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Alanya Turkey:
Travel Guide 2023

What to Do in Alanya Turkey?


Alanya Turkey is a beach resort city and a magnificent district 138 kilometers (86 mi) away from the city of Antalya in the east. 

Alanya Turkey is located on a small peninsula in the south of the Mediterranean and with the Taurus Mountains in the north. Alanya is a seaside town on Turkey's southern coast, sits on a rocky peninsula with an impressive 13th-century castle overlooking magnificent beaches.


Since it was located on the line between Pamphylia and Cilicia in ancient times, it was sometimes called Pamphylia and sometimes Klikya. There is no definite information about the first settlement of Alanya.

The most important factors that make Alanya a well-known holiday destination are not only being the attraction point of historical and natural beauties but also is popular for its entertaining nightlife. Alanya Turkey reflects a paradise with its natural beauties as all of Antalya. Its great historical beauties shed light on the thousands of years of history of the region. Briefly, if you are thinking about what to do in Alanya, be sure that there are lots of things to do and countless magnificent places to visit in this holiday paradise.




In Alanya Turkey, there is a wide range of opportunities that offer very pleasant holiday memories for both domestic and foreign tourists. It promises a dream vacation with a mixture of history, relaxation, and unique adventures for every age group.

One day you can enjoy sunbathing at Cleopatra beach, the other day you can have an adventure trip to Sapadere canyon.


Where to go in Alanya Turkey?


As it is mentioned above, Alanya Turkey easily manages to glamorize everyone who steps into this wonderful region with its natural beauties. The district is home to many natural beauties. Here are some of the heavenly corners that you can visit and see in Alanya.


  1. Sapadere Canyon
  2. Kadıini Cave
  3. Dim Cave
  4. Damlatas Cave
  5. Pirates Cave
  6. Phosphorescent Cave
  7. Dam Cayi


Besides these, there are other caves worth seeing in Alanya Turkey other than those mentioned above. If you are interested in caves, Alanya is a great place for you.




Sapadere Canyon 


Sapadere Canyon is situated in Sapadere Village on the east of Alanya Turkey. Sapadere Canyon has 750 meters long and 400 meters high. The canyon has been turned into a tourism area worth seeing with investments such as a promenade built at the entrance of the canyon and a promenade built at the entrance of the canyon with steel supports on the canyon located at the exit point of Sapadere Stream.

It can easily reach Sapadere Canyon by the asphalt road leading to Demirtas Town from the Alanya-Gazipaşa highway, which is 40 kilometers from Alanya and 175 kilometers from Antalya Airport.

There is a waterfall worth seeing approximately 300 meters from the entrance of Sapadere Canyon. Also, at the place where this waterfall is poured, there is a platform built using wood and steel construction materials. It is not harmful to the environment and can be removed when necessary.


Historical Beauties of Alanya Turkey


Alanya is one of the richest regions of Turkey in terms of having historical places as well as natural beauties. Here are some of the historical places you can visit in Alanya.


  1. Alanya Castle
  2. Ehmedek-curved door
  3. Red tower
  4. Kale Mosque
  5. Buyuk oren ruins
  6. Syedra ruins

The historical places mentioned above are just a few of the places you can visit and see in. There are numerous historical places to visit in Alanya Turkey. Because it is a settlement since prehistoric times, preserves much more historical value on its land.






Where to Stay in Alanya Turkey? - Best Place to Stay in Alanya


Since Alanya is a worldwide known holiday center, there are numerous accommodation places in this region. Alanya Turkey, which offers a wide range of accommodation facilities ranging from five-star hotels to modest hostels, you will not face any problem finding the right place that will allow you to have a holiday as you have dreamed of.

If you aim to have a holiday in a bit crowded town from May to September or even October, it is suggested to select your accommodation in advance and book a place. Otherwise, will be very hard or even impossible to find a place to stay in Alanya. Another best suggestion for best place to stay in Alanya Turkey is to choose among the hotels approximate to the places to visit.


What is the Best Time to Visit Alanya?


Alanya Turkey is located in the center of the Turkish Riviera which has a wonderful Mediterranean climate with long summers and mild winters. You can enjoy the sunshine for 14 hours of a day in June and July. Each year 310 days offer magnificent sun.

The best time to visit Alanya is from June or September to December when temperatures of around 31 ° C are expected because July and August can be quite hot there.

If you want to travel to Alanya Turkey and want to go all around the city, spring can be a great time for your visit. The average temperature of the city in the spring is around 20 ° C and below 9 ° C at night. It may not be feasible to enjoy swimming in the sea, but there is still always soft and warm sun.




What to Eat in Alanya? - Best Food and Restaurant Options of Alanya Turkey


As it is expected from a worldwide popular holiday resort, eating and drinking options in Alanya are quite wide. There is a wide range of restaurants in the heart of the region and its surroundings. These great restaurants offer both ottoman and foods from different cuisines of the world. However, it is recommended to give priority to the local tastes of Alanya Turkey. Ad the cuisine of the region is very rich and each dish is more delicious than the other. Here are some of the local tastes you can try in Alanya.

  1. Sis kofte - Meatballs
  2. Dovme asi
  3. Kirdaki
  4. Zeytinyağlı taze bakla - Fresh Broad Bean with Olive Oil
  5. Bumbar - Chitterlings
  6. Sibit Tatlisi (Sepit) - Shibit Dessert
  7. Oksuz helvası - Orphans halva

These are just a few of the local tastes of Alanya Turkey. Also fish has an important place in Alanya cuisine. If you like to eat fish, you will have the pleasure of tasting every type of fish during your Alanya holiday, because the restaurants in the region serve magnificent fish alternatives.


Best Beaches in Alanya Turkey


One of the most important parts of Alanya Turkey is its magnificent beaches. There are more than 20 Perfect beaches in the region. Of course, it is unfeasible to include all of the details about these beaches in our article, but here are the most popular Alanya beaches:


  1. Kargicak beach
  2. Damlataş beach
  3. Sunset beach
  4. East Cleopatra beach
  5. West Kleopatra beach
  6. Keykubat Beach
  7. Incekum public beach


Most of these beaches in Alanya are blue flagged, so their cleanliness, hygiene and beauty are registered. It is well-known that you will have very wonderful moments on these beaches during your Alanya Turkey holiday.



Nightlife in Alanya Turkey


For sure, vacation means having fun as well as resting. Alanya Turkey's nightlife is extremely colorful and the region has a well-deserved reputation with its many entertainment places and nights clubs that appeal to every style and every age group. Some of the entertainment places and night clubs you can go to in Alanya are;


  1. Las Vegas Cafe & Bar
  2. Havan Club
  3. Black Horse
  4. Istanbul Club
  5. Robin hood
  6. Murphi’s Bar

The entertainment places and nightclubs are not limited to there, of course, there are lots of other places waiting for you in the region. All you should do to enjoy Alanya's nightlife is to select the best place and let yourself be free as an ocean.