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Apartment for Sale
Istanbul City Center

Apartment for Sale Istanbul City Center


The city center of Istanbul is spread over a large area, but many people believe that Taksim and Sultanahmet regions are the city centers where many fascinations of Istanbul are situated in these regions, the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower, İstiklal Street, and much more important places.

The city center extends more than these regions to the north which is known as busy commercial and business areas of Maslak even beyond the Bosphorus extending to the Kadikoy region which is the center of the Asian side of the city. It also passes through the Fatih district towards Zeytinburnu on the European side of Istanbul.

The night time activities and entertainments in the center of Istanbul are very active, it spreads to the area where many Turkish bars and night clubs are situated which offers charming evenings in Taksim Square, where all Turkish celebrities come together. It provides a great night view to the restaurants in the city center, traditional Kebab restaurants, hamburgers, or healthy food restaurant delivered in the most high quality restaurants.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul city center offers high premium price tag as everyone expects from any other major city in the world because many of big cities are preferred by the workforce, investors and foreigners to live approximate to the center of the city to prohibit long daily trips every day from other parts of Istanbul.

Almost a wide range of foreign families and investors are attracted to the apartments for sale in Istanbul city center and they are looking for these apartments every day. These apartments attract all of the tourists who are seeking accommodation in its center as well because they want to be near to all the historical sites of the city.

The apartments for sale in Istanbul city center is mainly Sisli, Nisantasi, Taksim, Beyoglu, Sariyer, Umraniye and Levent, etc. It is focused on apartments in the areas and can be found in completely renovated old buildings or new modern renewal housing projects with facilities as five stars hotel criteria, usually in high futuristic towers. Apartments for sale in Istanbul city center have luxurious and modern architectural designs.

Luxury villa types of houses for sale in Istanbul city center are also available which takes place on the shores of the Bosphorus, dominates some of the city's highest prices, in addition to the mansion-style houses.

Why to Invest in Apartment for Sale Istanbul City Center?

If you are planning to purchase apartments for sale in Istanbul city center be to ensure that you are in the right way with a smart investment decision. These apartments have high rental returns in each of the central regions, highly paid professional employees, wealthy families, foreigners and tourists mostly prefer central locations to rent a house in short and long term holidays.

Apartments in the city center of Istanbul are the pure types of investment attracting tourists willing to pay high rents. The extra rental fee is to be approximate to the offices you can easily arrive at your workplace within minutes that having a long drive in the crowded traffic of Istanbul. You will be also within proximate distance to the historical and cultural places intertwined with amazing nature.

With the increasing demand for apartments for sale in Istanbul city center, real estate prices are expected to continue to rise to meet demands. Investors and real estate buyers will appreciate the primary investment figures in the very soon coming years.

There is a wide range of mega housing projects with apartments for sale in Istanbul city center. These are the luxury housing projects rich in social facilities offering comfort with the flexible payment plan, and great installment period as well as an amazing discount rates in cash prices.

Housing Projects in the City Center of Istanbul

The biggest city in Turkey, Istanbul with its all the faces of interests, cultures, historical features, and entertainment facilities has many faces covering past and future traditions. All the way through history, plenty of empires have fought to obtain its strategic control, but fortunately, recent days are more peaceful and the city is the center of shopping, tourism, business and nightlife.

Istanbul is the city center that is perfect and unique in every terms consists of everything in every region, has a theme that makes them special from others. Real estate buyers looking at the apartments for sale in Istanbul city center will also be satisfied and surprised by the alternative apartments offered in Istanbul city center.



There are some examples of luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul city center

A High-gain Housing project having a panoramic view with the Bosphorus on the Sisli district of Istanbul on the European side, the sizes of all apartments for sale in the project, ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms family-oriented apartments, constructed on 38,000 square meters of land area with special features that can meet all the demands of a luxury and modern life.

