road transportation network, there is a metro line as well.

Maslak has 11 kilometers distance to the Taksim Square, 23 kilometers distance to the Bakirkoy Square, 8 kilometers distance to the Mecidiyekoy Square and 19 kilometers distance to the Sultanahmet Square.


Why Should You Invest in Apartments for Sale in Maslak Istanbul?


  • Its Central Location

Maslak is one of the first priorities of all local and foreign people living in Istanbul today is to live in an apartment approximate to the workplace. Onwards Maslak is a great business region, the number of people who are desiring to live in the center of Maslak or within accessible areas is also rising day by day.

For this reason, if you say "Let my workplace be at most 15 minutes far from my apartment", you have a very valid reason to buy apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul.

The handiest way to live in a reliable and peaceful housing project where everything is designed with the assistance of the latest technology and to arrive at your workplace in 15 minutes is to live in Maslak. There is a wide range of apartment alternatives that you can select as a living area in Maslak, thanks to the luxury apartments and housing project options that are different and appropriate for every style and every income level.

  • Green and Beautiful Environment

In spite of the fact that Maslak is proximate to the green areas of Sariyer district, it is feasible that you will be intertwined with more roads, cars and skyscrapers during the day. While taking part in city life is a charming alternative, you may have to walk a little to access natural areas. You can live a more peaceful life in apartments that overlook the green areas of Sariyer district or have a breathtaking view of the entire city.


  • Perfect City Life

City life in Maslak is indexed to the business world. Although there is not much possibility for social activities, you can discover places appropriate for all kinds of social activities in neighborhoods such as Baltalimani, Sariyer center, Tarabya and İstinye, which are very proximate to Maslak. You can also go to these social areas where you can access to the neighborhoods through your private cars or by public transportation such as metro and minibuses, etc.


  • Luxury Intertwined with the Comfort

The housing projects in the neighborhood are to a large extent for the middle and high-income level people. It is seen that one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms and even duplex apartment types are constructed in the region. Although the average square meter prices of apartments in the housing projects in the neighborhood are reasonable, it is possible to see the square meter prices up is well proportioned in accordance with the high standards it provides. There are lots of apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul on which luxury intertwined with the comfort.


  • Social Structure of Maslak Istanbul

Maslak region generally promises a satisfactory living area with mid-upper and upper portion income level, mostly white-collar employees or social supplementing possibilities interested by company owners.

All the desired and daily needs such as parks, pools, gymnasiums, children's playgrounds, walking paths, etc., are gathered in a facility in Maslak residential areas where private security housing projects are the majority. The reliable, isolated and calm structure of the site life, which returns the neighborhood culture which creates the most fundamental features of Maslak living spaces.


  • Social Environment in Maslak

Everything you need in the neighborhood is at the easy access with attractions such as walking paths and pond areas within the greenery, street shops that consist of A + Cafe and Restaurants, high educational institutions as well as health institutions.

As a summary the apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul gains value by every passing day and have high investment which will bring high rental returns. It is impossible not to gain profit from your investment in Maslak.


Stunning Housing Projects in Maslak Istanbul


If you are looking for apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul you will be able to find a wide range of luxury apartments for sale on our website melares.com.

As an example:

A luxury housing project in Maslak with its strategic location, you will be right in the heart of Istanbul which is very approximate to metro and transportation networks, educational institutions, business centers. The project offers living space in business and city center, under VIP conditions away from the crowd of the city.

It looks distant even from the imagination, now it has come true! In addition to a balcony with forest view in each apartment, valet service and two restaurants on the hill and a viewing terrace gathering comfort with luxury. Also, the two floors park lots turns car park solves the car park problems.

The project offers a life beyond your dreams with prestigious life style and a wide range of social amenities that brings high investment returns. There are three shopping centers within walking distance to the project as well as its proximaty to the Istanbul airport. You will be 5 minutes away from city’s main arteries.

The housing project is constructed on an area of 15,000 square meters of land area. There are 1 bedroom, 1.5 bedrooms and Duplex 1 bedroom size of apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul, which has 118 apartments in total. The areas of the apartments vary between 77 square meters and 80 square meters.

This luxury project takes place among many luxury alternatives that are rising in Maslak. There are privileges such as parking lot, TV lounge room, lobby, terrace cafe, sun terrace and security system with camera, etc. The most important features of the project, such as the generator and water tank, provide uninterrupted energy use to the residences. In the exterior architecture of the project, there are large mirrored glasses that adds luxury to the project.

For more details about apartments for sale in Maslak Istanbul please feel free to call us. As MELARES Turkey Properties we would be glad to satisfy our customers.