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Apartment for Sale
Istanbul Bakırköy

Apartment for Sale Istanbul Bakırköy


Bakırköy one of the most strategical districts on the European side of Istanbul. It is located in the western half of Istanbul, on the Catalca Peninsula, on the northeastern coast of the Marmara Sea.

Bakirköy is surrounded by Kucukcekmece from the west, Bahcelievler from the north, Gungoren from the northeast, Zeytinburnu district from the east and the Marmara Sea from the south.

Bakırköy is the first metropolitan district of Tukey, which an important part of Istanbul. The economy of the district is generally built on industry and commerce.

It is an important district in terms of country’s best-known hospitals and mental health institutions. The first opened hospital in Turkey was the Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital in Bakırköy district of Istanbul.

Bakırköy district has lots of social facilities youth sports club which provides services to young population in swimming, underwater volleyball, bocce, field hockey, gymnastics, athletics and tennis.

Everyone dreams to own a house and it is among the most important plans of them. And they start to search for houses after they reach the required budget for buying a house. However, it is essential to choose the most reliable websites when looking for advertisements for apartments for sale on the internet.

You can browse the melares.com website comfortably and get all the information about the real estate and housing projects in Istanbul. You can easily find out the prices and market value as well as all information about apartments for sale in Istanbul Bakırköy on our website.

Luxury Housing Projects of Bakırköy

Bakırköy is one of the most beautiful district with sea, social facilities, business centers, shopping malls and most comprehensive housing projects. The district is at the attraction point of investors and foreigners by being perfect in every terms of life.

There are lots of luxury project is located in Bakırkoy district in the heart of the city away from chaos. Bakırköy has a luxury project lies between the E-5 highway and the coast of the Sea of Marmara.

Even though you are in the heart of the city the life near the sea will offer the ultimate comfort. With this project, you will be able to start a luxury life for yourself in the city. The project is right at Istanbul's most important transportation network and most rising regions next to E-5 highway. It consists of 302 apartment options with affordable prices and low dues.

It has amazing features for foreigner which are the best reasons to buy from this project. The housing units are ready to deliver with its Title deed on which most of them are suitable for Turkish citizenship.

The project has magnificent sea view on the upper floors, high investment value and offers unlimited social facilities. Which is considered, for all members of the family such as indoor swimming pool, children's swimming pool, fitness, sauna, Turkish bath, cafe, children's playground, football area and gym. It will you have a charming and enjoyable time with your family.

The project, has an exceptional location in terms of ease of transportation, develped in Atakoy, one of the most fundamental districts of Istanbul. The project has 5 minutes distance to the coastal road, 10 minutes to the TEM Expressway and 10 minutes to the Mahmut bey toll booths. It is within walking distance to the metro and Metrobus stations so that you could easily reach both sides of Istanbul.

There is another beach front magnificent project in Bakırköy. It offers the comfort of a detached life right at the seaside in the center of the city. With this luxury project, you will be able to step up to a brand new life.

The project which have dream apartments consists of one bedroom to five bedrooms, 2 hotels, 1 apart hotel constructed on 62,500 square meters land. You will no longer have to worry about traffic because the project is at 1-kilo meter distance to Atakoy Marina, 3 kilometers to E-5 highway, 6 kilometers to the Eurasia Tunnel and 8 kilometers to Ataturk Airport which is going to convert to a magnificent park. The project has a shopping mall and a hospital near it. As well as it has close proximity to Florya district.

The apartments for sale in this project has elegant and spacious floor plan consisting of glamorous living room with spacious closed and open kitchen style, master bedroom with master bathroom and new brand architecture designs.

You will easily find wide range of housing projects with apartments for sale in Istanbul Bakırköy on our website.

Let's look briefly at what should be considered while searching the house in Bakırköy.

  • After you give your decision to buy a house, the first thing you should do is determine your budget. Then stock the houses appropriate for your budget. Otherwise, you will waste your time unnecessary. Which may cause you to miss the house you dreamed of.
  • Have perfect research about the location of the apartment for sale in Istanbul Bakırköy. It should be near to the market, shopping malls, bazaar, hospitals and educational institutions.

The most sufficient thing is it should be close to public transportation or stations that you will use for transportation such as Metrobus, minibus, metro stations, etc.

  • Be careful not to purchase a house near to industrial establishments and facilities that will adversely affect your health.
  • It will be better to buy new houses from new projects. But if you want to buy a resale apartment try to find a house that is well maintained and does not have installation and refurbishment problems.
  • The projects in Bakırköy have apartments for sale with the number of rooms such as studio apartments, 1 bedroom up to 5 bedrooms or duplex apartment options which is completely proportional to your needs. If you have a large family, you should look for spacious apartments for sale. For families with fewer individuals, the opposite is the case. But there is something that you should know that as the number of rooms in the house increases, its price will increase as well.
  • You should be aware that apartments with a high number of rooms for sale do not mean it will offer the ultimate comfort. You should definitely go and see the advertisements with more details you like. Even if the number of rooms is high, comfort cannot be provided in apartments that have small rooms as much as boxes.
  • You should be careful whether there is thermal insulation in the apartment for sale Istanbul. Thermal insulation avoids moisture problems such as mold and fungus. Thermal insulation helps to decrease the bill amounts by saving energy in a house. As well as it makes the house warm up quickly in winter.
  • If you want to buy a newly built apartment from a housing project you should pay attention to the quality of the materials used in apartment construction. You can take help from an experienced real estate agent. MELARES Turkey Properties with 18 years' experience in the real estate market will be the best choice as an agent for you.
  • While buying an apartment for sale choose the projects which are built according to the earthquake regulations and have earthquake resistance.
  • It will be better to choose an apartment for sale in Istanbul Bakırköy that have been completed of all official processes and with title deed ready to deliver.
  • It is necessary to clarify whether there is only one owner of the apartment you are looking at or it has an inheritance.
  • It will be beneficial for you to have the payment for the apartment for sale in Istanbul through your bank account, not by hand so that you could have a payment receipt.

In order to have a reliable investment and buy your house in a safe way and without any worry contact us. We will have the pleasure to satisfy you also as we did our thousands of customers.

Apartment for Sale Istanbul Bakırköy/ Places to Visit in Bakırköy

Bakırköy which is one of the biggest and crowded districts of Istanbul European side goes to the Roman Empire and the 4th century. It is considered a summer resort because of its location on the shore of the Marmara Sea.

  • Dzinunt Surp Asdvadzadzni Armenian Church
  • Bakırköy Carsı Mosque
  • Zuhuratbaba Mausoleum
  • Bakırköy Freedom Square
  • Bakirkoy Beach

Dzinunt Surp Asdvadzadzni Armenian Church

This church was built in 1844 by Hovhannes Bey Dadyan in Zeytinburnu and Bakırköy for Armenian employees working in the factory and their families. Apart from Hovhannes Bey Dadyan, the builder of the church, the graves of many important people are also available in this church.

Bakırköy Freedom Square

It is the most popular place in Bakırköy. It is usually a very active square consisting of lots of shopping facilities and health care centers in it. Time to time concerts is held in the square.

Bakirkoy Popular Beach  

The coastal road starts from Bakırköy and covering a large area towards Yenimahalle and Zeytinburnu. The beach is very crowded at all hours of the day. You can take a walk in the morning with the fresh atmosphere of the Beach, which is among Bakırköy Places or you can have a happy time watching the Marmara Sea by drinking your tea in the cafes there.