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Apartment for Sale
Istanbul Florya

Apartment for Sale Istanbul Florya


Florya is one of the elite living spaces of Bakirkoy district of Istanbul. It has been preferred by Istanbul's rich families, artists, business people and footballers since ancient times.

Ataturk Airport is located in the west of Florya and adjacent location. This historical and very special airport does not provide flight services anymore with the beginning of the new airport. Yesilkoy, one of the most elite regions of Istanbul in the south west of Florya, Marmara Sea in the south, Kucukcekmece Lake and Avcilar in the west.

Previously, since this region is one of the favorite residential areas of Istanbul and Turkey real estate industry is very special for those looking for apartments for sale Istanbul Florya. In this part of Istanbul European side, which is luxurious and very suitable for living, building settlements are more regular than the different regions. Since it is located in the airport area, low-rise and horizontal architectural style has been adopted instead of high-rise building constructions. Although new and modern housing projects have started to be produced in Florya and its surroundings in recent years, the interest in apartments for sale in classical buildings cannot be ignored.

In Florya Istanbul, those who are looking for luxury properties prefer flats with pools, modern architecture and landscaping and social activity areas in the new housing projects. However, real estate investors with traditional understanding say hello to a low-rise life in the classic buildings of Florya.


Florya's Place in the Istanbul Real Estate Market

Florya always attracts the attention of real estate investors with its elite and calm life, low-rise and spacious buildings, modern and educated people. This prestigious area on the seafront has 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms, 4-bedrooms and duplex apartments. If you are going to live one person or if the number of family members is 2-3 people, a 2 bedrooms apartment will definitely be enough for you. If you are a large family or if your elder family members will live with you, at least one of the 4 bedroom or duplex apartments will provide a spacious living space.

Compared to the newly constructed areas of Istanbul, the prices of apartments are a bit more expensive due to the fact that it is a settlement located in Florya and the land values are high. However, since the apartments are generally sold in Turkish Lira, these prices are not a problem especially for foreign real estate investors. The fact that the exchange rate is high against the Turkish Lira provides foreign investors a price advantage.

The presence of 4-5-storey buildings in the region provides a spacious life to the people of the region. Instead of crowded lives, it is possible to find houses with larger square meters and balconies. Intermediate floor flats can be preferred in the region, or one of the duplex flats can be purchased according to the number of family members.

Having a property in a residential area consisting of low-rise buildings has many advantages for you. First of all, those who are afraid of earthquakes avoid high-rise buildings and prefer buildings with less-storey horizontal architecture. In addition, you have the chance to see the sky more spacious thanks to the low-rise buildings. Very high-rise buildings can cast a shadow over your home or apartment.

Located by the sea, Florya also offers real estate investors apartment alternatives with magnificent sea views. It is also natural that the price of an apartment with sea view is higher than normal apartments. Those who prefer a luxurious and prestigious life, should review for alternatives of apartments for sale Istanbul Florya.

Florya is a region where people from different professions and income groups buy homes together with those who want to raise the standard of living. It has been a region preferred by pilots, hostesses and airport employees for many years especially due to Ataturk Airport located next to it.

At the same time, due to Turkey's one of the greatest football team Galatasaray Sports Club's sport complex named Florya Metin Oktay Sports Complex take place in this area, the choice of a large number of futballers and sports managers is this region.

Transportation in Istanbul Florya

Surrounded by the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake, Florya Istanbul offers a wide range of social opportunities to those living here.

It is an important advantage that the E-5 (D100) highway passes through this region as well as a coastal road along the Marmara Sea. It is possible to reach the main arteries via E-5 highway in minutes with your private vehicle. Metrobuses moving on the E-5 road are also a good alternative for traffic-free transportation.

You can easily reach Yenikapi, and also Maltepe and Bostanci on the Asian side by sea from Atakoy Marina, which you can reach in 14 minutes.

Social Life in Istanbul Florya

Due to its location by the sea, there are many fish restaurants in the region for seafood lovers. For meat lovers, some of Istanbul's famous meat and kebab restaurants such as Kasibeyaz Florya, Beyti, Develi 1912 are in this region.

The most important shopping center of the region, Flyinn and Aqua Florya are crying intensely at all hours of the day. You can find everything you need from cinema to food and drink in these shopping malls. The nearby Atakoy Plus shopping center can also be preferred.

In terms of education, the presence of respected educational institutions in the region and its surroundings makes Florya a more livable place. Florya Anatolian High School, Private Florya College, Uğur College are some of them. Istanbul University Avcilar Campus, Aydın University, Arel University Sefakoy Campus, which can be reached within minutes, are located in the immediate vicinity.

As health institutions, Acıbadem International, Medical Park Florya Hospital, Dogan Hospital, Avcilar Murat Kölük State Hospital are the hospitals that can be reached in a short time.

Coastal road is an important gain in terms of socializing and sports in the region. If you own one of apartments for sale Istanbul Florya, this beach road where you can take morning walks to stay fit also has Florya Gunes Beach and nearby Yesilkoy Ciroz Beach and Moon Beach.

For those who love entertainment and socialization, Florya Social Facilities, Istanbul Aquarium, Florya Amusement Park provides the opportunity to have a pleasant time for both children and their families.

Florya Ataturk Forest, which is located right in the middle of the region, is a great chance for those who live here and in the immediate vicinity. In a metropolis like Istanbul, it is unlikely to find a forest in the middle of the city and where you live. This forest, which was created by the order of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1937, is a grade 2 natural site area. This forest, created to protect the region from natural formations such as wind and storms, provides a peaceful area for the people of the region and its inhabitants. Apart from the green nature view, it is a great opportunity to take walks and relax.

Other important buildings in Florya are the Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion, Consulate General of Ukraine in Istanbul and the Crown Plaza Istanbul Hotel.

Why to Buy an Apartment for Sale in Istanbul Florya?

Florya is an ideal place to live a decent life or to make a smart real estate investment. Considering that there are qualified residences in the neighbors of the region such as Yesilkoy, Yesilyurt, Atakoy, Bakırkoy, the surrounding of the region is surrounded by prestigious living spaces.

The value of the region is increasing day by day thanks to the new construction projects and plaza buildings that have been increasing in recent years around the E-5 highway in the north of the region and in the Kucukcekmece region. The current land fair value (land square meter value) of Florya is above many regions of Istanbul. The high plot value increases the value of the region. Land cost, which is also reflected in construction costs, is to raise prices. But it is worth it to have a luxuray and prestigious life.

If you are planning to buy one of the apartments for sale Istanbul Florya to invest, you can make a lucrative shopping. You can buy from a site that is produced by construction companies, with security, pool, social activity areas. These construction companies will provide you with the opportunity to pay a certain part of the flat price in advance and the remaining part in installments within a certain period of time. You will receive your new house on a turn-key basis. It will not be difficult to find potential buyers when you want to rent. Also, rental income will be good. However, to increase your rental income, you can decorate your apartment with furniture and make it fully ready for use. In particular, employees, students or foreigners who move to Istanbul from abroad will prefer these ready-to-use apartments.

When you buy a house to sit in, an elite life that combines luxury and comfort awaits you in Istanbul Florya.

Considering your region preference and budget, you should cooperate with a reliable real estate company that will offer you suitable real estate alternatives. MELARES Turkey Properties multinational team, with its 18 years of experience in the real estate sector and its knowledge unit, will help you make the most logical real estate investment.