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10 Countries that Grant Citizenship and Residence
by Property Investment

Most countries grant residence permits to those who invest in real estate at a certain price.


If you are wondering what a residence permit is, it is a permit system that foreigners who will stay for more than their visa period in any country must obtain.

It is necessary to fulfill the conditions of the countries to apply for a residence permit.


Top 10 Counties Where You Can Get Residence Permit and Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property


  1. Turkey
  2. Germany
  3. London
  4. America
  5. Spain
  6. Canada
  7. Macedonia
  8. Malta
  9. Portugal
  10. Greece


  1. Turkish citizenship and Residence permit


You can get a Turkish residence permit and Turkish citizenship by investing a certain amount in real estate. To get a residence permit by buying a property you should purchase a minimum of 75,000$  property. Turkey offers citizenship for those buying Turkish real estate at a minimum amount of 400,000$ with a commitment not to sell it for 3-years.  

Turkey is the best country to get citizenship in the easiest way and also gives the right to dual citizenship. As you buy your property you can apply for citizenship immediately and you will get it within 60-90 days.




  1. German Residence Permit


To obtain a residence permit and citizenship in Germany, it is necessary to establish a business with an investment of 250,000€ and to provide job opportunities for German citizens.



  1. London Residence Permit and Citizenship


The United Kingdom issues entrepreneur visas to Turkish citizens through the Ankara Agreement. Thus, London first issues a 1-year visa to Turkish citizens. At the end of 1-year, if the UK government approves the work carried out by a Turkish citizen who gets an entrepreneur visa, 3 more years are added to the visa period. Those who have lived in the UK for 4-years under these conditions have the right of residence in London. They can also apply for London citizenship after 5-years. You can benefit from a London residence permit and citizenship by obtaining Turkish citizenship.



  1. United States Citizenship


To have the right to reside indefinitely in the places determined by the USA, it is necessary to invest 500,000$ and to provide employment opportunities for a minimum of 10 people, to establish a company with an investment of 1,000,000$, this situation reaches 1,000,000$ in places where unemployment is low. Those who provide one of these requirements will obtain the right to USA citizenship after 5-years.



  1. Spain Residence Permit and Citizenship


Spain is one of the countries that give permanent residence permits by buying unmovable property. It provides a temporary residence permit for 1-year for the first time and 2-years for extension applications to those who buy a house in the country for a minimum of 500,000€. At the end of the 5-year the investor, his spouse and children under the age of 18 are granted a temporary residence permit, provided that he retains the house he has bought. Permanent residence permit holders do not have to live in Spain. It is sufficient to enter the country once a year. These investors do not have any right to work, but they can benefit from the health system in the country and benefit from public schools.



  1. Canada Citizenship and Residence Permit


To obtain a residence permit and citizenship in Canada, an investment of 400,000$ and a bank account of 800,000$ are required.



  1. Macedonia Residence permit and Citizenship


Investors who buy a property worth 40,000€ in the country are granted a 1-year residence permit and citizenship right for investments of 400,000€.



  1. Malta Citizenship


It provides opportunities for those who acquire Maltese citizenship, such as living and studying in EU member states and Switzerland. Investment conditions for citizenship application in Malta:


• To provide a minimum grant of 650,000€ to the Maltese government


• Buying a house in Malta with a minimum value of 350,000€


• A 5-year Malta government bond investment of 150,000€



  1. Portugal Permanent Residence Permit


The alternatives offered by Portugal for foreigners:


• Investors who buy a property worth 500,000€ have the right to travel without a visa


• Foreigners who employ a minimum of 10 people in the country obtain a residence permit


• You must have lived in the country for 5 years for permanent residency



  1. Greece Residence Permit


As of September 10th, 2022, Greece Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced changes regarding the Greece Golden Visa, which included an increase in the investment amount for the Greek Golden Visa from €250,000 to €500,000. This means that the minimum investment threshold for Golden Visa applicants is now €500,000. By buying a house worth a minimum of 500,000€ in Greece, you can get a 5-year Greece residence permit.