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Apartment for Sale
Istanbul Bebek

Apartment for Sale Istanbul Bebek


If you want to start a branded new lifestyle in one of the most luxurious regions of Istanbul with a comfortable life in a prestigious area, you can have a look at apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek. Bebek, which is the arts and entertainment center of Istanbul, is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of the Bosphorus as well. It is a place that is the first preference of everyone with a high income level to live in.


It is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Istanbul with its historical structures, geographical beauties and glamorous charm. Bebek hosts many yachts while it also accommodates the most popular entertainment venues.

The popular Bebek coast lies between Arnavutoy district and Rumeli Fortress which offers an ideal environment for enjoyable walks and morning sports. For all these motives, apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek are a little bit above the average of the city in terms of square meter unit prices. Fish restaurants, delicatessens, greengrocers, butchers sell the best quality and organic products in Bebek bazaar.

The housing projects of giant branded construction companies struggle to implement new and luxury housing projects in Istanbul Bebek. It is known also that Bebek is one of the favorite neighborhoods of the luxury housing market.



3 Reasons to Invest in Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Bebek


  • Purchasing an apartment in Bebek is profitable


It is both prestigious and beneficial to invest in apartments for sale  Istanbul Bebek. The rental returns of these apartments, which have a bit high sales prices, is equally high. You will not have any difficulty in finding tenants for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek because it is the place that attracts everyone. Business people, artists, foreign families and investors coming to Turkey for a certain period of time for work, would desire to your apartment easily.


  • You can purchase the best apartment for yourself



If your income level is at a high level and you are planning to live in a beautiful and respected place which provides a pleasant life, you can take a look for apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek. There are lots of apartments for sale according to your criteria and the budget you allocate, Bebek promises you a comfortable and pleasant life at this point where the pulse of Istanbul beats.

  • You can experience the amazing historical and breathtaking natural beauties of Bebek




Bebek is one of the most elite neighborhoods in Istanbul that has high historical value and hosts many historical buildings. Life is moving very active and alive in Bebek. It has a charming atmosphere with its coast, groves, park and magnificent Bosphorus view. If you are looking for a neighborhood where you can enjoy and have a pleasant living, apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek are awaiting for you.



Important Features to be Considered When Looking for Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Bebek





Apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek provide you every kind of luxury intertwined with comfort, but there are many alternatives and features that you should stand on and not skip by while looking for an apartment.


One of the important factors you need to asses is how many years ago the apartment you will purchase was constructed. Apartment constructions in Bebek, which is a long established neighborhood, are usually old. In fact, for your safety, it is useful to examine its structure but it is hard for you to know it in this case you can take help from an experienced real estate company.

You can find the most appropriate apartment for sale within many alternative units with different room numbers such as one bedroom, two bedrooms, three even five bedrooms and luxury duplex apartments in Istanbul Bebek. You should search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek by considering the “transportation” facilities in the most suitable way to your own a comfortable lifestyle.

It is beneficial to purchase apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek, where the transport networks are active almost every hour and have public transportation alternatives. In addition, if your apartment has an amazing sea view is an important feature that will directly raise the price of square meters and its rent. However, at this spot, you should assess the region's price trends for sale.

If you are purchasing apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek for investment purposes, you should be careful about the depreciation period and analyze the square meter unit prices. Being aware of these pieces of information will enable you to purchase the apartment at the right price which opens the door to a smart investment with high returns.


About Bebek

Bebek is a neighborhood in Besiktas region on the European side and the Bosphorus of Istanbul. The district, which takes place between Rumeli Hisari and Arnavutkoy, where people high income live, also has a sea bay of the same name. Bebek neighborhood is popular for its seaside cafes, restaurants, fish restaurants with the best seafood and almond paste. It is a place which attracts everyone especially liked by foreigners.


Bebek is the place where Istanbul people are always frequented, beaches, walking paths, resting places, cafes and restaurants are always full. Especially in Bebek Park and the cafes and restaurants around it, you can have an amazing time against the Bosphorus.

The root of the Bebek name goes back to the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmed. In accordance with the details from Evliya Celebi, the Fatih Sultan Mehmed to ensure the security and order of the region, it elects a person named Bebek Celebi during the construction of the Rumeli Fortress and the encirclement of Istanbul.

Bebek Celebi made a garden and a mansion in this place. After the death of the Bebek Celebi, whose real name was Mustafa Cavus, the neighborhood started to be called with its name and the name Bebek continues to be called up to now.

Bebek, which was a Greek fishing village during the conquest of Istanbul, happen as a summer resort during the Ottoman government. Pavilions, summer houses have been constructed on the coast on which many of them have survived to present days.

Bebek has been a persistent neighborhood in the middle of the 19th century with the beginning of ferry transportation. Now it is one of the most expensive and luxurious neighborhoods of Istanbul. The prices of apartments for sale Istanbul Bebek confirm this.

Along with the beautiful and charming mosque, which is the work of the famous Architect Kemalettin on the coast of Bebek, the popular Bebek coffee house is one of the symbols of the neighborhood. Towards the inner of Bebek, there is an orphanage with the Catholic Church.

The Egyptian Consulate, which takes place on the coast of Bebek, is one of the best samples of the “Art Nouveau” movement. The Asiyan Museum, which is a little ahead of the Bebek, is one of the significant places in the neighborhood.

The tomb of Tevfik Fikret is also situated in the garden of the museum. There are magnificent paintings, photographs and books in the museum. In addition, the park full of roses and acacias on the street extending to the Asiyan Museum is an important place of charm.

Historical structures of Istanbul Bebek


Bebek hosts many historical buildings and structures. A few of the most important structures can be count as Bebek Mosque, Valide Pasha Mansion, Bebek Pavilion, Yilanli Mansion, Kavafyan Mansion, Izzetabad Mansion and Grove, Ayse Sultan Mansion and Grove.


Bebek, which is one of the beautiful neighborhoods of the Ottoman period, has many other historical structures. There is also a Greek and a Catholic church in Bebek that is still existing. The most popular Bebek Park manages to stay on the agenda.


Where are the apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek with nearby educational institutions?



Apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek requests are received by foreign families, students, trainers and teachers studying at schools and universities such as Bogazici University, Korkmaz Yigit High School, etc. in the immediate vicinity.



The apartments approximate to these areas should be near to the coastal location. It may be essential to go a little more in terms of transportation in the Etiler slope and the upper apartments. As primary and secondary schools and government universities are located in the inner part of Bebek, they will be you will find many apartments for sale in Istanbul Bebek walking distance for many school. Bebek, where land and sea transportation networks are available, is a neighborhood where transportation is actively traveling until certain hours.