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Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey
through a Real Estate Company

As a foreigner, your real estate research and purchase process in Turkey is a bit difficult process to carry out alone.

The partnership with a professional and experienced real estate company in this regard saves you time and allows you to invest in the right property in Turkey.


MELARES Turkey Properties, which runs from 2003 to date real estate sector in Turkey extremely well-equipped, experienced and professional company. It provides you full support in everything you need, from property options for the accurate price to location value to the investment value of the property. Experienced and expert lawyers of MELARES in real estate law inform you fully and accurately on all matters related to legal procedures.


You Communicate with One Person        


When you work with a real estate company, you do not have to deal with different owners. MELARES' expert Buyer Advisor is with you at all stages of your purchases. You will have the convenience of communicating with the only authorized person assigned to you.


Correct Analysis of Property Seller


In the real estate market, sellers and buyers are parties. In this case, it may be difficult for you to analyze the seller in a limited time, understand the price expectation and offer the appropriate price in the bargaining process. It manages the transactions in the most accurate way, like a bridge between a professional real estate company and the buyer and seller in these processes.


You Reach the Real Price


Different prices of a property can be seen in real estate portals and advertisements. This confuses real estate buyers. MELARES has dominated the sector and prices with the advantage of being in the real estate sector for many years. Therefore, it offers you the most actual price of a property in market conditions. Also, MELARES does not charge a commission from the real estate buyer.


Your Security Is Important


When you get a meeting with the property owners directly to the property for sale in Turkey by owners, it can be worrisome for you to go to a house or office that you do not know. Working with a well-known real estate company in the industry will make you feel safe during property visits.


Company Lawyers Manage All Legal Processes


MELARES' lawyers, who are experts in real estate law and Turkish citizenship, enlighten you and make your transactions easier in both the research of legal issues related to the property and your acquisition of Turkish citizenship.


Professional Team


In your property purchase processes, the professional team at all levels, from Buyer Consultant to Call Center team, from Office Assistant to Office Personnel, works to facilitate your real estate purchase processes and provide you with the highest quality service.


Other Advantages of Working with MELARES;


Instead of this alternative to buy property from owners, there are other privileges of working with a real estate firm.


  1.  We guide you right at every stage of property purchase.
  2. By analyzing your needs correctly, we offer suitable property alternatives and do not waste time.
  3. In real estate tours, we share only the investment value, development, features and current information of the region with you.
  4. Since we know the industry, the firms and the real estate market well, we offer you real analysis on everything you need.
  5.  We give you real information on very important matters such as the property's delivery date, the reliability of the material quality, post-warranty and the reliability of the services.
  6. We organize all your property purchases for you and make your job easier.
  7. We offer you effective solutions in many subjects such as furniture, decoration, landscaping, that you need after-sales.


Buying Real Estate From Owners


The Turkish real estate market is a free market. On the one hand, real estate sales are made by professional real estate agents, and on the other hand by the owners. Under normal conditions, in many countries of the world, resale property sales are also made through professional local or international real estate companies. In Turkey, because legally the moment such an arrangement does, the owner of any property, houses, villas, shops, offices, doing marketing with its opportunities for shop or field or plot, is trying to sell the property.


In fact, property owners are divided into two on this issue. Property owners with a traditional perspective prefer to sell their property themselves, while those who can develop a vision and think globally prefer professional real estate partnerships.


It is also a fact that the owners become more conscious about this issue day by day. When we look at the real estate portals, the property from owners rate in Turkey is around 20%. As a matter of fact, most of the advertisements from this owner are sold by real estate companies over time.


Real estate buyers may also tend to purchase directly from the property owner in order not to pay service fees (commissions) to the real estate company from time to time. However, there is a statement that everyone knows. “Jump out of the frying pan into the fire.” So, if you avoid paying commission, you are likely to face bigger problems.


Disadvantages of Buying property for sale in Turkey from owners


While buying a property for sale in Turkey, if you do not prefer buying from a real estate agent company through a real estate company, it means that you are interested in the real estate named "resale" which has been sold by real estate owners. In this case, you should also consider the possibility of encountering many problems. Unlike professional real estate companies, you will not encounter a professional approach in the real estate processes for sale from the owner.


Insufficient Information


Although at first glance, the owner of the property is thought to have the most detailed information about the property, you will also find that there is not enough introductory information in many of the property advertisements. Because property owners think that real estate investors will be convinced with a few sentences they write. They are so confident that their property is the best that they have the illusion that their property can be sold immediately without the need to provide much information. However, with our 18 years of experience as MELARES Turkey Properties, we know very well that today real estate investors are researching at least as much as a real estate agency and want to have information.


Therefore, in your research about property purchases from owners, maybe you will give up to review the properties and you will miss the properties that are very suitable for you because they don't have sufficient information or photos.


Property Owners May Not Be Objective


It is one of the major disadvantages in making the property for sale in Turkey this. Regardless of the type of property, such as apartments, villas, offices, land, owners always believe that the property he/she sells is unmatched and the best property on the market.


Therefore, he/she cannot act impartially during your property visits. The property owner shows you the best aspects of the property. At first glance, he/she avoids saying some handicaps you may not have noticed. You buy this property that you do not see and do not know about its negative aspects, and after all the processes are finished, you will encounter the facts. This will cause you a great disappointment and will also cause you to question the accuracy of your investment.


Is the Price of the Property Right?


It is difficult to know if the price of a property sold by the owner is of real value. You cannot be sure of the reality of the price.


If there is no alternative advertisement for this house, villa or shop equivalent in the listings, you should search for different sites and try to find an equivalent property and compare the price. This is a difficult and time-consuming process. You may not always find an equivalent property. In this case, you have to rely on the price offered by the owner and his statement about the correctness of the price of the property.


Difficulty Examining Legal Situations


There may be family ownership or disagreement on the property you wish to purchase. Or the property may have a legal restriction (mortgage, lien, etc.). When you are not working with a professional real estate agent and lawyer, you will need to do research of such matters yourself. Going to the Land Registry Offices will investigate if the properties you like have a problematic situation. If you think of real estate from owners, you will need to execute these processes by yourself.


Difficulties of the Negotiation Process


When you run the negotiation process directly with the property owner without a professional real estate agent, you may not get a discount in price as a result of the property owner is not objective. The owner of the property may be emotional and not want to drop the price. Or, the landlord may give up the sale of the land that you have agreed on for some reason at the last minute. This means that the labor and time you have spent for days are wasted.


Difficult to Find Alternative Property


One of the toughest parts of getting purchased the property from the owner's property in Turkey is to find an alternative when you do not like the existing property. For example, you have reviewed the advertisement for an apartment you like and you like it very much. However, when you go to visit, it is quite small, unusable, lightless, etc. Then you can see in the photos of the house. When you see that it is in a situation, it is natural to turn to other property alternatives.


However, it will not always be easy to find another house with similar features in the location you like. You need luck here.


When you work with a real estate company, it's more likely to find different alternatives with similar properties in the same region and recommend them to you.


Being in Contact with Different Owners


Because people have different characters, in your quest for property Turkey from owners there will be some challenges to be dealt with differently landlords. While some will not treat you with kindness, some hosts may not be able to behave you impatiently and not give make you examine the property adequately. Since you do not have enough time to analyze the price expectation of different property owners and submit the right offer, it is possible that your offer remains inadequate.