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Antalya Turkey: Mysterious Places to Visit
Travel Guide 2023

Antalya Turkey is a magnificent city that takes place on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean. It is known as the most important capital of international tourism in Turkey.


Antalya Turkey is a populous city in terms of population intensity. It is well-known as the fifth crowded city also one of the most famous provinces of Turkey.

The city charms millions of people from all around the world. By gathering the sun, clear blue sea and mountains surrounded by pine trees altogether. Antalya was declared as the paradise of the earth, which was discovered by King Attalos II in the 1st century BC.

Being a part of natural beauty, Antalya Turkey spreads light on the past with historical works from the Roman and Ottoman periods. Despite the mercilessness of the time, Turkey's historical and cultural heritage of mosques, churches, madrasahs, baths, being preserved as it is.



Antalya cuisine is one of the most important kitchens in the world where the effects of Mediterranean and Arab dishes are felt with olive oil foods. Sheet roasting, tandoori kebab and meatballs are popular flavors suitable for your taste.

The magnificent city of Antalya Turkey has been grown quickly, and the most populous city of Turkey today due to advantageous climatic conditions and tourism events after 1980. Economic life in Antalya is greatly based on trade, agriculture and tourism.

Antalya Turkey from prehistory until today has hosted many civilizations covered by the region and the province is taking place in the most ancient parts of the country. Antalya which takes place respectively in Lycians, Lydians, Pamfilyalılar, Pergamon, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans and finally the Republic of Turkey, has never selected as the capital of any of these civilizations.

The entire province is situated in the Antalya region of the Mediterranean area and is within the sphere of influence of the Mediterranean climate. Most of the city lands, except for settlements, consist of plateaus surrounded by grain fields.

Antalya, the biggest city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Antalya region is very popular among tourists and real estate investors especially for its golden sandy beaches, historical places and stunning green nature with its warm climate.


Cost of living in Antalya 2023



Costs of Living in Antalya For example, eating in a normal restaurant is around 3.5 Euros in the city. Water (0.33-liter bottle) is only 0.22 Euros. In publish transportation network, one-way ticket costs 0.40 Euros. The average monthly salary of residents is around 410 Euros.

  1.  The four-month estimated cost family is 9,764.59 Turkish Liras without rent.
  2.  Estimated monthly cost of a single person is 2.807,14 Turkish Liras rent-free.
  3.  Cost of living in Antalya Turkey is 15.19% reasonable than in Istanbul without rent.
  4.  The average rent in Antalya is 46.96% less than in Istanbul.


Antalya Turkey… The Magnificent Holiday City




Antalya, which has the greatest hotels and facilities among the holiday zone in the Mediterranean, serves more than 5 million tourists each year. The mix of sea, sand, sun and the dark green vegetation of the Taurus Mountains made the city a center of attraction.

Antalya is the fourth most visited city in the world, be in service of the tourism sector for four seasons. You can discover a wide variety of facilities such as vacation, culture, sea, sports, health, winter, congress, plateau, cave, camp, faith and wedding tourism.

When we mention Culture and Sea Tourism, we can indicate all the coastline of Antalya. There are ancient regions, historical buildings, historical mosques and churches along the coast from Kas to Gazipasa. Sea tours on this coastline are also provided especially on Cleopatra, Konyaalti and Lara beaches.

When you take a look at sports tourism, Antalya is a city where international competitions are clasped and preferred by lots of sports clubs in Europe in their camps or competitions. Between the years 2003 to 2008 Antalya hosted the World Rally Championship, also in 2009 - 2010 judo, weightlifting, fencing, volleyball, badminton and many sectors had up to 200 hosted a national seminar.


11 Best Places to Visit in Antalya - Mysterious Places


When tourism in Turkey is mentioned undoubtedly Antalya Turkey, the pearl of the Mediterranean, comes to mind with its hot, sea and lush nature. Of course, beyond the well-known tourist attractions, Antalya has many mysterious beauties that most people and tourists never heard of. Antalya is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey in terms of places to visit, let's discover it now.






Kaleici is a great touristic attraction located in the Muratpasa region of Antalya Turkey. It is a very significant district as it carries traces of the city's history. Historical houses, which are among the most concrete buildings that connect the past to the present, are of great importance. Not just with their architecture design but also for the reason that they reflect the lifestyle, behavior, traditions and customs of the people of that period.




Yanartas is a popular holiday center of Antalya Turkey, located in Cirali region, in Kemer. It is known as the eternal fire. You will reach Yanartas about 3.5 kilometers after crossing the bridge at the entry of Cirali and reaching the orange groves on the left. As you climb Yanartas, you will be intertwined with the beauty of the sea and nature.

Yanartas, which is flooded by tourists, is near to the sea and is well-known for the flames emanating from the stones. If you want to have a miraculous experience, you should go to Yanartas on your Antalya Turkey holiday.


Alara Han Castle


Antalya Turkey is a great city with historical places to visit. Among the historical places that should visit, there are also castles. Alara Han Castle, situated on the hill on the edge of the Alara Stream, is about 40 kilometers from Alanya. It was built by the Seljuk ruler I. Alaaddin Keykubat.




