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Apartments for Sale in
Uskudar Istanbul

Apartments for Sale in Uskudar Istanbul


About Uskudar District

Uskudar is one of the most beautiful districts of the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Uskudar region is surrounded by Beykoz in the north, Umraniye in the northeast, Atasehir in the east, Kadikoy in the south and the Bosphorus in the west. This beautiful district, which does not have a rural settlement, has 52 neighborhoods.

Uskudar is the 3rd place connected to Istanbul after Galata and Eyupsultan during the Ottoman period. Uskudar, which represents not only geographical but also a cultural difference, represents the Anatolian tradition. This amazing district of Istanbul is also the starting point of trade with Iran and Armenia.

When you go to the Uskudar, Maiden Tower will be the first amazing place that will attract you the most in your first visit. This is the most elegant tower which is known as the symbols and beauties of Uskudar.

When you reach the shore, the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque will be another stunning building that says "welcome" to you. Mihrimah Sultan Mosque made by the master hands of Mimar Sinan who was the most popular architect of that time. Another factor that gives beauty to the square you are standing on, Sultan III. Ahmet Fountain will captivate your attention immediately. The beauties of Uskudar catch people before they reach the shore, and after reaching the shore, they touch their soul at all.

As most of the districts in Istanbul, Uskudar has changed a lot today. Especially after the 18th century, nothing is remained from the same. The amazing coastal palaces built on the shore define Uskudar as one of the most wonderful and luxury districts of Istanbul. Uskudar maintains the calm of the Anatolian atmosphere.

You have already done the first things you were supposed to do if you give your final decision and you are searching for a house in the Uskudar district of Istanbul. In this case, all that remains is to buy the best apartment at the best price.

MELARES Turkey Properties is the best address you need to stop by. There is a wide range of apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul on our portfolios which meets all kinds of demands.



Luxury Apartments for Sale in Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar is one of the special districts for which is mentioned in the lyrics of songs and poems are written. Nowadays, it is one of the places visited with much interest by domestic and foreign tourists.

Uskudar has an infrastructure that is open to renewal and highly developing in every term day by day. Buying from apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul will be a smart investment for your future. If you want to have an apartment in Uskudar with the breathtaking views of the sea or city, MELARES Turkey Properties gives you awesome options with the newest and luxurious apartments. The amazing property you are looking for is not far away. You can take a look at our website melares.com which consists of a wide range of properties for sale in Uskudar.

For example there is a luxurious housing project with amazing view of Bosphorus. The project has high investment value with its proximity to tourist sites and most developed regions in Istanbul such as Fatih and Beyoglu. It has an easy access to large shopping and entertainment centers in Istanbul. Which offers a calm family environment and a great sense of peace and security. 

This luxury project has designed with two bedrooms up to four bedrooms apartment options at a great location in the beautiful city of Istanbul with a beautiful view of the Bosporus very near to the Maiden's Tower.

The greenery Dogancilar Park which is behind the project. The magnificent view of the Bosphorus, as well as the green living spaces around the project, makes a joyful moment for you and your family.

All the apartments in the project are well designed which provides a comfortable life for families. The spacious living rooms, amazing balconies with great view of the sea, architectural design and proper separation of interiors and convenient lighting with floor to ceiling windows has provided the ultimate comfort for you.

There are main reasons for those who are looking for a comfortable house with a view of the sea in Uskudar here are the reasons listed below.

The geopolitical location of Uskudar,

It has been in a very significant place in terms of transportation alternatives for a long time. Health institutions consisting of 10 private hospitals, World Eye Hospital and Marmara University Research and Application Hospital are also in this region. It takes place at the intersection point of Kabatas and Sirkeci ferry services. As well as it is the most developed region of Istanbul in terms of trade. Education achieved its high levels in Uskudar by the most established high schools and universities. Apart from that, economic reasons are one of the logical reasons to buy apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul.

If you want to buy an apartment for sale in Uskudar on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, MELARES Turkey Properties will give the best guidance to you and will recommend the appropriate house that will meet your needs. It is definitely a great investment to buy an apartment Uskudar and you can find apartments for sale with affordable prices on our website. Get your Uskudar apartment for sale at the affordable prices, and have your future guaranteed with MELARES Turkey Properties.

Living and Buying Apartment in Uskudar

Living in Asia Istanbul is in great demand due to its being an iconic residential area. This is not newfound fame, because it has a prestigious popularity thanks to its Bosphorus location throughout history.

There is a belief that the real Istanbulites live in the Uskudar region, but in both cases, the region has this extraordinary ability that will attract your attention at every turn. Uskudar is the center of Istanbul's real estate market with its most luxurious housing unit, villas and commercial units. Although there is not enough land to build new housing projects in Uskudar still the construction companies with their innovative ideas find places for new projects. As well as some old buildings and villas are going to rebuilt in Uskudar.

The high demand for housing projects and lack of new construction inherently mean that prices per square meter are higher and budget or first-time property buyers tend to appear more but the magnificent view of Bosphorus, amazing touristic and historical places in the region really deserve that prices.

There is a wide range of student tenants due to the nearby prestigious university in the Uskudar. Thus, buying an apartment for sale in Uskudar and renting it all year or seasonal will give you a good return on investment.

Most of the entertainment and daily activities take place around the ferry port because, with neighboring Kadikoy, regular and cheap ferry services have a booming passenger trade. The Maid's Tower in the Uskudar attracts everyone both the young population and elders pass their most time around the ferry port. Naturally, conventional restaurants set up in this area constantly appeal to crowds, and tourists here to explore historic mosques and famous attractions.

Fame comes to the Uskudar easily due to the Byzantine Maiden Tower (Maiden's Tower) is placed in the middle of the Bosphorus, the central landmark. The Maiden's Tower, which is often featured in picture postcards and travel magazines, is one of the most important restaurants in Istanbul and is easily accessible by ferry.

In the stroll streets, of the old houses exhibiting Ottoman architecture attracts curious investors too much. One of the amazing places to hang out is Cengelkoy, which is easily accessible by bus from the main center. Turkish people love to spend their weekends on the seaside resort, and usually start with a family breakfast, followed by a walk, coffee and finally dinner in the most famous restaurants.

You can easily find many options of most luxury houses, villas and apartments for sale Istanbul for sale on our website.

Places to Visit While Living in Uskudar

You can add value to your weekends by visiting the most precious places while living in Uskudar. Here are the places you should visit on Uskudar;

  • Maiden's Tower

The Maiden Tower, which is the only work of the Byzantine time on Uskudar, dates back to 24 years before Christ. There are many stories about the tower constructed on a small island. The most well-known of the legends is that the Byzantine Emperor's turned into a tower, as a result of a prediction that his daughter will be poisoned by a snake when she turns 18th years old. However, when her daughter turns 18, she is poisoned by a snake that infiltrates the tower and she dies by this way.

  • Mihrimah Sultan Mosque believed to carry the traces of Mimar Sinan's love for queen Mihrimah
  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Semsi Pasa Mosque
  • Old Valide Mosque which is fascinated by its nobility
  • Fethi Pasha Grove
  • Huge and unique Selimiye Barracks Tiled Mosque
  • Camlica Hill to dive into beautiful dreams accompanied by exquisite scenery
  • Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Efendi Tomb, believed to be one of the spiritual guards of the Bosphorus
  • Adile Sultan Palace