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Acquire Turkish citizenship
by Working with MELARES' Lawyers

It must be stated in the text of the power of attorney that you will give "that the lawyer is authorized to apply for Turkish citizenship on your behalf". Thus, even if you are not being in Turkey, your lawyer will have executive powers to ease the naturalization process on your behalf.


In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, thousands of new construction is done. You need an expert eye to be sure which of these / which has completed its legal procedures for you to purchase.

> Citizenship and Passport Application

Your lawyers provide all necessary legal counseling in all of your processes from the preparation of the documents required for Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport in accordance with the provisions of the Law, until the conclusion of your transactions.

 It follows the processes meticulously and finalizes them.

* Obtaining Citizenship Approval Documents from Population Directorates

After the citizenship application is finalized, a certificate of confirmation is issued by the Provincial Population Directorate that the citizenship has been concluded. These documents are also taken by our lawyers.

* Passport and Identity Appointments, Regulations

(Population Directorate in Turkey or Turkey Embassies / Consulates)

After your citizenship application is positive, it is now the last step. The last stage is the provision of passports and IDs.

The person and his family, whose Turkish citizenship is approved, should go to the Population Directorates in domestic or to Embassies and Consulates abroad. Since your fingerprints will be taken in these competent authorities, you should go to these institutions personally.

If you perform mentioned operations in Turkey, MELARES's competent lawyers will be with you during this process. If you want to get the relevant documents from consulates or embassies, our lawyers will inform you about how the entire process will process.



> Taxes and Tax Exemption Support

Your lawyer direct you in the right way, about the tax you have to pay for the real estate you will buy in Turkey and to which authority you would refer to. 

In addition, your lawyers manage the application processes regarding the Value Added Tax Exemption (VAT) of the real estate you have purchased in Turkey in the most accurate way.

> Current Information on Legislation and Legal Issues

It is very difficult for you to get fast and accurate information by yourself about your investment, your applications, your processes or the changes that the Turkish government will make regarding the necessary documents.

The Lawyers you work with instantly notify you of such legislative changes, ensuring that your proceedings are carried out properly and accurately.