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Apartments for Sale
in Istanbul

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the biggest and most populous cities of Turkey, in northwestern of the country with 16 million people population which takes place in the Marmara Region border. Istanbul, an intercontinental city whose land spreads to Asian and European mainland, the area of land on the Catalca Peninsula is called the European side, and the regions on the Kocaeli Peninsula is called the Asian side.

The Bosphorus divides the two parts of the city. Istanbul is adjacent to the Black Sea in the north, the Marmara Sea in the south, Tekirdag in the west, and Kocaeli in the east. The Istanbul regions are divided into 39 district municipalities; all of these municipalities were collected under the roof of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Starting from the period of conquest, Istanbul has protected its quality as the economic center of its situated region and the state it belongs to. Istanbul stays the most economically developed center of Turkey in the Republican period. Economic activity in the whole province of Istanbul shows high variety.

Trade is the most important segment that has a great share in Istanbul's income. Bosphorus bridges and highways in the middle of the centers such as Asia and Europe have without a doubt promoted the development of this sector in the city. In the same way, it is also efficient to connect it to Asia and Europe by railway to have great ports.

In Istanbul there are 39 districts. Islands, Arnavutkoy, Atasehir, Avcilar, Bagcilar, Bahcelievler, Bakirkoy, Basaksehir, Bayrampasa, Besiktas, Beykoz, Beylikduzu, Beyoglu, Buyukcekmece, Catalca, Cekmekoy, Esenler, Esenyurt, Eyup, Fatih, Gaziosmanpasa, Gungoren, Kadikoy, Kagithane, Kartal, Kucukcekmece, Maltepe, Pendik, Sancaktepe, Sariyer, Silivri, Sultanbeyli, Sultangazi, Sile, Sisli, Tuzla, Umraniye, Uskudar and Zeytinburnu.

Istanbul's great intensity of population is available especially in centers such as Beyoglu, Beyazit, Mahmutpasa, Kadikoy, Uskudar, Maslak, Besiktas, Mecidiyekoy, Bakirkoy and Levent which are also known as business and entertainment regions of the city. These are the center of urban transportation with the trade and service segment in Istanbul.

There is a wide range of modern big housing projects in every point of Istanbul. You may have trouble choosing from a variety of residential apartments for sale in Istanbul. It is in your hands to give your decision easier and in a smart way by assessing apartments for sale in Istanbul on our website melares.com in accordance with the criteria you are looking for.





Buy Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


Buying apartments for sale in Istanbul can be pretty complex and difficult, especially in populous and metropolitan regions such as Istanbul city. You can follow through your dream apartment by using the features provided by our website melares.com in order to find the favorite ones you want between the many apartment alternatives for sale.

In order to be away from the uncertainty when looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the first issue you required to determine is to decide the neighborhood or district you want to live in. As you decide which region you would like to stay in, you can be assured that your roadmap will be set on automatically.

Within the extent of urban renewal housing projects, some regions started to gain value all over Istanbul. These circumstances naturally affect the apartment prices. For this motive, if you do not want to pay off more than the actual value of the apartment when buying apartments in Istanbul, you can make your choice for places outside of these regions as well.

After assessing the alternatives for the apartments for sale in Istanbul both on the Asian side and the European side of the city, be certain that you get all the details from A to Z before buying the apartment. It is an important elaboration in order not to experience a surprise in the future, as well as inquires to the regions where the apartment you will buy, its neighbors, and the extra facilities such as the hospital, educational institutions, malls and market.

If you are planning to purchase an investment apartment, you can follow and search for the new developing regions and urban renewal districts that will be valued. In this way, even if you cannot afford to purchase an apartment from high valued places such as Beylikduzu, Fikirtepe, Levent, Sisli, Kadikoy and Kartal, purchasing an apartment that can gain value within a couple of years and be appropriate for your budget. You can seize these types of opportunities to own the most reasonable apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Considering these specifications mentioned above, you can find the apartment you dream of in Istanbul in an easy way by assessing the alternatives of apartments for sale Istanbul from the real estate consultancy companies in the city.

All you have to do is to take benefit of the features that our website melares.com provides for you and to do your search by identifying the criteria you want, such as city, region, type of property you want to purchase, minimum and maximum budget and number of rooms for the apartment for sale in Istanbul.





City Guidelines for Those Who are Looking for Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


For those who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, this article provides important information and details about the city. In this article, you will be informed about the geographical status and beautiful climate of the city, the structure of Istanbul, the demography, the state of public services, and finally the real estate industry, respectively.

Let's know more intimately about Istanbul, Turkey's most crowded metropolis together. Istanbul is the most important accommodation area of the country in terms of economically, culturally as well as socially. Istanbul is the one of the most improved city in the world in terms of economy and the city is the most crowded metropolis in Europe.

Throughout the Marmara coast, Istanbul is situated as a bridge connecting the continents of Europe and Asia. The city was constructed on a very spacious territory of 5,461 square kilometers and at the present time consists of 39 different regions. The height of the territory from the sea was counted as 537 meters.


Geographic Features of the City for Those Who are Searching for Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


The pure details and pieces of information about the geographical features of the city for those who are actively looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul especially people who are coming from other districts and foreign countries to accommodate in here.

The stunning city of Istanbul is established in a way to encircle the Golden Horn throughout the Bosphorus, the city takes place in the northwest of Turkey. The Black Sea is in the north of the city, the Marmara Sea in the south, Saray, which is a region connected to Tekirdag in the northwest, Corlu in the west, Kandira in the northeast, Kocaeli Bay in the east and Gebze which is connected to the east with Kocaeli Bay and southeast with the same.

Istanbul took its share from the economic improvements in the cities around it. For instance, the beautiful city of Kocaeli is today's most developed industrial center in Turkey. Although some people live in Istanbul, there are many of them who come to work in Kocaeli every day. For this reason, those who consider apartments for sale in Istanbul will also have such an alternative.

A changeover climate is generally dominant in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Weather conditions are very agreeable in the districts between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and humid, winters are normally cold and sometimes snowy. The moisture of the climate makes the air feel warmer and cooler than it is.

The structure of the amazing city to the people who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul being a bridge between the two continents, which connects Asia and Europe. While the European side of Istanbul hosts 25 wonderful regions, there are 14 different luxury districts on the Asian Side. On which each region of both sides of Istanbul is precious than others.

It is believed that the city is composed of three different parts. The first is the historical peninsula regions and covers the Fatih and Eminonu districts. The second emplacement wing consists of the regions of Beyoglu, Sisli and Besiktas, which takes place to the north of the Golden Horn. For instance, the palaces of the Ottoman sultans situated in these regions.

Finally, the third part, Uskudar and Kadikoy, which were not a region of Istanbul in the ancient period, accepted for the third accommodate area. Those who prefer apartments for sale in Istanbul, they may assess one of these three different residential areas.

The most populous regions of the European side of Istanbul, which hosts 66% of the city's population, are Esenyurt, Kucukcekmece, Bagcilar, Bahcelievler, Sultangazi, Gaziosmanpasa, Esenler and Kagithane. Those who are planning to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul can also assess the district's highest socio-economical accommodations. These regions are Besiktas, Sisli, Beyoglu and Bakirkoy respectively. However, it will be beneficial to underline that the real estate market is very active here.