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Apartments for Sale
in Istanbul Taksim

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Taksim


Beyoğlu district, which is one of the most important settlements today, is an old settlement with a population of approximately 225 thousand, including Taksim. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim have been popular in every period.

This region, which was called Pera during and after the Byzantine period, was not used as a settlement. Beyoğlu, which has gradually turned into a settlement in the following periods, has started to develop further in the Ottoman period. The Galata Region, which was connected to Taksim by Istiklal Street, was one of the few cities of that period with a population of approximately 100,000 during the Genoese period. Later, with the Muslim population brought from Anatolia and Rumelia during the Ottoman period, the number of settlements in the region increased to over 100 thousand.

The region continued its development during the Ottoman period. Many factors such as the arrival of water and the transfer of foreign embassies to the region have contributed to the speed development of the region. With the settlement of the people of the region consisting of Greek, Armenian, Jewish and Turks, the European states' foreign embassies to this region had positive effects.

In the process, with the establishment of the structures such as modern schools, hospitals, barracks, etc. in this region, under the support of the state, the value of Beyoğlu started to increase.

Over time, Beyoğlu has become different from and other settlements with its people, clothing styles, lifestyle and buildings. The tunnel, which came into service in 1873 and the electric trams that started to operate between Beyoğlu Şişli in 1914, meant the development of the transportation networks of the region at that time. It expanded by spreading towards Teşvikiye, Macka and Halic regions with the Republic period.

The most important street of Beyoğlu was today's Istiklal Street, formerly named Cadde-i Kebir. With this development, although the majority of residences on the street side gradually turn into the workplace, it is possible to have one of the houses that offer fascinating and historical atmosphere in one of apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim today.

Today, Taksim is one of the important settlements that represent many expressions such as tourism, business life, life and entertainment. It is one of the most precious regions that maintains its popularity every time and combines historical and modernism.


Location Value of Istanbul Taksim in the Real Estate Market

Taksim Square is a very important point connecting Tarlabasi Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Street, İstiklal Street, Sıraselviler Street, İnonu Street. Many modern and historical buildings coexist on these streets and parallel streets.

Tarlabasi Boulevard is the flow that connects Taksim to Aksaray and Yenikapı coast over Şişhane. After getting off the Sishane slope with your vehicle and by bus or minibus, you pass through Sarachane. Sarachane passing under the arch of Bozdogan, one of Turkey's oldest historic structure, Aksaray, Yenikapi, Laleli, Beyazit and able to reach Sultanahmet with Cemberlitas in progress.

This boulevard is a settlement where you can reach Taksim within minutes by walking distance. It includes thousands of old houses and apartments from the Ottoman and Republican periods. In Tarlabasi, where the renovation process has started within the scope of urban transformation recently, you can choose a wooden house full of history or one of the modern apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.

Tarlabasi boulevard is still not a fully transformed region. For this reason, there are small night clubs and shops on the street. Apart from the urban transformation project, it is possible to see individual building renovations as far as the municipalities allow, provided that it does not harm the historical texture in this region, as in most regions of Istanbul.

When you follow Cumhuriyet Street, this street connects you to Elmadag, Osmanbey, Nisantasi, Sisli, Mecidiyekoy and then the July 15 Martyrs Bridge. It is one of the important connecting streets of Taksim area.

It is possible to find many houses on Cumhuriyet Street, which is located in a 1-minute walking distance to Taksim, and other streets in parallel. Part of Gezi Park, the most important park of Taksim, extends to Cumhuriyet Street. Intercontinental Istanbul Hotel, Grand Hyatt Istanbul, Divan Istanbul, Point Hotel Taksim, Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus are located in this area. The region is one of the most lively places of Istanbul Taksim in terms of education, life and trade. Surp Agop Armenian Hospital, St. Esprit Cathedral, Private Notre Dame e Sion French High School is located on this street. This part, which also includes many cafes and restaurants, is a preferred place for those who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim area.

In addition, the region homes to many important centers in terms of culture and art such as Istanbul Lütfi Kirdar International Congress and Exhibition Center, Istanbul City Theaters Muhsin Ertugrul Stage, Cemil Topuzlu Outdoor Theater, Harbiye Military Museum, Cultural Site Command, Hilton Congress and Fair Hall, Macka Art Park.