The areas of apartments in the project for sale in Istanbul city center vary between 100 and 425 square meters. The project takes place as 3 blocks, 42 floors residences and a 36 floors office block, which will serve with 3 parking floors, one of which is owned by the municipality.

The residence blocks, which are situated in different locations on the land, are deliberated with being inspired by the "tropism" interpretation, which means that the plants are facing towards the sun. With this amazing and creative design, all facades of the three blocks will consist of different panoramic views of the city, which extends all the way to the Marmara Sea, especially the stunning Bosphorus.

The underground fields are decorated as office floors with gardens and terraces. Besides that, the entrance of the luxury project is designed as a city square enriched with 10,000 square meters of area for restaurants and cafes. Moreover, the western part of the mega project is deliberated to raise its concretion with the city.

Why a foreigner or an investor should buy apartments for sale in Istanbul City center from this project?

  • The housing project is right at the Istanbul city center constructed instead of the old Ali Sami Yen stadium
  • Offers the breathtaking Bosphorus view.
  • At the joint point of all transportation alternatives
  • You can access the most contemporary city square of Istanbul in a couple of minutes from your apartment.
  • The project combines restaurants, cafes, a gym and spa, and state-of-the-art movie theaters that host the most popular games of the season, and this project brings together the city life that has been missed for Istanbul.
  • It has high investment value, great rental returns, agreeable payment plan and discount in the cash payments.
  • Includes housing units suitable for acquiring Turkish citizenship or residence permit.

The luxury housing project has gathered great social facilities in one place in order to offer ultimate comfort for their precious customers. Consisting of swimming pool, sunbathing and resting terrace, 24/7 concierge services, 24/7 security guards, valet, technical service, closed-circuit monitoring system (CCTV), central heating and cooling system, restaurants, cafes, theater and mini cinema halls.

Istanbul City Center Areas

Sultan Ahmet region used to host both Ottoman and Byzantine empires, hence it was famous as the old part of Istanbul. Some of the most historic and visited places in the world, such as Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, are the best regions for those who are planning to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul city center for rental investment purposes attracts apartment buyers with already having a potential tenant market. The atmosphere and vibrations also focus on a comfortable and easy lifestyle, but everything is at hand.

The Beyoglu which is the old and historical district of Istanbul is also famous by being in the city center, a large region consisting of a wide range of small neighborhoods such as the aesthetic Karakoy, Tophane, and the popular Istiklal Street which is the most crowded and busy street in Turkey. The district, which is a historical part of the city, is also realized as the center of nightlife and shopping district, but the back roads have nostalgic and cultural pleasures. There are many antique shops, boutiques and restaurants on the back streets of Istiklal Street, which perfectly depicts the pleasure-seeking face of Istanbul.

The luxurious living region such as Sisli, Nisantasi and Bomonti categorizes the prestigious parts of Istanbul city center. Sisli was at the attraction point in the early 20th century, but luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul city center attract real estate buyers with unlimited budgets in the recent time as well.

It is an area worth seeing for real estate purchasers who are not limited by budget, as they offer vibrations and social environments that are excellent for singles, couples and families. Distinguished schools and shopping are the main features, but the comfortable tempo of the city center in Sisli is a great attraction for all year round living.

Moving towards the skirts of the center, Besiktas hosts the most famous Turkish football club and Dolmabahce Palace, the last house of the Ottoman sultans, which is also the luxury region famous with its reasonable prices for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul city center.

Levent neighborhood is where everything reaches at the highest level of modernity. Apartments for sale in Istanbul city center are mostly preferred by young working professionals in Levent being one of the most important business districts of the city.

It offers the latest technology and facilities. Levent, Turkey's highest skyscraper that is home to the Sapphire tower but did not prevent the latter including architecture to compete with impressive skyscrapers in Maslak for projects.

Maslak is another trading and business region intertwined with amazing nature at the edge of the Belgrade forest. The feeling of being in touch with the nature and beauties does not appear in the middle of Istanbul city center, but it is one of its most important features adding value to the apartments for investment.

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