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Apartments for Sale in
Istanbul Bosphorus View

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Bosphorus View


Istanbul is very famous with its Bosphorus. The Bosphorus is the gateway connecting the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. The Bosphorus divides the city of Istanbul into two portions, the European side and the Asian side (Anatolian side). It extends in the northeast and southwest directions of Istanbul.

The Bosphorus is known as the Turkish Straits, along with the Marmara Sea and the Dardanelles, and is accepted one of the natural borders that separate the of Europe and Asia.

Bosporus is the narrowest gateway where international sea transportation is feasible. The 15 July Martyrs, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Yavuz Sultan Selim suspension bridges are on the Bophorus.

These bridges connect both Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul and set up a transition point among the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia.

The intercontinental transportation is also reinforced by sea buses, carrying freight, passengers, city lines ferries and passenger engines on the Bosphorus. 

The Istanbul Bosphorus is the only way to reach the Mediterranean Sea form Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania and Ukraine, which are riparian to the Black Sea.

Istanbul have the most luxury housing projects with apartments for sale with breathtaking Bosphorus view. Exclusive apartments in Istanbul offers a privileged life with a magnificent Bosphorus view and traditional texture.

Apartments which has Bosphorus view sees a high interest from foreign investors and those who wants to own a house in Istanbul. 

 Apartments for sale in Istanbul with Bosphorus view are very near to many social facilities such as cafes, restaurants, markets and stores, mosques, beauty centers, educational institutions, hospitals and health centers, public clinics, pharmacies, shopping malls, banks, post offices, parks and every type of public transportation from the minibus to the sea buses.



Why to Buy Property in Turkey?

Turkey is the most important transit point for countries like Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Today, with 83 million 154 thousand 997 residents, Turkey has the world's most fastest-growing and advancing economies.

With its wide range of domestic markets, a strong economy and easy transportation options, the Turkish real estate market have developed rapidly.

There are many reasons for the buy of real estate from economic factors to cultural factors which is a great opportunity for investors and foreigner buyers.

Strong economy and reasonable real estate prices

Nowadays, Turkey is considered the second developed country among the world's 17th largest developed European countries in terms of economy. It has tripled its economy in the last 15 years. Turkey with its strong economy provides an area where buyers and investors can safely buy and sell real estate which indicates a very bright future for you. It creates great opportunities for long-term profitable investments with properties having a Bosphorus view and rental returns.

Another reason is the real estate diversity

Turkey's real estate market has reached incredible heights from portfolio diversification on the growing housing projects from studio apartments up to villas in the last decade. You can find a wide range of luxury apartments of different sizes, luxurious villas, second-hand or resale, newly built wonderful housing projects with Bosphorus view, in the heart of the city away from the crowd of the city.

You can contact us to see the most comprehensive apartments for sale in Istanbul with a Bosphorus view as well as you can reach our wide range of most updated portfolios on our website melares.com.

The ease in the purchase Processes

The process of purchasing a property in Turkey in recent years became very easier. About ten years ago it was a lengthy process that required a long process for purchasing the house or title deed official processes. The Turkish government made this process easier now.

MELARES Turkey Properties is here to guide you throughout the whole process of buying apartments, villas, land, the commercial units and shops for sale in Istanbul. 

Payment conditions of Turkey real estate

Regardless of European countries property for sales in Turkey offers the lowest and more reasonable price options. That's why most of the investors from all around the world are very interested in the real estate of Turkey. Thanks to the changing exchange rate, you can have a luxurious and comfortable life with an ideal income. Many construction companies in Turkey have offered a structured installment period ranging from 6 to 60 months in newly built projects.

Costs of living in Istanbul Turkey

Comparing to the European countries Turkey has properties for sale that offers the reasonable and affordable price opportunities. The annual costs of a property are extremely cheap, especially in terms of municipal tax, water, electricity, satellite TV and internet connections. The cost of living in Turkey is quite low. You will be able to buy your dreamed house or apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey with Bosphorus view, forest view or whatever you desired in a very affordable prices. 

Transportation facilities in Turkey

Turkey has an extensive transport network that facilitates commute to your own country whether by land, sea or by airborne. As Turkey is a wonderful bridge between European and Asian countries, it is an ideal region for investing in real estate.

Turkey has a rapid increase in the development of Transportation systems day by day. International and national airline transportation is regular and more reasonable in Turkey. In the summer, regular ferry services are organized to all Greek Islands. In addition, highways improvements have been made to make road transport faster and easier.

Cultural activities and historical sites of Turkey

Turkey, much cultural heritage, natural beauty and is home to the blue flag awesome beach. You can participate in cultural activities in all the major cities in Turkey. In addition, Turkey is an area where sports activities such as diving, golf, rafting and climbing are very popular. Although these activities are less mentioned but still is one of the important reasons for buying real estate in Turkey.

Turkey has high investment potential

Turkey recently has become a global center in terms of investment. For many foreign investors who prefer Turkey for investment in real estate is the particularly best opportunity. Turkey which is growing by the day by day offers great investment opportunities in the real estate sector. Since 2005, Turkey has received many foreign investors entered the real estate market and got profitable returns in the short term.

It is the best time to take a look at our list of properties for sale in Istanbul Turkey. In addition, if you are interested to buy a house in Turkey you can speak to our most experienced sales representatives who specializes in purchasing property, please contact us.

Most Comprehensive and Luxury Housing Projects with Bosphorus view in Istanbul

The real estate market in Istanbul is rapidly growing with its stunning housing projects with unbelievable facilities, amazing views and high standards of Luxury. There are numerous apartments for sale in Istanbul with Bosphorus view constructed in luxury housing projects. 

For instance, there is an amazing project brings the Bosphorus life into your home with its unique location in the heart of Uskudar. There is no other project in Uskudar with this standards. It is constructed by one of the best construction companies in Uskudar region on the Asian side of Istanbul. The project includes one bedroom to 5 bedroom apartment types that covers from 105 square meters area up to the 665 square meters area. 

This luxury project offers a life with art and culture, contemporary lines of the 21st century and the traditional soul, the blue peace of Bosphorus and unlimited green nature, appropriate housing units for Turkish citizenship, a world of shopping and entertainment right under your home and wonderful social facilities. The project rises for five subject such as best business facilities, smart house system, public spaces and communications and best transportation alternative. 

There are housing units with Bosphorus view and offers citizenship of Turkey for 3 families with buying just one wonderful Apartment. 

There is other high-gained project having panoramic view of the Bosphorus on the most strategical and center of business life in Sisli. Sisli is one of the most lively and vast districts of Istanbul on the European side. 

This project, is constructed on 38,000 square meters land area. It consists of 245 housing units from one bedroom to four bedrooms apartment sizes with amazing view of Bosphorus. 

Why a foreigner or an investor should buy apartment from this project? 

  • It is in the very center of business life near to the all-important points of Istanbul, as well as on the old Ali Sami Yen stadium
  • It has a panoramic view of the Bosphorus
  • At the mutual point of all transportation axes
  • Can reach the city's most modern city square within a few minutes from the residences
  • Restaurants, cafes, gym and spa, as well as the movie theaters equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which hosts the most popular games of the season
  • The project bring the city life that has been missed for Istanbul 

There are lots of social facilities and services within the project such as swimming pool, sunbathing and resting terrace, 24/7 concierge services, 24/7 security system, valet, technical service, closed-circuit monitoring system, central heating and cooling system, restaurant, cafes, theater and cinema halls.

There are thousands of apartments for sale in Istanbul  with Bosphorus view in our portfolios. For more details you can visit our office or contact as through our website melares.com.