One of the biggest advantages of the region is easy transportation to Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport while living here. The Taksim terminal of the shuttle services of the airports is located at the point where Taksim Square meets Cumhuriyet Street. Thanks to this terminal, which provides service every 30 minutes, it is possible to get out of your home and walk on foot without taking the bus, taking a taxi or taking a bus.

Istiklal Caddesi, not only in Istanbul, but also is one of the best known and most famous streets of Turkey.

It is perhaps the first visit point for domestic and foreign tourists in Istanbul.

Istiklal Street is the most sought after street with its lively and busy structure, houses, shops, shopping centers, social, cultural, historical and entertainment venues.

Along with this street, you can find many historical houses and many modernized and renovated apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim in parallel streets.

Siraselviler Caddesi is the street that continues from Taksim Square, parallel to Istiklal Street and reaches the famous Cihangir district. Cihangir is generally the preferred point of the rich, artists, theater actors, writers and intellectuals. Along with modern apartment buildings, it is a truly livable place with historical texture but elegant buildings and quiet streets. In Cihangir, where the neighborhood culture is intense, you can increase your budget a little and invest in one of the very pleasant sea view Taksim houses. Important health institutions such as German Hospital, Taksim Training and Research Hospital are located on Siraselviler Street. Elegant places with many cafes and restaurants offer important alternatives for those who love night life.

Passing through the region called Gumussuyu, İnönü Street starts from Taksim Square and goes down to Dolmabahce. If you continue from here towards the Bosphorus, you can reach Besiktas, Ortakoy, Kurucesme, Bebek and then the entire Bosphorus line. Gumussuyu and İnonu Streets are home to magnificent apartment buildings dating from the Republican era but with a modern look. Along with these buildings located on the street, there are offices of many tourism agencies, Consulate General of Germany, Consulate General of North Macedonia Istanbul, Istanbul Technical University, CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel and many important buildings.

Ease of Transportation in Istanbul Taksim

It is a great privilege to live in Istanbul Taksim. The prices of the houses you will choose in this region will vary for your real estate investment. You can also find a flat for sale with a price of USD 145 thousand in Taksim Beyoğlu region, you can also find a million dollar apartment with sea view. The important thing is to meet the right house that fits your budget and dream. MELARES Turkey Properties, with its domination in Istanbul real estate sector and its experience since 2003, offers you the right portfolio with the best price guarantee.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Taksim is its magnificent public transport network. In fact, someone living in Taksim can reach many regions on foot without using public transportation. With a pleasant walk, you can discover the beauty of Taksim and Beyoğlu and protect your health. For example, you can reach Mecidiyekoy in 20 minutes by walking at an average pace from Taksim Square. You can reach Galatasaray High School within 8-10 minutes by walking on Istiklal Street. You can reach Cihangir from Siraselviler Street in 7-8 minutes.

If you want to use public transportation, you can reach the Tarabya in the Bosphorus or Eminonu and Yenikapi by taking the M2 Yenikapi-Hacıosman Metro Line from the Metro station, which has an entrance in Taksim Square.

After entering the metro station, you can reach Kabatas within 1.5 minutes by passing the Funicular line. You can travel to many areas such as Galata Bridge, Eminonu, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Sultanahmet, Beyazit from Kabatas in a short time without traffic by getting on the tram line located at your location.

If you want to experience nostalgic moments, you can experience the Nostalgic tram starting from Taksim Square and continuing up to the Tunnel. The liveliness of İstiklal Street, the opportunity to take photos, the opportunity to watch people will always be with you on this journey.

It is possible to reach Aksaray, Cerrahpasa, Findikzade thanks to the yellow minibus (these are called "dolmus" in Istanbul) located next to the square.


You can travel for a reasonable fee by using your Istanbul card with municipal and public buses that go to many parts of Istanbul.

You can easily reach Dolmabahce and Besiktaş in minutes thanks to the yellow minibuses (dolmus) that depart from Gumussuyu İnönü Street.

Food and Drink Diversity Offered by Istanbul Taksim

When you have one of the apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim, it will be a great pleasure to host your guests at your home. However, if you want to spend time outside with your loved ones or if you want to order food at home, hundreds of different food cultures and cuisines will be at your service.

You should definitely try the famous "wet hamburger" at the kiosks in Taksim Square. With many fast food and pizza restaurants in the region, you can solve the food issue practically. You can taste Turkish dishes in many restaurants that operate on traditional Turkish cuisine. If you wish, you can also benefit from these meals for home delivery order service.