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25 Reasons to Be
A Turkish Citizen

25 Reasons to Be a Turkish Citizen


TURKEY, it is one of the unique countries of the world with its history, nature, cultural beauties and strategic location. It has a lot of privileges to live in a cosmopolitan country with a population of 83 million. On the one hand European countries, on the other hand, Asian, Middle East and African countries...

Turkey which is the intersection point of the world's many places, also is the focus of interest of foreign investors. Due to both for living and commercial connections, many of foreigners wishes to live in Turkey or to become a Turkish citizen. Turkish lands, which can establish the balance and harmony between cultures very well, are also a real paradise for foreigners.

Foreign real estate investors, which have increased rapidly since 2015, are also an indicator of this. Foreigners buy Turkish real estate every year more than the previous yearvand some of them obtain Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who come as tourists to Turkey, find a chance to know Turkish culture, nature, cultural heritage and the Turkish people closely. Those who have experienced all this are more excited about being a Turkish citizen.




Opportunities of Turkey to Life and Invest


In Turkey which have hundreds of features, what are the 25 reasons to be a Turkish citizen?

Let's take a look at them all together.


In Turkey Democracy and Belief are Together


Turkey, is a country that hosting 83 million people having different culture, religion and political opinions and where democracy and the belief is lived together.


In Turkey, everyone is free to fulfill the requirements of the religion that he/she believes in.


Turkey, since in the past the country home of many civilizations, there are a variety of places of worship for different religions all over the country. Mosques, churches, synagogues… Muslims, Christians or Jews can enjoy their freedom of belief both in their homes and places of worship.


It Has a Strong Economy



According to review of research institutions throughout the world, economically, the world's most powerful 17th country is Turkey.


  • Real Estate Investment Values

Turkey always has a real estate market which is lively, demanded and increasing value. The real estate investment is the best kind of a smart investment that have lots of advantages such as residence permit Turkey, Turkish citizenship for investments on Turkish apartments for sale over 250.000 $ and so on. 


According to statistics, the annual investment value increasing of the real estate is around 12.5% on average.


In recent years, the Turkish government has facilitated being a Turkish citizen with real estate investment. The investment amount, which was previously 1 million Dollar, has been reduced. According to the current practice, foreigners investing in 250 thousand Dollar apartment or villa or commercial properties can apply for Turkish citizenship.


  • Giant Investments

In Turkey, there are mega projects and investments such asIstanbul Airport, Canal Istanbul, Canakkale Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, The domestic automobile manufacturing, Investment in the defense industry that make Turkey every day more powerful.


  • Business Opportunities

While you are living in Turkey, according to your profession and your talent if you wish, you can work in a company or institution or can take your place in trading life by establishing your own business. A foreigner can work well in a job by acquiring Turkish citizenship in Turkey and was able to get a good income. Foreign language skill which is a spesification that wanted, especially in most professions, can open up important job opportunities for a foreigner.


  • Safety Living Conditions

Turkey has been providing a safe life for all people living within the country's borders with its security forces.

Having safe living conditions is one of the most important item of 25 reasons to be a Turkish citizen.


  • World Class Health Services

Turkey provides to Turkish citizens with top-quality FREE health services by well-trained and experienced medical staff in state and university hospitals that have all kinds of health infrastructure. Turkey has a stronger health care system more than many countries of the world. Health investments are increasing day by day in Turkey, and well-equipped Turkish health workers can apply treatments on the upper level.


  • Quality Educational Institutions

FREE training possibility in the world's standards provided in state schools and universities in Turkey, is a great opportunity for you and your family.


Also, especially in the big cities you will have the opportunity to get training in your native language.


  • Turkey is One of the G 20 Countries

Being one of the G20 countries makes Turkey stronger.


  • The Power of Being One of the NATO Countries

The Turkey, is one of the 29 member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), provides to its citizens safety living conditions also at an international level.


  • It is the Member of OECD (Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation)

Being one of the founder countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development proves that Turkey is a country that democratic and economically strong and is improved as trade.


  • It is the Applicant Country of European Union (EU)

Turkey, is one of the candidate countries of European Union (EU) which is including the 27 countries and founded to strengthen cooperation of European countries's economic, political, social and cultural cooperations.


Member Countries of the European Union;

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Southern Greek Region, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Croatia.


Candidate Countries of European Union; Turkey - Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia.


  • Power of the Turkish Army

With its high standard military training, state-of-the-art military equipment, experienced senior management, the Turkish Army is the 11th strongest army in the world among 138 countries.


  • Strong Turkish Legal System

Turkish courts; has been deciding according to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey which includes several key principles such as Republican principles, human rights policy, equality decide.



  • The World's Biggest Capacity Airport is in Turkey

Istanbul Airport, the biggest airport in the world and providing the opportunity for over hundreds of flight in many different place of the world's destinations is located in Turkey.


  • Opportunity to Live Four Seasons

What is another most important item among 25 reasons to be a Turkish citizen? Although can be given different answers to this question the geographical location of Turkey can be considered as one of the important reasons. Those one living in Turkey which is surrounded by 3 side of by sea, would get the opportunity to experience the four seasons and different climates.


  • Chance to Live Beauties of Istanbul

While you are living in Istanbul; you can discover


* The natural beauties of the Bosphorus,

* Enjoying fish and bread in Eminönü,

* Historical mystery in museums and palaces,

* And pleasure of life in entertainment venues.


  • Tourism Potential

While you are living in Turkey, which is one of the world's leading countries in terms of tourism potential, it is possible to realize a pleasant vacation suitable to your budget. You can easily experience the beauties of this paradise country, which is visited by millions of foreign tourists every year, at any time.


  • Hospitable Turkish People

Hospitality, which is found in very few countries of the world, is a traditional phenomenon for the Turkish people.


Turkish people are ready to support you in all matters.


  • Malls Where You Can Find World Brands

Turkey and Istanbul is an actual shopping paradise for foreigners with its malls.


Among the leading Malls in Istanbul; Cevahir Mall, Istinye Park, Mall of Istanbul, Kanyon, Viaport can be counted.


  • Opportunity to Improve Your Quality of Life

Cinemas, theaters, cultural centers, libraries, historical value, cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers and social life richness have been increasing the life quality of people who are living in Turkey.


  • Rich Food Culture

In Turkish soils; along with Anatolian cuisine, you have the opportunity to meet many different traditional and international dishes. There are tastes unique to that region in different parts of the country. Wherever you live in Turkey, you will not have any problem with food.


  • The Intersection of History and Nature

Turkey, is one of the rare countries in the world that having the rich cultural heritage and natural beauties together.


No matter where you are in Turkey, the cultural and natural beauties will always be with you.



  • Fairness of the Tax System

Tax system is regulated in Turkey more equitable than many of other countries.



  • Travel Opportunity of Visa-Free or Gate Visa

Among the 25 reasons to be a Turkish citizen, perhaps one of the most important is the opportunity to travel without visa or with gate visa. Turkish citizens benefit of opportunity to travel to many countries on different continents and some countries of the European Union visa-free or with gate visa.


As you can see, Turkey is one of the heaven country to live, as well as to invest and to obtain Turkish citizenship.


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