Side Ancient City


Side Ancient City is one of the most important ancient cities of Antalya. Side Ancient City, one of the port cities of Pamphylia in ancient times, It dates back to the 8th century BC, to the Hittites. Many historical ruins have survived from the city, which was abandoned since the 12th century.

Side Museum is also available in Side Ancient City. The museum offers the best architectural features specific to the Byzantine, Roman and Hellenistic periods. After traveling around the ancient city, you should certainly visit the museum to see the statues, columns and portraits of ancient civilizations.



Visiting Hours of Side Ancient City Museum | Entrance Fee of Side Museum


You can visit the side museum of Antalya Turkey from 08:30 to 19.30 in the summer - 15 April / 2 October.

The opening time of the side museum in winter starts from 08.30 to 17.30. The entrance fee for the museum is 15 Turkish Liras.


Aspendos Ancient City


The ancient city founded by the Achaeans in the 10th century BC is located in the Belkis Village of Antalya's Serik region. Aspendos Ancient City famous for its 12,000-seat amphitheater built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD, the city had an important position due to the Koprucay and trade route on it. The theater is one of the oldest surviving scenes which is built by Roman Zenon.

The most significant remains that you should not miss visiting after the theater are Aqueducts. The Aqueducts carrying water from the mountains in the north have a length of 1 kilometer. It is recommended you see it nearby to witness the engineering skills of the period.


Many historical buildings have been preserved from the ancient city consisting of structures such as Agora, theater, Bathhouse, Cisterns and Stadiums. The Aspendos Ancient City hosts many local and foreign tourists every year, and activities such as theater and concerts are held.



Visiting Hours of Aspendos Ancient City | Entrance Fee


You can visit Aspendos Ancient City of Antalya Turkey from 08:30 to 19.30 on summer - 15 April / 2 October.

The opening time of Aspendos Ancient City in winter starts from 08.30 to 17.30 during 3 October / 14 April. The entrance fee for the Ancient City is 35 Turkish Liras.



Mysterious Places to Visit in Antalya Turkey


Ucansu Waterfalls



Ucansu Waterfalls are located in Akcapinar Village, 60 kilometers from Antalya, is almost a mysterious paradise. The waterfalls fed by snow waters in winter and spring admires nature lovers.

One of the two waterfalls in total flows from 70 meters while the other flows from 51 meters. You can enjoy walking in the vicinity of Ucansu Waterfalls on St. Paulus Road. It is famous as the pilgrimage route of Christians and one of the longest routes in Turkey and joins safari activities. It is also very pleasant to swim in the cool waters of the waterfalls.


Sapadere Canyon


Sapadere Canyon is a magnificent natural wonder with its 360 meters length and 400 meters height in the Alanya region of Antalya Turkey. It has a glorious view with the creek flowing from the base of the canyon. There are magnificent bridges in a way that does not interrupt the visually in to pass through the interior.

The waterfall at the end of the canyon and the cold waters of the giant cauldron where it spills relax its visitors in summer. The Sapadere Canyon was only known to domestic people up to now. It is now in the focus of attention of nature lovers with its entertainment and great facilities.



Cakirlar and Geyikbayirı Village


Cakiırlar Village is a magnificent place to visit located 36 minutes from the center of Antalya Turkey. It offers its visitors the most beautiful village market and delicious breakfast you can find in this region. Cakiırlar Village is very attractive for those who come to the high society market, with its thousand kinds of jams, tasty pancakes and flatbread, and desserts.

While appealing to children with its great park, it allows adults to have an enjoyable time with backgammon, table tennis and samovars boiling in embers. Antalya Turkey provides a lot for both local and foreign tourists.


Kizlar Sivrisi


Kızlar Sivrisi is the top peak of the Bey Mountains with a height of 3086 meters. The wonderful mountain is one of the most preferred routes for climbers. It is covered with Cedar forests. It is not that easy to climb Kizlar Sivrisi, which is seen as a transition and practice by mountaineers who want to raise the height after mountains such as Spil Mountain, Uludag and Ilgaz. The lush green view of the mountain skirts is worth seeing. You can also be climbed in your vehicles. There are lots of camping sites and guesthouses on the mountain road, which is entered from the shore of the lake here.


Guver Ucurumu (Guver Cliff)


Guver cliff is also known as Guver Canyon located in the Dosemealti district of Antalya Turkey. The valley, composed of karstic rocks, is 2 kilometers long, about 30 meters wide and 115 meters high.

There are many cruise points in the Guver Canyon, where there is no accommodation. The superb vegetation and animal diversities that can be seen from this area offer stunning shots to photographers.



Tilkiler Magarasi (Tilkiler Cave) | Antalya Turkey


Tilkiler Cave, one of the unknown tourism areas in Antalya Turkey, was first discovered during the Oymapinar Dam works. Tilkiler Cave is 7 kilometers long in total. It is one of the natural beauties that succeeded to announce its new name. This cave, which is extraordinary with its stalactites and stalagmites, is the new most preferred place for those who love to discover new places.